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  1. up plzz help , I will pay money for fix pm me
  2. how to fix this plz need help
  3. Hi I'm looking for lua dev , to do some work I'm paying well pm me
  4. Hi I've problem with scales I've 2 scales one for sash system and the other is for pet system So if i use the sash scale code , it work fine but the scale for pet not work and if i use the pet scale code , it work fine but the scale for sash not work how can i make both scales work fine ?!! neeed help plz
  5. thx for reply , but fixxed the problem was from the quest
  6. #bump
  7. Hi I got this stupid problem , when I ride power mount the mobs are load slow but it is fine with other mounts , only happen with power mount plz need help
  8. I have found close topic xD
  9. Hi I'm looking for metin2 new board style same pm me
  10. most of the npc are from Lineage 2 thx dude