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  1. Work for offline shop ??
  2. open Check if player have space in inventory

    Can you give me function for this fix bro? And if you can say me where to put it ? Function for check inventory space when buying from npc shop,thank you!
  3. open Check if player have space in inventory

    hello mate,where to add this function ? It's for npc shop to check inventory space when buying ?
  4. open Check if player have space in inventory

    Yeah mate,but this function if (pc.enough_inventory(item_vnum)) i need in my source too right ? And for shop? If i buy from npc items and i have full bag,items drop down,have solution for this ? Thanx
  5. open Check if player have space in inventory

    for quest,right ?
  6. Hello guys,any1 have functions of this ? If a player want buy somthing on the shop or quest,items drop down..i want some function to stop that and check if player have necesarry space in inventory/bag,i try on quest but now working,i need that in my source,thx.
  7. open Desactivate a function,i ask experts!

  8. open Check version client+game

    i delete lines from ch1-2-3-4 and etc try my functions from here. this lines CheckClientVersion: 1 ClientVersion: 1215955205
  9. open Check version client+game

  10. open Check version client+game

  11. Hi guys i need to remove a function but i dont know where it's .. i want desactivate function from that video but..i dont want to desactivate that function you right click on a item from shop and you buy,i just want remove that function from the video:
  12. Title system problem

    In locale game it's probblem i think,try to put original lines from locale_game from system,don't modify ,and see if work or nop
  13. Hello guys,i just edit in my source binary the version code,my version code from game is : config.cpp string g_stClientVersion = "1215955205"; The end of the file: void CheckClientVersion() { if (LC_IsEurope()) { g_bCheckClientVersion = true; } else { g_bCheckClientVersion = false; } const DESC_MANAGER::DESC_SET & set = DESC_MANAGER::instance().GetClientSet(); DESC_MANAGER::DESC_SET::const_iterator it = set.begin(); while (it != set.end()) { LPDESC d = *(it++); if (!d->GetCharacter()) continue; int version = atoi(g_stClientVersion.c_str()); int date = atoi(d->GetClientVersion() ); //if (0 != g_stClientVersion.compare(d->GetClientVersion()) ) if (version != date) { d->GetCharacter()->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_NOTICE, LC_TEXT("Version is to old,please update the game!")); d->DelayedDisconnect(5); } } } I put in ch1,2,3,4 and game this : CheckClientVersion: 1 ClientVersion: 1215955205 In binary source i have like this : bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendClientVersionPacket() { std::string filename; GetExcutedFileName(filename); filename = CFileNameHelper::NoPath(filename); CFileNameHelper::ChangeDosPath(filename); if (LocaleService_IsEUROPE() && false == LocaleService_IsYMIR()) { TPacketCGClientVersion2 kVersionPacket; kVersionPacket.header = HEADER_CG_CLIENT_VERSION2; strncpy(kVersionPacket.filename, filename.c_str(), sizeof(kVersionPacket.filename)-1); strncpy(kVersionPacket.timestamp, "3142526374", sizeof(kVersionPacket.timestamp)-1); // # python time.time 앞자리 //strncpy(kVersionPacket.timestamp, __TIMESTAMP__, sizeof(kVersionPacket.timestamp)-1); // old_string_ver //strncpy(kVersionPacket.timestamp, "1218055205", sizeof(kVersionPacket.timestamp)-1); // new_future //strncpy(kVersionPacket.timestamp, "1214055205", sizeof(kVersionPacket.timestamp)-1); // old_past if (!Send(sizeof(kVersionPacket), &kVersionPacket)) Tracef("SendClientReportPacket Error"); } else { TPacketCGClientVersion kVersionPacket; kVersionPacket.header = HEADER_CG_CLIENT_VERSION; strncpy(kVersionPacket.filename, filename.c_str(), sizeof(kVersionPacket.filename)-1); strncpy(kVersionPacket.timestamp, "3142526374", sizeof(kVersionPacket.timestamp)-1); if (!Send(sizeof(kVersionPacket), &kVersionPacket)) Tracef("SendClientReportPacket Error"); } return SendSequence(); } i change this line,te version code in binary source : strncpy(kVersionPacket.timestamp, "3142526374", sizeof(kVersionPacket.timestamp)-1); because i want to test it working or not,but when i log to game nothing happen why? The version code is different to binary source and client need to quit me out,because it's not correct client key,why is still online and didn't quit me ? Sorry for my english,wish i get some answers Thank you !