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  1. open [Payment] Hyperlink

    I would like to show the hyperlink items in the same language as the client and not all of them in the same language as the person who use the hyperlink. Thx,
  2. Metin2 Bob FIXED forever.

    it's possible
  3. can you answer me bro ??

    1. emanuel


      i want buy a system from you..


    2. Fivercloud


      add me nemberciko in skype

    3. emanuel
  4. Christmas map 2017

    good job
  5. Magic bird set

    thx, nice job
  6. Halloween 2017

    oo nice
  7. Halloween 2017

    oooo goood!
  8. Halloween 2017

    nice work
  9. Registration and download activated. We are waiting for you on 10/13/2017 at 20:00 CET. www.metin2fenix.com
  10. Halloween 2017

  11. Halloween 2017

    Good job
  12. [New]Demon tower

    GL plechi
  13. UPDATE 1.3 (28/08/2017) [ENGLISH] In this maintenance the following changes have been made The interface has been changed to the original game. Game Client translated more into other languages, we now include Romania, Portugal and Germany. (Translation is not yet 100% ready) From now on the value layer can only be used by pressing the number 5 and will have a cost of 10,000 yang. New slot available on the left side of the game screen. To unlock spaces in the slot, you must level up. CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO 100% Premium Bonus Changer. The bonus changes can be obtained in the Itemshop and also kill Nemere. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PREMIUM BONUS CHANGER GUIDE Implemented Anti-flood system to avoid spam bot. The anti-exp ring can no longer be moved in position as it happened before. Added bonus of +1000 HP to PVP belts. Skills reviewed at 100% again. New costumes for Youtubers (Without bonus) New mount system that follows you (Mounts will remain by your side until you return them) Solved the problem of Cheat engine, from now on it will not be able to show items edited with external programs to the game. Changed some texts and messages from the server to English. Maintenance has been successful. Thank you, Beyond2 team.