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  1. Hello , Could someone suggest me a Clean Source 40k , Client source and a clean English client if possible for * Fully untouched 34083 server files * server-files ??
  2. A4Tech

    open [HELP]Anti_Exp

    @tierrilopes is it possible to tell me how can i exactly add the block_exp and the case_exp in my source ? because i am not expert in those things and thank you in advance.
  3. A4Tech

    open [HELP]Anti_Exp

    i tried to add the anti_exp ring ... however the quest is working fine but once i activated it then try to kill a mob ... i suddenly gain like 20/30 levels ... why ?
  4. A4Tech

    solved [HELP] 0 Yang Shop

    i am having some items worth 0 yang in shop however i tried to change their pricesin item_proto but it doesn't work.
  5. a line of one of the water cavern 2 mob
  6. hello , the monster in water cavern 2 doesn't do much dmg like 1 / 5 / 2 etc i tried to change their dmg but it didn't work at all either experience .
  7. hello , i am looking for a clean sources/client/server files , can someone recommend me ?
  8. A4Tech

    open why i can't summon a horse ?

    no it's not from my quest it is something related to cpp because if i use my old cpp it does let me summon a horse but with this cpp i can't.
  9. what's problem with questlua_horse.ccp ?
  10. A4Tech


    that's my settings.lua
  11. i am having this problem in my core which is not allowing me to enter the server, is it something has to be done from source side or no ? InitializeLua: LOAD_SETTINS_FAILURE(locale/romania/settings.lua) P.S : Settings.lua exist in romanian folder
  12. A4Tech

    open Duel/Party

    When i want to duel or party with someone the button when i click on them nothing happen !! how to fix it ?
  13. A4Tech

    C++ Shutdown command!

    yes to add this command
  14. A4Tech

    C++ Shutdown command!

    and for the people who aren't using sources! how can they fix this command ?