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    There is a problem with this fix. I didn't notice that if you die while being polymorphed and click restart here, you will be still polymorphed. I'm working on it, I'm very sorry for the mistake.

    Can you show the whole table I mentioned above?
  3. open Special storage

    The attachment can't be downloaded.

    Are you sure everything is correct? Maybe check tabulations and spaces in txt file.
  5. open Exp and Mobs / 0x0 coordinates

    What is the base position of the map in your Settings.txt?

    constants.cpp check in TValueName c_aApplyTypeNames[] if the name is correct. Example: { "ATT_BONUS_TO_WARRIOR", APPLY_ATTBONUS_WARRIOR }, Maybe you should try like above, ATT_BONUS_TO_WOLFMAN?
  7. open Bug HP BAR!

    So show whole uitarget.py, man. The problem occurs while opening/closing window, I can't see Close/Open definition in code you gave above.
  8. Group RefineStepTables, RefineGradeTables for example. Group RefineStepTables { Group Default { #NEED_COUNT FEE STEP_LOWEST STEP_LOW STEP_MID STEP_HIGH STEP_HIGHEST STEP_LOWEST 2 400 50 40 10 0 0 STEP_LOW 2 400 5 90 5 0 0 STEP_MID 2 5000 0 0 10 90 0 STEP_HIGH 2 10000 0 0 0 90 10 } } Refining STEP_LOWEST you'll have 50% chance it'll remain STEP_LOWEST, 40% chance it'll be STEP_LOW after and 10% it'll be STEP_MID after. The same for the rest. For STEP_LOW you'll have 5% chance it'll degrade to STEP_LOWEST, 90% chance it'll remain on STEP_LOW and 5% it'll be STEP_MID after etc.
  9. solved Source (auto attack problem?)

    Is your syserr.txt empty?
  10. open Bug HP BAR!

    Maybe give us some code of this system? We can't fix it by staring at gifs dude.
  11. dragon_soul_table.txt server-side, remember to also change the clientside .py file in root.
  12. There are a lot of tutorials on this forum. Doing a research is in my opinion the basic thing to start working with metin2 development. Source: How to compile source: Server files (I'm using these from the start):
  13. open BLOCK POTTION

    There are so many ways to "unbug" your polymorph, change party role, autopotion etc. What is happening when you reset party role or autopotion? ComputePoints() is called. While using polymorph marble only ComputeBattlePoints() is called. I've changed it in void CHARACTER::SetPolymorph(DWORD dwRaceNum, bool bMaintainStat) char.cpp: If you don't your players do deal more damage by using ComputePoints() in other functions, you have to check everything and add condition with IsPolymorphed().
  14. open BLOCK POTTION

    All the vnums that are defined in unique_item.h because autopotions are defined by item vnum. So yes, only red/blue autopots.