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  1. [Dev]Medo


    thanks .. was looking where i can find skill slot effects
  2. [Dev]Medo

    need switch bonus

    hello guys, i need this system i searched it many times but i didn't find it >> kind regards
  3. [Dev]Medo

    [Python]Sash Resetting Scroll Fix

    thank you for the good tut
  4. [Dev]Medo

    cube bug

    when i open cube item doesn't appear but when i put needs i get result
  5. [Dev]Medo

    prevent putting some items to taskbar quickslots

    item proto client cab't be extracted.
  6. [Dev]Medo

    how to disable @0932

    a little help here
  7. [Dev]Medo

    how to disable @0932

    hello anyone know how to disable @0932 for players ? and they use glass to make thier chat coloured how can i fix it ?
  8. hello guys i need a tut how to prevent some items from being put into taskbar quickslots kind regards
  9. [Dev]Medo

    prevent putting weared equipment into safebox

    you made my day man thank you <3
  10. [Dev]Medo

    prevent putting weared equipment into safebox

    i really appreciate your help thank you very much but do you know how to prevent feeding pet equipped items ?
  11. [Dev]Medo

    prevent putting weared equipment into safebox

    someone gonna help ?
  12. can someone tell me how to prevent putting weared equipment into safebox ? kind regards
  13. Sloved. you must compile the source as a Release not a Debug but i am sad .. no one helps me
  14. hello after cpmpiling client source i had this error message can someone help me with it ?