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  1. Caramelito

    open Apply elemental on monsters

    I have solved the problem myself, in case somebody is looking for the same thing, the resistances are applied in length.h in common folder. Basically the official servers absolutely cancelled the defence against arrows for monsters and they replaced them with the elemental bonuses so: You have them in length.h like this : enum { SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_NORMAL = 1, SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_MELEE, SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_RANGE, SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_MAGIC /* SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_FIRE, SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_ICE, SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_ELEC, SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_DARK, */ }; And you need to comment RANGE which is the defence against arrows required by archers and enable the elemental which are commented. enum { SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_NORMAL = 1, SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_MELEE, /* SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_RANGE, */ SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_MAGIC, SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_FIRE, SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_ICE, SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_ELEC, SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_DARK, }; Please mind the comma after MAGIC. Forgot about char_skill.cpp in game source: // case SKILL_ATTR_TYPE_RANGE: // dt = DAMAGE_TYPE_RANGE; // iDam = iDam * (100 - pkChrVictim->GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_BOW)) / 100; // break; Regards, Cara
  2. Caramelito

    solved Item Description length

    ITEM_SMALL_DESCR_MAX_LEN = 256, in src/common/item_length.h? Make sure you do the same for dump_proto src / dump_proto.cpp and gamelib/itemdata.h.
  3. Caramelito

    open Apply elemental on monsters

    I was wondering where is the bonus "defence against arrows" required by this type of monsters in the source.
  4. Caramelito

    open Apply elemental on monsters

    I am in my bed atm i will check them tomorrow. Thanks for your answer tho.
  5. Hello devs! I am trying to set the elemental bonuses on all mobs (only the defence against certain monsters). So, for setaou i have DEVIL,ATT_ELEC which is fine so far, but the bonus against lightning does absolutely nothing on their damage, strong against arrows still required by them. And my question is: How the hell is this thing working after all? I see nothing about arrows in mob proto or source code for setaou monsters. Does any of you share the same problem with me? Best regards, Cara Mark as solved / closed please. I found the solution for it.
  6. Caramelito

    open [Lua] Yang based on Level

    Hi there devs! I am trying to copy the teleporter quest from the official servers. My only issue is, the yang required to teleport based on player's level. Any ideas? Best regards, Cara
  7. Caramelito

    solved problem with the bow

    Maybe you don't have the animation for horse riding? Check your errorlog.
  8. Caramelito

    c++ [RLS] Image Cool Time

    Will you reverse the noticebar aswell, Penger? Thanks for the release. Edit: I am using the script for demon tower run. Here is my "devilish" counter.
  9. Caramelito

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

    Wtf dude you can use the code from the actual HP bar when you use red or blue potions. No need to pay for that lol. Edit: I'll make it public tonite tho.
  10. Caramelito

    c++ [RLS] Image Cool Time

    Ok, let's say somebody will answer you to that question. But mine is: what the f* you gonna do with it once you know that? You gonna ask for more and more and more. This is not a "how to" topic as penger said above.
  11. Caramelito

    c++ [RLS] Image Cool Time

    Isn't the skill overlay loading the same thing, Penger?
  12. Caramelito

    Metin2 2004 Beta Client

    I can't find that texture ... at all. The old monk armour texture.
  13. Caramelito

    Metin2 2004 Beta Client

    I will restart my old project again xD i was working on this beta sh1t for awhile.
  14. Caramelito

    Cheetah summoning icon

    Hi there! Just some simple icons for this gorgeous mount that i love so much. Hope you guys enjoy them! Golden: White: Black: Kind regards, Cara
  15. Caramelito

    Metin2 2004 Beta Client

    That was only the beta version and only koreans could try that unfortunately. Never been published.