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  1. yes to add this command
  2. and for the people who aren't using sources! how can they fix this command ?
  3. and for the people aren't using source how can they fix the command ?
  4. in my server the /shutdown doesn't exist ! how can i figure which command does work on mine ?
  5. well the full quest is deleted i just can find the object of it which mean the quest is separated to .start related to *vnum* so my point is it possible to get the quest back? or i must write it by using the .start and turn it to a .quest ?
  6. it possible to turn an object folder to a .quest ? because i deleted a quest file and i don't have a backup of it so i am just having the quest inside the object ! so if i make sh make.sh or w/e the quest will be gone so can someone help me to recover it + i am not good at writing a quest
  7. Could someone recommend me a client for untouched_34083 please ? thank you
  8. could someone give me a thread of how to do the below picture ?
  9. Hey guys, i am searching for a 40k serverfile in english + client ! can someone help me to find one i don't really care if its buggy but i just need it
  10. that error crash my client ! mostly time when i want to teleport to a map.
  11. uhmm is it just for 40k serverfile with source ?
  12. is it possible to find a quest or someone can give me a quest that it not let people to be able create a shop in their own town !
  13. is it possible to someone tell me how to fix the below erros in DB ? SYSERR: Jul 17 02:35:00 :: DirectQuery: AsyncSQL::DirectQuery : mysql_query error: Column 'name' in field list is ambiguous query: SELECT pid, name, date FROM monarch_candidacy a, player b where a.pid = b.id SYSERR: Jul 17 02:35:00 :: LoadMonarchCandidacy: DirectQuery failed(SELECT pid, name, date FROM monarch_candidacy a, player b where a.pid = b.id) SYSERR: Jul 17 02:35:00 :: Load: DirectQuery failed(SELECT IP_FROM, IP_TO, COUNTRY_NAME FROM iptocountry)
  14. hello, is it possible to find any 40k serverfile and client 40k clean ? if yes please let me know thank you