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  1. eugen1234

    open Costume Weapons BUG

    Hello, I have the following bug on costume weapons: https://gyazo.com/100dc6bb95c732803db8215864a7de85 Reverse: Scarves as costumes and costumes as scarves. Tin to tell the scarfs were going perfectly.
  2. eugen1234

    open Tournament PvP problem

    I'm looking for a technician to solve my Tournament PvP!
  3. eugen1234


    Up !
  4. eugen1234


    Up !
  5. eugen1234


  6. eugen1234


    Server site: https://wok-2.ro Registration: https://wok-2.ro/register/ Client: https://wok-2.ro/download/ Market-Player (Trade between yang players instead of offline shop): https://market.wok-2.ro/ Experience rate: 500% Yuan Ratio: 1% Object rate: 1000% Ironworker rate: +1 => 100% [/ i] +2 => 100% [/ i] +3 => 100% [/ i] % [/ i] +5 => 100% [/ i] +6 => 100% > 100% [/ i] +9 => 100% [/ i Server details : WOK2 was opened & lt; 3 <3 Site Official: https://wok-2.ro/ <3 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/warofthekingdoms2/ <3 Server International: English and Romana <3 <3 new Npc, new maps, new mounts, new pet. <3 <3 Game Play Unic. <3 <3 Instead of the offline shop on the site, there is a Store between the players. LINK: https://market.wok-2.ro/ <3Is a PVM Easy server, 500% <3 <3For the beginning you get: Horse Level 1, Horse Picture, Everyone's Hearts + 9 + Gun Skin, 20kk and a Unmoved Pet with 120 Days and 5 Balls with 100% Experience <3 <3 Beginning is a mission called: The start-up surprise that offers: Beginner PvM Costume and PvP Beginner Costume 30 days evolving, Frese Summer Red and Brown 30 days, samurai 30-day helmet + a trunk with a mount that is permanent <3 <3 You can take an armed horse to the ravine, and for the military you need horse medals that drop in the farm map to the stones Metin ♥ <3 At Hong-Hae you can make your skill G with the Skill G Ring and take your secondary skills, but you can also find the Prizes with Points. For P, there's a NPC called Baek-Go with Crafting to get Pergament Magic P. There is the Lord Scarf and Master Scarf, which you get at the beginning of 1%. To make them 20% you need fine canvas ♥ <3 On the server there are 2 MAPE FARM where you can enter from 60: one for YANG / EXP, another for UPP items and weapons / armor / accessories. In the first map to grow from lv 60 to 120, lubenita breaks that drop the balls with experience of 35%, 50% and 100%. GAME PLAY UNIC. <3 <3 The STAFF is friendly, answer any questions <3 <3 The chance at the blacksmith is 100% <3. <3 Money is made easy by ingots that have dropped to any methine stones <3. <3 It is a worthwhile server, a new server that will surprise you <3 Updates : Chest Drop View : Tournament PvP : Sistem Duel Advanced : Event Details: OX, HIDE, PVM, and PVP. Game Team: [SA] Eugen, [GM] Manu, [H] Bob0 and [H] TrumsJr.
  7. Do you want help me with a logo ?

  8. eugen1234

    open Hello..

    Who can help me with a logo?
  9. eugen1234

    solved Ignore external ymir work

    Where is this ? #define ENABLE_PROTECT_YMIR_WORK
  10. eugen1234

    open Exe Crypter

    Hello , do you have Exe Crypter ? THANKS !!!
  11. eugen1234

    open Bug Mounts , please help me !

    i detele old quest and i add new quest and i have this bug : https://gyazo.com/c6b36c27ae160067ca80af92d9c15369
  12. eugen1234

    open Bug Mounts , please help me !

    nothing has changed, so I have the same bug in the video.
  13. Do you can answer my topic , please ?



  14. eugen1234

    open Bug Mounts , please help me !

    Up ! Dobrescu please help me
  15. eugen1234

    open Bug Mounts , please help me !

    Yes , i add this , but after i have this bug all mount : VIDEO :