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  1. Horus

    [Preview]Jurassic Park Horus

    Thank u!
  2. Horus

    [Preview] Edit map1

    Not bad! Nice work.
  3. Horus

    [Preview]Jurassic Park Horus

    This topic is just for preview!
  4. Horus

    [Preview]Jurassic Park Horus

    Not all, but yes! I'm not modeller 3d just mapper.
  5. Horus

    Rework Map Guilds

    Download Link. Virus Total.
  6. Horus

    Mine Map

    Download Map. Virus Total.
  7. Horus

    Over 200 New Tree's for Maper's

    Models don't work in client side , property error.
  8. Hello everyone, we have prepared a new design for the cold season! View Map1 Shinsoo: View Map1 Chunjo: View Map1 Jinno: Download :https://mega.nz/#!h810TArY!5tzvgL5PKrM3Vfyw9cd2OqxVwMODJjlUbk_U8gKbyYg
  9. Horus

    Tree World Editor

    Who has somehow trees with pink leaves texture? I need.