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  1. ondry

    League Emote System for Metin2 - meleme18

    looks cool but idk if its good idea to take copyrighted materials from another game.. i mean with ymir/gameforge there is almost zero chance being punished for that, but you can never know with riot games
  2. ondry

    open PHP does not show greek

    <?php header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-2'); mb_internal_encoding("ISO-8859-2"); $db = new mysqli("localhost", "user", "password", "player"); $db->set_charset("latin1"); $db->query("SET NAMES 'latin1'"); $db->query("SET CHARACTER SET 'latin1'"); $result = $db->query("SELECT vnum, locale_name FROM item_proto"); while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()){ echo "ID:\t".$row['vnum']."\t".$row['locale_name'] . '<br />'; }
  3. good luck with searching! best regards
  4. ondry

    [Search Update] ItemProto & MobProto

    ah great, thanks for your comment.. i think now he doesnt need the "service" anymore
  5. ondry


    this CMS is not really well structured and it uses many sql queries, that's why its slow.. if you want to make it faster, you need to have website on the same server as mysql
  6. ondry


    why are u insulting him ? everybody has right to specify his own value of time/work you may not like that price but insulting him makes you just silly
  7. ondry

    ServerInfo on binary

    it's obviously that you want this to hide server IP & PORT from potential attackers, but it's impossible. at least with this way.. because all you need to do in order to see IP&PORT is to type "netstat -n" in cmd (and be connected at m2 server ofc)
  8. ondry

    [ Buy Meley Lair ]

  9. ondry

    [How To]Play Metin2 from Android/iOS

    what is the difference using this instead of teamviewer ?
  10. ondry

    Looking for designer

    sorry, i sent you PM
  11. ondry

    Looking for designer

    Hi, i'm looking for designer who is making interfaces, client design, etc.. for metin2 (python script is not needed) Send me PM with examples of your work please.
  12. ondry

    Looking for Map maker

    thanks all for suggestions Yeah but he is busy or i don't know, i'm waiting for him on skype few days.
  13. ondry

    Looking for Map maker

    Hi, i'm looking for high skilled map maker Contact me in PM with examples of your work Thanks
  14. ondry

    [RELEASE] Webdesign

    I bought this design recently but i'm not gonna use it DOWNLOAD