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  1. boaspessoal

    open Some questions about LUA functions

    In theory it should, but to use math.random properly you need to use math.randomseed before, otherwise it's going to keep generating the same number. I would personally use number instead of math.random, also use local before declaring any new variable, you can change it after if you want.
  2. boaspessoal

    open Quest scroll bug

  3. boaspessoal

    open Quest scroll bug

  4. If you're going to use stuff like this on a quest why not simply use pc.give_item2_select(vnum, 1); item.equip();
  5. boaspessoal

    open Apply elemental on monsters

    I think it simply applies to ranged attacks. So in char_battle -> class CFuncShoot, the case 0 refers to BATTLE_TYPE_RANGE. Here are the functions: Hope this helped.
  6. boaspessoal

    open Quest scroll bug

    still having this issue..
  7. boaspessoal

    open Quest scroll bug

    The issue remains, up
  8. boaspessoal

    open Quest scroll bug

    Hello, I am having a small(but frustrating) bug in which the quest scrolls don't appear on the left side of the screen, even though they work on the character window and the icons exist so they aren't accusing anything on syserr. I am using marty's revised colored quest scrolls by the way. Here is a screen: Anyone has any ideas? Thanks
  9. boaspessoal

    open Map - When die respawn

    Check the ACMD(do_restart) function in cmd_general and then edit: case SCMD_RESTART_HERE:
  10. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

    Thanks for your reply, didn't know it was there.
  11. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

  12. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

  13. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

  14. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

  15. boaspessoal

    [Search]BETA client skill window

    I appreciate your reply, but this client appears to be similar to the one available in the forums, so the skill window isn't the same as I've posted on the print.