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  1. solved

    Check wear numeration. Root: Client source: GameType.h, ItemData.h Server source: item_length.h
  2. open

    Did you add the warp mob in mob_names.txt?
  3. open

    Show me your syserr.txt from client, and
  4. open

    cmd_general.cpp -> ACMD(do_restart)
  5. Show your client syserr.
  6. Check if names of properties, gr2 files or folders contain uppercase letters then change it to lowercase. I always check for that if something isn't working.
  7. solved

    Try if (victim->IsPC() && ch->IsPC())
  8. First enter gdb then type what I wrote above.
  9. Use it like this: set gnutarget i386-marcel-freebsd file /usr/home/game/share/bin/game core /usr/home/game/cores/channel1/game2/game.core bt full
  10. solved

    Try bool battle_is_attackable(LPCHARACTER ch, LPCHARACTER victim) { // »ó´ëąćŔĚ Á׾úŔ¸¸é Áß´ÜÇŃ´Ů. if (victim->IsDead()) return false; switch(ch->GetMapIndex()) { case 113: case 219: case 240: case 351: case 352: { if (victim->IsPC()) return false; } } ...
  11. solved

    How did you edit the function?
  12. Try this and paste debug info here.
  13. solved

    Try to insert space on the end of string where you've used national characters e.g.: say("لقد أقدم بعض الخونه على سرقه مجموعة من عتادي المحبوب مني") say("لقد أقدم بعض الخونه على سرقه مجموعة من عتادي المحبوب مني ") The other thing is that you didn't define xx if pc.count_item ( xx ) == 1 then And I don't know if it's allowed to use ";" in lua so you can also try to remove them.
  14. solved

    Server src: battle.cpp function bool battle_is_attackable(LPCHARACTER ch, LPCHARACTER victim) Client src: InstanceBase.cpp function bool CInstanceBase::IsAttackableInstance(CInstanceBase& rkInstVictim)
  15. open

    Client source: InstanceBase.cpp -> UINT CInstanceBase::SHORSE::GetLevel() Server source: pvp.cpp -> bool CPVPManager::CanAttack(LPCHARACTER pkChr, LPCHARACTER pkVictim) -> switch( pkChr->GetMountVnum() )