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  1. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

    Thanks for your reply, didn't know it was there.
  2. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

  3. boaspessoal

    Gloss Correction (Armors 0 to 70)

    >gets basically all original armors retextured FOR FREE >still complains
  4. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

  5. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

  6. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

  7. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

    I appreciate your reply, but this client appears to be similar to the one available in the forums, so the skill window isn't the same as I've posted on the print.
  8. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

  9. boaspessoal

    open Skybox issues

  10. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

    Hey, I've recently stumbled upon some pictures from the beta client and I went to download the one available here but it unfortunately does not contain the old skill window: If someone who has could share it, I would really appreciate it Thanks
  11. boaspessoal

    c++ Monsters attack each other?

    am also looking for this
  12. boaspessoal

    open Skybox issues

    I have and the skybox still works with terrible quality.
  13. boaspessoal

    open Skybox issues

    Hello everyone, I am currently having issues with loading skyboxes. They come with terrible quality and don't work as they should in general. My source has it and I have tested the same skyboxes in other servers' clients and they still looking really bad ingame. Does anyone know where the issue could come from? Thanks
  14. boaspessoal

    open Damage consonant vnum

    Not tested:
  15. boaspessoal

    open Damage consonant vnum

    EDIT: It only works on unique_item it seems