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  1. i dont need that system for remove yang limit , i need to solve the offline shop bug..
  2. If you can show me it works,i buy it
  3. upppp
  4. Hello guys,i add this system to my server,now in my inventory can i get more than 2kkk but now i have a bug to my offline shop...when i add some item to sell it,item just dissapear and when i add again an item directly it working but cant sell item more than 1.5kkk and sometimes it shows 0 yang,help ? Sorry for my english :))
  5. now..that appear :| wtf networkModule.SetSelectCharacterPhase - <type 'exceptions.SyntaxError'>:'return' outside function (uiInventory.py, line 1099) That is function : def OverInItem(self, overSlotPos): overSlotPosGlobal = self.__InventoryLocalSlotPosToGlobalSlotPos(overSlotPos) if app.ENABLE_HIGHLIGHT_SYSTEM: stat = 0 slotNumber = self.__InventoryLocalSlotPosToGlobalSlotPos(overSlotPos) itemVnum = player.GetItemIndex(slotNumber) if constInfo.IS_AUTO_POTION(itemVnum): metinSocket = [player.GetItemMetinSocket(slotNumber, j) for j in xrange(player.METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM)] if slotNumber >= player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE: slotNumber -= player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE isActivated = 0 != metinSocket[0] if isActivated: stat = 1 elif constInfo.IS_ACCE_ITEM(itemVnum, 1) == TRUE: metinSocket = [player.GetItemMetinSocket(slotNumber, j) for j in xrange(player.METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM)] isActivated = metinSocket[0] if isActivated == 1: stat = 1 if not stat: self.wndItem.DeactivateSlot(overSlotPos) try: self.listHighlightedSlot.remove(slotNumber) except: pass self.wndItem.SetUsableItem(False) if overSlotPosGlobal in self.liHighlightedItems: self.liHighlightedItems.remove(overSlotPosGlobal) self.wndItem.DeactivateSlot(overSlotPos) if mouseModule.mouseController.isAttached(): attachedItemType = mouseModule.mouseController.GetAttachedType() if player.SLOT_TYPE_INVENTORY == attachedItemType: attachedSlotPos = mouseModule.mouseController.GetAttachedSlotNumber() attachedItemVNum = mouseModule.mouseController.GetAttachedItemIndex() if self.__CanUseSrcItemToDstItem(attachedItemVNum, attachedSlotPos, overSlotPosGlobal): self.wndItem.SetUsableItem(True) self.ShowToolTip(overSlotPosGlobal) LINE 1099 return self.ShowToolTip(overSlotPosGlobal) Any solution dude ? I put something here if you look : if app.ENABLE_HIGHLIGHT_SYSTEM:
  6. Thank you,that help me ! Cheers
  7. Hellow guys..i try to put highlight system from VEGAS,source binary no error,server source no error..But uiinventory.py..in this line : def Close(self): self.Hide() LINE 493 if app.ENABLE_HIGHLIGHT_SYSTEM: def HighlightSlot(self, slot): if not slot in self.listHighlightedSlot: self.listHighlightedSlot.append(slot) def SetInventoryPage(self, page): self.inventoryTab[self.inventoryPageIndex].SetUp() self.inventoryPageIndex = page self.RefreshBagSlotWindow() And sysser error : networkModule.SetSelectCharacterPhase - <type 'exceptions.IndentationError'>:unindent does not match any outer indentation level (uiInventory.py, line 493) Any solutions ?Thx
  8. Ok,thank you for you'r time !
  9. I disabled this // Hi, server! // $this->sendCommand("EHLO $this->localdomain()"); // $this->logArray['EHLO'] = $this->readResponse(); But now i get this : Authorization error! 500 unrecognized command ...press link to send e-mail
  10. Yep,this not working,but smtp working whatt i have in mail_class it's a function but inside is that lines with localdomain and smtp.Thank you!Look down : private function Connect2Server() { // Connect to server $this->smtpConnect = fsockopen($this->smtpServer,$this->port,$errno,$error,$this->timeout); $this->logArray['CONNECT_RESPONSE'] = $this->readResponse(); if (!is_resource($this->smtpConnect)) { return false; } $smtpResponse = isset($smtpResponse) ? $smtpResponse : 'No SMTP Response given.'; $this->logArray['connection'] = "Connection accepted: $smtpResponse"; // Hi, server! $this->sendCommand("EHLO $this->localdomain()"); $this->logArray['EHLO'] = $this->readResponse(); // Let's know each other $this->sendCommand('AUTH LOGIN'); $this->logArray['AUTH_REQUEST'] = $this->readResponse(); // My name... $this->sendCommand(base64_encode($this->username)); $this->logArray['REQUEST_USER'] = $this->readResponse(); // My password.. $this->sendCommand(base64_encode($this->password)); $this->logArray['REQUEST_PASSWD'] = $this->readResponse(); // If error in response auth... if (substr($this->logArray['REQUEST_PASSWD'],0,3)!='235') { $this->Error .= 'Authorization error! '.$this->logArray['REQUEST_PASSWD'].$this->newline; return false; } // "From" mail... $this->sendCommand("MAIL FROM: $this->username"); $this->logArray['MAIL_FROM_RESPONSE'] = $this->readResponse(); if (substr($this->logArray['MAIL_FROM_RESPONSE'],0,3)!='250') { $this->Error .= 'Mistake in sender\'s address! '.$this->logArray['MAIL_FROM_RESPONSE'].$this->newline; return false; } // "To" address $this->sendCommand("RCPT TO: $this->to"); $this->logArray['RCPT_TO_RESPONCE'] = $this->readResponse(); if (substr($this->logArray['RCPT_TO_RESPONCE'],0,3)!='250') { $this->Error .= 'Mistake in reciepent address! '.$this->logArray['RCPT_TO_RESPONCE'].$this->newline; } // Send data to server $this->sendCommand('DATA'); $this->logArray['DATA_RESPONSE'] = $this->readResponse(); // Send mail message if (!$this->sendMail()) return false; // Good bye server! =) $this->sendCommand('QUIT'); $this->logArray['QUIT_RESPONSE'] = $this->readResponse(); // Close smtp connect fclose($this->smtpConnect); return true; }