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  1. Artnesor

    directx9 bug (texture)

  2. Artnesor


    Send your char_item.cpp
  3. Artnesor

    Guild ICON Problem

    Show client and server syserr.
  4. Artnesor

    error guild icons

    Either you're blocking mark directory by some antycheat solution or your icons are broken.
  5. Artnesor

    [RELEASE] VIP System from SRC

    You have to add GM_VIP, in common/length.h after GM_PLAYER.
  6. Artnesor

    db core

    Add me on skype: artnesor
  7. Artnesor

    How to remove this icon (Maxmi 4.1)

    You have to add empty line at the end of file.
  8. Artnesor

    Cube crash my core

    So, here after %s you have to add space.
  9. Artnesor

    Cube crash my core

    Where you have ChatPacket with "Rafinarea acestui"?
  10. With this fix you cant use special marks (exclamation etc.) so its bad.
  11. Artnesor

    SYSERR Problem

    In game/item_manager_read_tables.cpp change: sys_err("No such an item (name: %s)", d.szItemName); To: sys_err("No such an item (name: %s, vnum: %d, line: %d)", d.szItemName, dwItemVnum, lines); And you will se in which vnum and line is problem