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  1. megatixos

    Metin2 Bob FIXED forever.

    Hello guys, Over the past weeks iv been coding an intelligent program that will get rid of m2bob 100%, even after any update.. im thinking of selling it... do you guys think it would sell? or servers dont care about m2bob any more? Im on the last stages of production and soon will sell it so i want to hear you if you would buy something as promising as that.
  2. Short answer: I think none will do it for free. Long answer: You could make an item that when it does open (with right click like a box) it gives you specific effect (a random 1-3 for the 3 buffs). So after you can do what ever you want with this. Hope someone will make it for you for free.
  3. megatixos

    open AutoClicker InGame

    There is a free one that can do anything you want: Macro Recorder. Google it.
  4. megatixos

    open compile client binary error

    Go to extern folder of client and inside library change python22.lib or python27.lib (depends on what version of python you use) to python2.lib. I think this could work!
  5. megatixos

    open Change mob name text

    Yes i am, thanks anyway!
  6. megatixos

    open Change mob name text

    Hi all, I was wondering where i can find the file/part of code which handles the TEXT, TEXTTAIL OF mobs. I want to append a Level to it. So Current Mob is Mob name like that: But i want this: I want to add the level in front of mobs names (like users have level in front of their name). I don't want the solution, i just want the FILE which has the mob name and i will add it alone if u are too lazy to share code. Just a name of file isn't too hard so please help me! Thanks
  7. megatixos

    open [HELP] I can't compile Src game S:

    For clock error. just change your time 5 hours before. If it is 15:00 change ur freebsd time to 10:00. command: date HHMM where HH is hours and MM is minutes it should be okay after.
  8. Hi, When i right click on acce it does not wear it (it makes the sound of like an item cant be right click, like when you press right click on scroll or something..). What i want in simple words: The file(s) which is/are responsible for that, JUST a name.. (if not full help :P) OR at least tell me if this is server side problem or client side problem (i can see acce and i have enabled the system).
  9. megatixos

    open Acce no slot in costume window

    Which post is what i want?
  10. Hello i have the old costume window without the slot for acce, so when i right click my acce it does not wear it because there is no slot. Could anyone share the files with me? I have this: But i need this: I need all the files that need to make this. no need for explanation, i searched in forum did not found anything helpful, so i appreciate anyone that helps me with a like!
  11. megatixos

    I buy good help. "Renaming locale_de" to "en"

    Change all config, change db->common-->locale, change all from eix/epk, change locale filezilla.
  12. megatixos

    solved Cannot see belt in Equipment

    Thanks it was from inventorywindow.py! fixed it properly.
  13. Hello, When i wear belt i get the bonus but i cannot see my belt anymore.. it disappeared. it is not in equipment but i got the bonus of the belt. It is like there is no slot for belt. It seems to be missing the unique slot of belt. Any help appreciated!
  14. Hi If i use the glass to show items in normal chat everything is okay but if i use the glass on shout then the charset changes to korean and does not show the correct letters, where is the file that i need to change?