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  1. jeddawee

    c++ [C++] Increase safebox/warehouse

    Nice thanks ..
  2. Hi ken , can you please reply my private message .. 

    1. Ken


      I will reply the whole private messages when I have free time. Sorry for delay 😕

  3. jeddawee

    c++ C++ | Metin2 | Mount System Renewal

    read the replies == just delete the mount quest
  4. jeddawee

    c++ C++ | Metin2 | Mount System Renewal

    Any one can make this system like official ? I mean when use the seal the player directly ride the mount and when take off the seal the mount disappear I can pay for it
  5. jeddawee

    [Costume Mount]Unmount delay bug

    Hi there looking for someone can fix this problem for some money .. pm me ..
  6. jeddawee

    open Unmount delay

    @ridetpro thx @WeedHex check yr pm please
  7. jeddawee

    open Unmount delay

    it is actually laging , i can't do anything in this 2~3 seconds , I believe many people have the same problem I hope someone can help , it is really important since players keep mount/unmount continuously ..
  8. jeddawee

    open Unmount delay

    Hi guys I've a problem when i do unmount it takes the mount seal 2~3 seconds to go back to inventory I realize that the problem probably is from the ride quest , cuz when i delete the quest the mount seal work fine .. this is the quest .. hopefully someone can help me or even pm me if you want me to pay you for the fix thx
  9. jeddawee

    Need Developer

    Hi there I'm searching for a dev who is good in c++ , python , lua and have good knowledge about Metin2 I want him to fix some bugs , and then create some small systems if you are interested please pm me ,
  10. jeddawee

    [FIX] Invisibility and Skill Affect Eunhyeong

    thx for sharing this fix but there is still one bug with m_GraphicThingInstance.HideAllAttachingEffect(); that when any player zoom to gm he can see his gm logo hopefully you can fix it
  11. jeddawee

    open Bug on SoulBinding System

    i recommend you to delete this one and search for other soul bind system cuz this one has a bug if you put binded item in warehouse and open the warehouse again you will find that the item is unbinded it self
  12. Hi there I've installed this soul bind system everything work fine but there is only one problem when i stored soul binded item in Safebox , the soul bind is disappear this video will explain , looking for solution please ..
  13. jeddawee

    Get skill count - New Pet System

    looking for solution too