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  1. Someone know to create a trivia System? How this System it's working : Every Hour this System make a global question, first player answer correct in chat receive a random gift you set in System.
  2. emanuel

    open HIDE NPC

    Thank you,i will try!
  3. emanuel

    open HIDE NPC

    I use that function for mini map and it;s working : else if (pkInstEach->IsNPC() && pkInstEach->GetRace() != 30009 && pkInstEach->GetRace() != 30043 && pkInstEach->GetRace() != 30045) But you'r code not working,i searching for big map,not for mini map,thx anyway
  4. emanuel

    open HIDE NPC

  5. emanuel

    open HIDE NPC

    if you add a npc in a map folder--> npc.txt,in game if you press 'M' to open map,you can see that npc on map,i searching where can i hide a npc from here
  6. emanuel

    open HIDE NPC

  7. emanuel

    open HIDE NPC

  8. emanuel

    open HIDE NPC

  9. emanuel

    open HIDE NPC

    Anyone know How can i HIDE NPC (9013) for example,from normal map(KEY M)?Thank you. That function not working.. void CPythonMiniMap::RegisterAtlasMark(BYTE byType, const char * c_szName, long lx, long ly) { if (c_szName == "Name of the NPC") return; TAtlasMarkInfo aAtlasMarkInfo;
  10. emanuel

    open Question

  11. emanuel

    open Question

    Sure !
  12. emanuel

    open Question

    Yeah i'm searching that's gr2 too if someone have it,thank you !
  13. emanuel

    open Question

    that one with npc shell,opening shell haha + shell npc + effect mhm..
  14. emanuel

    open Question

    Hi,someone know where can i get this ''system'' ?
  15. emanuel

    open A crash core

    i make changes how tiger says,and i change in this : if (!item && item->GetCount() <= 0) return false; Let's see if i get crash core next days ,thank you tiger and you