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  1. colcrt

    open error horse skills

    I have that error in the customer and I can not find either the error or information that can help me, if anyone would be so kind and can help me
  2. if I have bind_ip: ip publishes in the config that I must do then? Excuse me for reliving this post.
  3. hi, I'm implementing a packer that encodes the binary (.exe) which does its job but I don't know why when I load the game I get this error, any idea?
  4. colcrt

    Reverse dump_proto Tool (Item+Mobproto Reader)

    reupload please
  5. I have this crc32 7079df2c 3873224 30292659 2157719936 pack/root.epk but I do not understand how that is generated with c ++ because a crc32 is like that 0x75bcf0d6
  6. compiler errors -> hi dev, I am trying to compile torrentpatch with VS2013 I have already solved several errors but these nose that I can do; try to correct it with this but it does not correct a help is that those errors is on that side
  7. hi dev, as I mention in the title where I get the source code of that library compiled in vs 2013 and it does not let me compile torrentpatch since that lib is outdated
  8. if(!pPC) { sys_err("Nullpointer in CHARACTER::GetQuestFlag %lu", GetPlayerID()); return 0; } hi dev, I was looking at fix I have doubt this really works for the mistake, --> Quest :: PC :: GetFlag crash
  9. hi dev, how can I move towards the front, try but I can only move it up and down
  10. hi dev, if someone very kind and could help me with that file "CRC32_inc.h" thank!! Abel(Tiger)
  11. Main.cpp:69: undefined reference to '_malloc_options' collect2 error: id returned 1 exist estatus Hi dev, Is this function important? Is there any way to fix this without commenting the line?
  12. I apologize for reliving this thread but how do you fix this?
  13. hi dev, I am trying to understand the operation of the packets and structures in the sorce of the game and binary, I have seen GC, CG, GD etc. but I can not find what the difference is or what function they perform more specifically