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  1. Metin2 2004 Beta Client

    I will restart my old project again xD i was working on this beta sh1t for awhile.
  2. Cheetah summoning icon

    Hi there! Just some simple icons for this gorgeous mount that i love so much. Hope you guys enjoy them! Golden: White: Black: Kind regards, Cara
  3. Metin2 2004 Beta Client

    That was only the beta version and only koreans could try that unfortunately. Never been published.
  4. 2-hand weapon on Beta

    Is this the weapon you are looking for mate?
  5. VIP | GA | CM Icons

    I'll never share the .psd mate.
  6. VIP | GA | CM Icons

  7. VIP | GA | CM Icons

    Heya! I've seen many attempts of you to make your own VIP logo and i decided to help you a bit with this. I put my photoshop skills to the test and i made this: Hope you enjoy them Regards, Cara
  8. How to add shine on Shoulder Sash System?

    The specular doesn't help. You have to edit the alpha channel.
  9. How to add shine on Shoulder Sash System?

    You mean the shine or the sparkles ?
  10. [PY]Hide inactive skills

    Ty but i don't want to do that. I want to hide them and when they are at the next stage to appear again. Ex: 17 points on Aura of the sword - hide m1 - hide g1/p hide Aura of the sword - show m1 - hide g1/p hide Aura of the sword - hide m1 - show g1/p
  11. [Searching] Full and clean sv files & source code

    Added you.
  12. Hello lads! I am looking to buy a full and clean serverfiles with source code. I want it with all the basic gameforge systems [energy, costumes, dragon alchemy, power mounts, default maps, default pets (not the new pet system)] Cheerio!
  13. [PY]Hide inactive skills

    Heya guys! I want to hide the inactive skills from the skills page. Do you have any idea how todo it? Thanks very much.
  14. Metin2 UI Wrapper

    What this thing really does?
  15. Webdesign Classic Metin2

    Is this the original used by gameforge?