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  1. Ikh

    C++ Refine prob

    Add intro UseItemEx a print who print prob change. Just to be sure.
  2. Ikh

    Problem compile mainline_release

    That does not change anything.
  3. The difference is that you don't build these, but you also don't get to set options, and it's not guaranteed they will work with packages already on the system. That's why there are other commands like pkg upgrade. There are some special cases like using -march and -mtune .. Using march can cause problems , if you use march intro game core or db core and not using intro build ports can make a underfined behavior but that's not the case. The only reason to use ports inseated of package manager is build options. The packages is a prebuild port, and don't have flags like mtune and march. Most likely you did something wrong if you had issues, It happens. I use package since years and it works like a charm.. ***Note*** Since you use some modern coding standards consider using stdint.h stuffs also.. It is illegal to add functions in the namespace std , so consider removing that namspace.. xD stl.h can be removed completly. ***Note*** any_function.h can be replaced with std::function / stable_priority_queue.h can be replaced with std::priority_queue / thecore_memcpy bulshit can be replaced with std::memcpy / noncpypable.h is useless it can be deleted / clean constructors or destructors can be replaced with default or delete.
  4. It really is not necessary for you to write so much. pkg install clang38 pkg install googletest pkg install cryptopp pkg install devil pkg install mariadb100-client pkg install gmake All in one.. pkg install clang38 googletest cryptopp devil mariadb101-client gmake I think the release version 3.8 of clang is enough
  5. Ikh

    Time back after reboot

    Before killall After killall That does not mean the program is closed directly. As you can see game is not closed because he need to close all of his threads and all runing stuffs. Destroy arenaManager Destroy ItemManager Destroy CClientManager When u see in syslog this mean there is nothing shit when using KILLALL I try to explain you because you used " SHIT " word Thank you
  6. Ikh

    Time back after reboot

    Really ? Do you know what a .killscript is ? killall sends a signal to all processes running any of the specified commands. If no signal name is specified, SIGTERM is sent. KILL ALL don't kill the process directly / send the SIGTERM void signal_setup(void) { signal_timer_enable(30); signal(SIGVTALRM, checkpointing); signal(SIGHUP, hupsig); signal(SIGCHLD, reap); signal(SIGINT, hupsig); signal(SIGTERM, hupsig); signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN); signal(SIGALRM, SIG_IGN); signal(SIGUSR1, usrsig); } SIGTERM don't close you program imediatly. Just use killall game you will see in you syslog those lines sys_log(0, "<shutdown> Shutting down CHARACTER_MANAGER..."); sys_log(0, "<shutdown> Shutting down ITEM_MANAGER..."); etc and more this means you program is shutdown correct KILLALL just send the signal , not close you program directly. Please watch you language. There are difference bettwen SEND SIGNAL and kill instant.
  7. Ikh

    Time back after reboot

    There is nothing to be fixed. killall name_of_game name_of_db is already enough Just remove && reboot from Tasho .sh
  8. Ikh

    Time back after reboot

    You also need to wait 5-10 seconds sometimes #!/bin/sh #[i] If processes change their name, killall may not be able to match them correctly, so change "game" or "db" with your name, type "ps" or "top" for know. echo -e "Kill processes and reboot server ..." killall game db && sleep 10 && reboot You can also move reboot.sh intro /usr/local/sbin and name it simply r in this way you not need always to cd /path/to_reboot.sh you can write simply r and enter .. etc
  9. Ikh

    [Solved] Loop in client source

    Is this what you need ? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13179410/check-whether-one-specific-process-is-running-on-windows-with-c You not need a loop for that. Just search on google
  10. Ikh

    [Solved] Loop in client source

    The thread destructor will terminate your program if the object is destroyed while the thread is still running. Do you know what is a thread ? Is not better to create a class for TestFunc and after you call? Or you can even make function inline. while(1) in above example these statements will be executed forever... and will never stops. You are sure about that? You may use an "if condition" and inside it a break statement to terminate loop in some specific situation. I do not really understand what you want to do. inline void TestFunc() { std::ofstream ofs("example.txt", std::ofstream::out); ofs << "Just a test"; ofs.close(); } int main() { for (;;) { TestFunc(); } }
  11. Ikh

    [Solved] Loop in client source

    Please provide test code
  12. sys_err("Nullpointer in CHARACTER::GetQuestFlag %lu FLAG: %u", GetPlayerID(), flag); And you can see the flag who make this error
  13. Ikh

    Name whith diacritics.

    locale.cfg change charset dear
  14. Ikh

    map problem

    BUY SYSTEM FROM LENNT that's my advice
  15. Ikh

    Purge problem | no character on desc

    This mean there's no character or is dead.