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  1. Not. If do you want 120, don't change it. Check Client-Source too.
  2. I can give it to you. PM me.
  3. up
  4. Nelson you are just fcking kid that doesn't know anything about scripting. Peace
  5. I've got this bug with acce: When I wear an Acce and I unequip it, acce doesn't disappear from character (I need close client and reopen it) (From slot disappear, from character not)
  6. Hi all. I've got this problem with 71052. If i put a rare bonus (6/7) in a item and i use 71052 sometimes i get two identic bonus like MAX HP +50 MAX HP+50 Where can i put check? help
  7. Write me. I'm selling it
  8. Not solved, help.
  9. Hi. I've got this bug: When i'm riding a mount, my character come back and i don't know how to solve. Who can help me? I've already try to change input_main.cpp on source but if I do it , i solve the problem of mount but the regen spawn late.
  10. @Draktharon is the best
  11. Edit.
  12. This page is no longer available. It has either expired, been removed by its creator, or removed by one of the Pastebin staff.
  13. Attack UserInterface/Locale.cpp of your client on pastebin