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  1. boaspessoal

    open Damage consonant vnum

    Not tested:
  2. boaspessoal

    open Damage consonant vnum

    EDIT: It only works on unique_item it seems
  3. boaspessoal

    open Damage consonant vnum

    Maybe: char_battle -> CHARACTER::Damage
  4. boaspessoal

    open Quest [ENTER] and [WAIT] in Locale.lua

    maybe checking the wait function would help...
  5. boaspessoal

    open Quest count problem

    You probably have multiple files triggering the same event making it count twice instead of one(like intended), because as @Syreldar said, the kill trigger is fine, clean your object folder and compile the quest again and see if it counts twice again. Cheers
  6. boaspessoal

    open Coordenates Metin2

    base map coords + x,y * 100 should do.
  7. boaspessoal

    open Convert .OBJ to .GR2

    You can open the .obj files in 3ds max and export as .gr2 with a plugin.
  8. boaspessoal

    open Problem with new currency

    Something like: So it returns esem[0,1,2] whenever you are using 324,325,326.
  9. boaspessoal

    open Problem with new currency

    I think you're trying to call a value out of range. So you use 324/325/326 vnum and then later you add: But then you call for:
  10. boaspessoal

    open metin2 source compilen error

    You need to install gcc.
  11. boaspessoal

    open Client crash

    Fixed, was some sort of problem in the localeinfo.py(I changed it somehow and of course something unintended came up). Look, I know you think you're better than everyone else(I can tell because of your arrogant answers all around this forum) but why even bother replying in QUESTIONS if you're not going to provide an answer/some sort of help? I honest to god can't get it through my head.
  12. boaspessoal

    open Client crash

    Hey guys, lately i've been having this problem with my client in which I can't even open it at all and it pretty much came from nowhere. The error is as follows: system.py and prototype.py(respectively): syserr is pretty much empty all it has is abort. Thanks in advance!
  13. boaspessoal

    open Monster stop taking damage in quest

  14. So recently there have been a few threads asking for a method to make monsters not take damage when a player's wearing x item and I was wondering if there's such a method to apply in a dungeon quest like for example, when the monster gets to 50% hp it triggers some event and it stops taking damage, so you need to do something before it starts taking damage again(like meley's lair statues for example) EDIT: I just remembered, maybe the d.unique_get_hp_perc function can take place here Thanks