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  1. Hi Dev`s, I designed this effects for weapons. The doubt is about the code from client binary. The code was posted? I remember one server who had this effects, but I remember too that had a part of code in his source. I also remember that it was published. If there is anything I know, it is necessary to touch the binary to make it work. If they know it's posted let me know please. Srry for my english. Regards. The weapons effects: https://gyazo.com/359ce7fd8ee16ad3b7d64d1568f56b14 - https://gyazo.com/d2a3f6251fc1f6b482d7af7d5a956280
  2. Right, I did that with some effects .
  3. Yah, I know that. I use 3D Max a lot. But I dont know exactly how to in WE.
  4. Yesterday I asked myself how I can do that, I want to learn how to do professional effects. If you explain how to do effects and/or habs with a video I would appreciate you. Regards. Srry for my english but i think it isnt bad .
  5. Thanks bro Im going to use it
  6. Thanks! You solved my problem. Regards.
  7. I already tried it.
  8. Hi, i have a problem with world editor. When I select a MDE or MSE archive in WorldEditor... nothing happens. The problem: https://gyazo.com/270b3bd751b43b4766b9fc3ebd2fda03 I just tryed with MSE and nothing happens. I don`t know if i need to configure any option. Please help me. Regards.