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  2. C++ Refine prob

    It's impossible. Check your refine_proto too.. If prob on it is 100% it's normal ahaah
  3. C++ Refine prob

    Dragon Scroll..
  4. problem quest compile

    Try to reboot your system and replace your qc. Later add 0777 permission on qc's file
  5. C++ Refine prob

    You just need use MEMO and BDRAGON, stop.
  6. C++ Refine prob

    Magic Stone = MEMO_SCROLL Blessing Dragon Scroll = BDRAGON_SCROLL
  7. C++ Refine prob

    Check and edit here: (char_item.cpp) if (pkItemScroll->GetValue(0) == MUSIN_SCROLL) // ¹«½ÅÀÇ Ãູ¼­´Â 100% ¼º°ø (+4±îÁö¸¸) { success_prob = 100; szRefineType = "MUSIN_SCROLL"; } // END_OF_DETAIL_REFINE_LOG else if (pkItemScroll->GetValue(0) == MEMO_SCROLL) { success_prob = 100; szRefineType = "MEMO_SCROLL"; } else if (pkItemScroll->GetValue(0) == BDRAGON_SCROLL) { success_prob = 80; szRefineType = "BDRAGON_SCROLL"; }
  8. hide offlineshops

    Locale_inc.h for client on UserInterface common/service.h server
  9. Not. If do you want 120, don't change it. Check Client-Source too.
  10. Search Multi Language System For everything

    I can give it to you. PM me.
  11. Bug Slot Sash

  12. Bug Slot Sash

    Nelson you are just fcking kid that doesn't know anything about scripting. Peace
  13. Acce System

    I've got this bug with acce: When I wear an Acce and I unequip it, acce doesn't disappear from character (I need close client and reopen it) (From slot disappear, from character not)