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  1. ok, thx as soon as I have time I will add it
  2. Reforms on the server - Pandora's earrings change their bonuses: Now they will give INT, STR and double amount of yang. - The level 190 Thunder map can be accessed at any level. - Now the Pandora Queen has a 100% chance of dropping her objects. (Parts of Wings.) - Downloaded to the Queen of Pandora her damage by 15% and her life by 10%. CapeDragon Head level 130 map (Very important modifications.) - All the monsters on the map have been reduced by 50% their damage. - The drop of all objects in all Heads has been increased by 40%. - Added packed boxes and Fragments of drop keys to the metins of capedragon. - When Crafting the Craft Ark in the Crafteadora Magica no longer fails, it has a 100% success in creating it. - The likelihood of an Eevee in the Craft Ark from 10% to 20% has increased. New Pets Pokemons for beginners! We remember low levels and those players who start every day in our game, so we have implemented 3 new Pokemon mascots that will be achieved easily. How to get them? - All Metins from level 25 to level 60 can give you a pokemon egg, inside this egg there are 3 different pokemon pets, all have the same bonus, 5% Force against monsters, and most importantly ... no time to live , they will always follow you. New pokemon mascots for the competitive! The most adorable and famous initial Pokemons in the world come to our game, hopefully you will welcome them with all possible affection, because they will give you a lot. (They have no time to live, they are infinite.) Bulbasaur Bonus: - 10% Critics, 10% Strength warriors, 5% Defense warriors. Charmander Bonus: - 10% Critics, 10% Strength ninjas, 5% Defense ninjas. Squirtle Bonus: - 10% Critics, 10% Strength suras, 5% Defense suras. Pikachu Bonus: 10% Critics, 10% Shaman Force, 5% Shaman Defense. How to get them? In each city 1 of each kingdom there will be a giant Pokeball, in it you can craftear to these pokemon pets. - To build these pokemons they will ask you for an evolution of Eevee (You get them in CapeDragon Head talking with the Magic Crafteadora.) And they will ask you for Stones of their power, these stones are given in Catacombs of the devil, any monster. Prestige system with sacred bonuses and new Coliseum Challenge (Dungeon) In each city 1 of each kingdom will be these two Elves, one will open the power to get Prestige through points, these points will be achieved in the Coliseum Challenge, which you can access through the other Elf. Prestige System What are they? How to get them? Do they give bonus? -There are 10 different Prestige, which give different bonuses, you can buy the one you want without having to buy the previous prestige. Once you have bought 1, you can equip and disqualify each time you want in the Elf, to acquire the prestige bonus you have to have it on. You can only put 1 prestige at the same time. As you can see in the image, depending on the prestige you have, you will have your name above yours, and above the icon of prestige. How do you get it? - They are purchased through prestigious points, these points you will get in the Coliseum Challenge, below I explain the Challenge. Challenge of the Colosseum (New dungeon, only the best group can complete it ...) - When speaking with the Coliseum Elf, you will get information about the Challenge or access to the Coliseum. Once you enter the Colosseum, talk again with the Elf, and you can start the Challenge... Characteristics and functionality of the Challenge. - You can only access with a group. (I recommend a large group of people.) - For each platform that you pass, they will give all the members of the group 1 point of prestige, it does not matter if you do not complete the dungeon, the points remain saved. - There are a total of 10 platforms, as they progress, the difficulty will go up ... - On each platform you will find a Boss of Beyond2, you will have 1 hour to complete the entire dungeon, when you run out of time and you have not completed the dungeon will throw you. - Members who have entered the Challenge, will have to wait 3 hours to try again. - Only one group can enter it, if there is a group inside, nobody else can enter until they leave.
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  4. news updates https://board.btmt2.com/index.php?/forum/39-game-updates/
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    it's possible
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  13. Registration and download activated. We are waiting for you on 10/13/2017 at 20:00 CET. www.metin2fenix.com
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