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  1. If you have Cryptopp 7.0.0 you'll see: Open cipher.h and add; using CryptoPP::byte; Note:Also you can use std::byte (#include <cstddef>) but you need to change cryptopp declarations too.
  2. If you have GCC>5 version, you'll see this error when the linking src: Open MAKEFILE(game/db/libpoly) and add this command to CFLAGS; -D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0 Update: If you see: Add this; -lboost_system
  3. Mali61

    c++ [RLS] item_full_set renewal

    another way: https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Give-Basic-Weapon/blob/master/GiveBasicWeapon.h
  4. Usage: ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, Translate("TESTSTRING", DEFAULT_LANG));
  5. Check your dm, I found a thing at insta

  6. Mali61

    python Official Root\\15.03.2018

    This root included uimailbox.py and more
  7. Mali61

    Update Your FreeBSD For C++2a

    Don't worry, Just send pm for updates I'll help you =}
  8. Mali61

    Update Your FreeBSD For C++2a

    @RayleeClose this topic, thanks
  9. Mali61

    Update Your FreeBSD For C++2a

    I didn't say this shit update for performance or use c++2a. %90 using old compilers, this topic for this. You don't need to use c++2a, use c++17. And about boost libraries, i said: You don't need to update boost!
  10. delete that codes from stl.h and use these: std::min std::max std::minmax note: #include <algorithm>
  11. Mali61

    Update Your FreeBSD For C++2a

    #Update Boost-1.67 -> Boost-1.68
  12. Mali61

    Update Your FreeBSD For C++2a

    #Update GCC8.2 -> GCC9
  13. Mali61

    Update Your FreeBSD For C++2a

    #Added some missing boost files(just update add-1/devel) Thanks, Just check this link https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/compiler_support#cpp2a You can use latest c++ features.