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  1. sys_err("Nullpointer in CHARACTER::GetQuestFlag %lu FLAG: %u", GetPlayerID(), flag); And you can see the flag who make this error
  2. locale.cfg change charset dear
  3. BUY SYSTEM FROM LENNT that's my advice
  4. This mean there's no character or is dead.
  5. http://prntscr.com/dx8dyv That's not koray account. This is https://github.com/pasha37
  6. The problem is P2P ports. Look in another serverfiles.
  7. If you want to get a good answer, then you have to ask a good question. And learn the difference between : I want help - works for me - create functins for me
  8. Yeah , this check is just a server check.
  9. Search char_item.cpp case USE_DETACHMENT: { LPITEM item2; Under you will find if(item2->IsExchanging()) { return false; } Add under if(item2->IsEquipped()) { return false; }
  10. Input_auth.cpp delete if(!FN_IS_VALID_LOGIN_STRING(login)) { sys_log(0, "InputAuth::Login : IS_NOT_VALID_LOGIN_STRING(%s) desc %p", login, boost::get_pointer(d)); LoginFailure(d, "NOID"); return; }
  11. Oh , sorry. Then just replace this line self.__SendChatPacket('|cFF00FF00|HChitra:'+str(player.GetName())+'|h[PM]|h|r: ' + text[1:], chat.CHAT_TYPE_SHOUT) with this self.__SendChatPacket('|cFF00FF00|HChitra:'+str(player.GetName())+ text[1:], chat.CHAT_TYPE_SHOUT)
  12. uiChat.py Search Replace
  13. Use an external site for uploading. Members can not access file from attachments.