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  1. But maybe somebody have a similar design.. I believe that someone have it. ^^ #refresh
  2. Still want to search!
  3. Hello devs! I'm looking for this banner in PSD please. Does anybody know where I can find it? I found more copies, but not with link to download. I'll be glade for any help and comment. Ciao!
  4. Still need help.
  5. Hello, I have a little problem. I wanted to change ingame cursor so I downloaded the Resource Hacker and replaced them. It is working except cursor for camera rotate. I can replace it with any cursor, in game I can only see the default camera rotate cursor. Can you help me? Thanks.
  6. Hello guys.. I'm looking for this two costume sets for all characters.. But I can't find them anywhere. If somebody know, where I can download it please comment or write me a message.. Thank you for any answers! o/
  7. It looks really great! But can you please reupload it? I'll be really glade, thank you.
  8. Reupload please.