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  1. open Asking devs

  2. open Asking devs

  3. open Refresh coins in inventory

    Sistem need a quest with loop_timer for that..
  4. x1000 Damage & Range Attack Hack

    i have a protection,maybe that can help you,if you want to contact me send me a pm.
  5. open Asking devs

  6. open Asking devs

  7. open Asking devs

  8. open Asking devs

    Oh,thank you !
  9. open Asking devs

    The code c++ bro :D..
  10. open Asking devs

    Can you show with us or.. ?
  11. open Asking devs

    sistem must check if a bonus is more than bonus set in item_attr
  12. open Asking devs

    I have no ideea how to make the function haha,ty
  13. open Asking devs

    Hello there. It's there on forum some topic about c++ function to check max bonuses on items ? I mind,if a player have 30 sword defence to any item,game kick him out,sistem must check if a bonus is more than bonus set in item_attr,that's for moders protection If not,someone have a function for that ? Sorry for my eng Thank you.
  14. open Title System python sysser

  15. open Inventar oder Lager filtern

    looking nice,maybe someone have it