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  1. Faker

    《 Astherya2 》 - ¡THE NEW WORLD!

    You can send me a private message by here.
  2. Faker

    Halloween 2017

    I was always thinking that this is one of the few games were the community do a better job than the people from the original game and every day I'm more convinced of it. I guess that's called love and pasion for what you do. Great job as always.
  3. Faker

    《 Astherya2 》 - ¡THE NEW WORLD!

    Unfortunately yes. The community did not respond well at the moment even though we made ourselves known on all sides. Main problem was some things were a bit too ´´PVM´´ . Only ´´some things´´. In our community if your server dont give you most of the things free you are done. However we could change that in some patches and keep going but in the end we decided to stop here and don´t make nobody lose more time. Many things in real life were complicated for some people in the staff. Some people didn´t have so much time like other months.. (that was the main problem) We put the money for hosts (web and server were online from months before opening) from our pockets. We never get to have a in-game item shop. We never get to win even 1 euro because believe it or not it wasn´t our main purpose. Of course every server need some money for maintenance but apart nothing else. The main purpose was to create something different and give to our community a high quality service and i think in its day we did it. We give it attention , we give it time. Personally i was spending hours just to give support to players as much as he live. All of that because we want it to matters and at least for me and for many others it did, that´s the most important thing at least for me. Our job and memories still recorded here : https://www.facebook.com/Astherya2-620289974797132/ Since then we are out of this world of ´´Metin2´´ , after all this months i see a fall in all the communities and was expected. Metin2 die every day. Kind Regards for all and I hope you continue this story.
  4. Faker

    Lycanee - New official character

    Yeah , I mean how can you do a ´´prank´´ based on a thing that should BE in the game from LONG time ago. It´s like that thing shouldn´t be in the game and they do that on 1st April Fools, what a shame.
  5. Faker

    Easter 2017 map

    How much did it take to you to make the map? Without mobs etc.. (only map) And how many hours you spend every day working on it? I want to calculate something if you dont mind PD : Great work of course.
  6. Faker

    《 Astherya2 》 - ¡THE NEW WORLD!

    Thanks , we want to put the opening next week if possible. We put news in our facebook page meanwhile, however we give english support too if somebody want to ask something
  7. Faker

    Easter 2017 map

    Yes it does. If you put a lot of effects , structures , trees... in some normal-small area you will notice some descent of FPS. If you have a very big map and you distribute fairly good all there will not be any problem. Your PC have to load more so depending of the caractheristics of your PC you will notice or not that.
  8. Faker

    《 Astherya2 》 - ¡THE NEW WORLD!

    The logo is true inspired but the name was decided far before knowing about that server. And is not ´´my server´´ we are many people involved However ´´astreya´´ is closed for long time ago so i dont see the problem here. We are a server that put months in his development giving new content , we aren´t typical people that open and close servers and dont know what they do. We have very much exclusive things (made by us) but we have other that are inspired by other things too and i dont think this is something bad. Every people create something that inspire others and personally if i see somebody do something similar of what i do i will be proud knowing that somebody liked what i create. Kind regards
  9. Faker

    《 Astherya2 》 - ¡THE NEW WORLD!

    We still in develop , the presentation is a bit old because we have new maps and more things... I hope we soon update with a new design too. Our opening is coming soon
  10. Faker

    It's possible?

    Solved, if you watch that foto down there was a (D:) disk but useless. I only had to change the letter of that useless and then create a new one with 100 GB space and then I could select (D:) letter. It´s very easy this way and it takes only 5 minutes , if somebody need the same help and dont uderstand just put here a message. Thanks for your time
  11. Faker

    It's possible?

    Is not that simple , the simplest way maybe is this but when I choose a letter for the new partition he doesn`t show me any (D) (Foto deleted)
  12. Faker

    It's possible?

    Well , my PC doesnt´t have a (D:) disk so if I want to use World Editor I need a (D:) disk. The problem is that World Editor read only files if they are in the (D:) disk , my question is if it´s posible to run World Editor without (D:) disk and how. Thanks in advance.