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  1. Get skill count - New Pet System

    looking for solution too
  2. Hi Looking for c++ and python developer to do many stuff and i will pay good leave ur skype plz
  3. design new map

    hi looking for a designer to create same legend of league map i will pay good plz pm me
  4. map New Kingdom Maps - Aloria

    nice map is it for sell ?
  5. hi I have a problem with buff description that it is across the game screen the picture explain how to fix that ?
  6. open Change path texture .gr2

  7. open lycan right weapon bug

    thx , fixed it was from playersettingmodule.py
  8. open lycan right weapon bug

    up the problem is only on how the lycan wearing right weapon , it is wrong combo , skills .... etc are ok
  9. open lycan right weapon bug

    Hi my lycan right weapon is look like this (the right weapon is not in its correct position ) it is supposed to be like this how can i fix that ?
  10. Hi as you most know that the pet duration in new pet system for private servers is only decrease when you summon the pet , but in official the duration for pet decrease even the player not online , so can any one help me how to do that ? I will pay for this fix thx
  11. [Official] Unpacked Updates Metin2.de

    Can any one give me item proto and mob proto from for last update in .xml .... plz is that even possible ?
  12. sash and pet scale problem

    up plzz help , I will pay money for fix pm me