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  1. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    [C++] Party flag

    Hi Guys! I know this post is very old but I usually see this system in some server and I always find a mistake about it. Let me explain. If you implement this system with the fix that tierrilopes show to us, still you won't be able to buff someone if you are in a party and he is not. So you should exit your current party, and give buff to him. If you want to fix this bug too, you should go to char_skill.cpp and search for this line: GetParty()->ForEachOnMapMember(f, GetMapIndex()); After this line past this condition: //Fix where you should exit your party to buff someone who is not in your party// if (!pkVictim->GetParty()) ComputeSkill(dwVnum, pkVictim); Finally it should like this: else if (IS_SET(pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_PARTY) && GetParty()) { FPartyPIDCollector f; GetParty()->ForEachOnMapMember(f, GetMapIndex()); //Fix where you should exit your party to buff someone who is not in your party// if (!pkVictim->GetParty()) ComputeSkill(dwVnum, pkVictim); for (std::vector <DWORD>::iterator it = f.vecPIDs.begin(); it != f.vecPIDs.end(); it++) { LPCHARACTER ch = CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().FindByPID(*it); ComputeSkill(dwVnum, ch); } } Compile, and you are done! Result: For now, you can buff any player and doesn't matter you are in a party or not, but if you are in a party you will buff your teammates with the guy who is not in your team. It"s not a large modification, but I think it's useful. Sorry for my bad english! Best regards!
  2. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    [FIX] Invisibility and Skill Affect Eunhyeong

    Thank you for this release, but it has a small bug. Make your GM character invisible, then zoom in your chatracter. You will se your character all it effects like GM logo, and skill effects. Then use Ninja hiding skill, and make this camera movement again with another character next to the ninja char. You will see the armor effects on the ninja
  3. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    open Phase Select does not handle this header

    Check your packet called 18 in server and binary source too. Maybe they don't match
  4. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    Metin2 graphics problem

    I'm using that binary too, and it's working fine for me. If you using that binary, you should replace your lib folder in your client with this: Download: https://mega.nz/#!CAdB2SRR!r-p4F5Ay15MPTN2xPAIobbv4tyohThf89hpn8FbhNGM VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/hu/file/450a8ffce34f39115785ff841049125baf49793f426ae296682401d31fcb83df/analysis/1528202757/
  5. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    Lost Items On Reboot (SOS)

    I thought it is clear to type /shutdown ingame first I always use this way, and I've never lost any items. I think no need to wait some minutes to close db. I've never wait 7-10 minutes after game core closed successfully. I always close db core after all game core down and I've never had a problem like that Sorry if my english is bad. I think the quest you asked doesn't exist. The game can't give back that item which doesn't exist in your database. If the game didn't save items to the database, the player cannot get them back.
  6. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    Lost Items On Reboot (SOS)

    Did you stop your server with an sh command like: "sh stop.sh" or "sh stop" or anything like that? If you did that, then forget this command. Type "ps" into your putty and press enter. You will see how many game core running. then if you want to stop it, just type "killall game". Then if all game cores disappeared from the list, type "killall db". If "db" disappeared too, then your server succesfully stopped. If you stop your server that way, items will not disappear. I hope it was useful.
  7. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    open Texture problem directx9

    I have a solution that maybe can help you. Download this pack, and put into your client! Mega.nz VirusTotal
  8. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    open Item refine bug

    Hello Metin2Dev! I have a big problem with item refine. When i want to refine an item, i got this message in the chat: "t can only be used for weapons below 20 levels." and i can't refine anything. I try to refine different item in different level with magic stone, blessing scroll, and blacksmith. I have mainline source with edited item proto, but i try with default mainline proto and i got the same message.
  9. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    Not displaying armor/costume in character select

    Thx dude
  10. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    Not displaying armor/costume in character select

    @Lehel Can you share the fix with us? pls.
  11. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    [C++&Py] Extended equipment viewer

    Thanks for the update
  12. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    solved Duel request effect

  13. hackeresmetin@gmail.com

    solved Duel request effect

    Hello! First, sorry my bad english pls I have a problem with an effect called "Duel request effect" playersettingmodule.py: chrmgr.RegisterCacheEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_DUEL_SENDER, "", "d:/ymir work/effect/duel/duel_Sender.mse") chrmgr.RegisterCacheEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_DUEL_RECEIVER, "", "d:/ymir work/effect/duel/duel_Receiver.mse") game.py: def __ServerCommand_Build(self): serverCommandList={ "duel_asd" : self.__duel_asd, def __duel_asd(self, id): constInfo.duel_asd = int(id) constinfo.py: duel_asd = 0 I made that changes in my client side, but when i log in my account the client close and i got this error message in my client: 0408 17:21:07522 :: playerSettingModule.py(line:1371) LoadGameData playerSettingModule.py(line:235) __InitData LoadGameData - <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>:'module' object has no attribute 'EFFECT_DUEL_SENDER' 0408 17:21:07522 :: ============================================================================================================ 0408 17:21:07522 :: Abort!!!! What do i forgot? Can anyone help me pls?