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  1. Yo devs.. Can someone help me with finding new effect like this? Do you know anyone who has something like this? Thanks for any help guys.
  2. jkjacob77

    open [HELP] Skill effects

  3. jkjacob77

    open [HELP] Skill effects

  4. jkjacob77

    open [HELP] Skill effects

    Hello guys. Does anyone of you know about some new skill effects than different metin2 effects? I would like to see something new.. If you know about anything about this, leave a comment please, thank you.
  5. jkjacob77

    [HELP]Wanna find metin2 banner

    Thanks man.. I'll try to contact him. But If anyone can find this banner.. still contact me please, thank you!
  6. jkjacob77

    [HELP]Wanna find metin2 banner

    But maybe somebody have a similar design.. I believe that someone have it. ^^ #refresh
  7. jkjacob77

    [HELP]Wanna find metin2 banner

    Still want to search!
  8. Hello devs! I'm looking for this banner in PSD please. Does anybody know where I can find it? I found more copies, but not with link to download. I'll be glade for any help and comment. Ciao!
  9. jkjacob77

    [HELP]Cursor design in game

    Still need help.
  10. jkjacob77

    [HELP]Cursor design in game

    Hello, I have a little problem. I wanted to change ingame cursor so I downloaded the Resource Hacker and replaced them. It is working except cursor for camera rotate. I can replace it with any cursor, in game I can only see the default camera rotate cursor. Can you help me? Thanks.
  11. jkjacob77

    Search costume set

    Hello guys.. I'm looking for this two costume sets for all characters.. But I can't find them anywhere. If somebody know, where I can download it please comment or write me a message.. Thank you for any answers! o/
  12. jkjacob77

    [Request-RoxaLyssa]Bambu hat

    It looks really great! But can you please reupload it? I'll be really glade, thank you.
  13. jkjacob77

    [Release]Geisha Hairstyle

    Reupload please.