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  1. Mali61

    open Lib errors after install gcc9

    Make etc/make.conf settings.An Advice to you: Use Clang8 instead of GCC9
  2. Mali61

    Source Update: GCC7 + Ready FreeBSD + SRC

    I'm not interested in client sorry You can use more c++ features.Check GCC site for more information.
  3. Mali61

    Source Update: GCC7 + Ready FreeBSD + SRC

    For FreeBSD 9.2 latest gcc version is gcc7-devel but I may share FreeBSD 12 with gcc9-devel
  4. Hei you have discord? Please add me


  5. I used this machine for this topic: I 've updated some packages Update List: GCC-7 Cryptopp 7.0.0 Boost-1.62(You can update easily to last version but not necessary) Ports You don't need any Extern Source! Link:;export=download Login: root PW: dev Archive PW: black STEPS(Codes Only) 1: g++ -> g++7 gcc -> gcc7 2: using CryptoPP::byte; 4 & 6: -D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=1 5: lIL 7: template <typename T> T MINMAX(T min, T value, T max) { T tv; tv = (min > value ? min : value); return (max < tv) ? max : tv; } 8: #include <algorithm> 9: #include <random> #include <algorithm> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- std::random_device rd; std::mt19937 g(rd()); std::shuffle(vec_bSlots.begin(), vec_bSlots.end(), g); Because random_shuffle deprecated: Deprecate std::random_shuffle as proposed in [N3775] because “one overload is specified so as to depend on rand, while the other overload is specified so as to require a hard-toproduce distribution object from the user; such a distribution is already an implicit part of shuffle, which we retain.” 11: -std=gnu++17 12: mcpu -> mtune auto_ptr -> unique_ptr typeof -> __typeof 13: -fstack-protector-all
  6. Mali61

    [SMALL RELEASE] Same IP Detection

    I'm using this, you can use number or string with same function: bool Check_IP (auto first, auto second) { return first == second; }
  7. No not needed. Also I don't recommend define that macro because already defined in bits/c++config.h. Just add libpoly not whole project.It will be fine, tested.
  8. Mali61

    c++ [C++] Increase safebox/warehouse

    I think your fault at py and you are using 15*9
  9. Mali61

    Premium Accounts [Spotify, Netflix]

    I'm using this: Note:last 22 hours
  10. Mali61

    open template typename error

    delete that codes from stl.h and use these: std::min std::max std::minmax note: #include <algorithm>
  11. Mali61

    open Privateshop

    For questiondialog go root/ find def AskBuyItem(self, slotPos): Add this control before itemBuyQuestionDialog = uiCommon.QuestionDialog(): if shop.IsMainPlayerPrivateShop(): return For Server-Side go shop.cpp Find in int CShop::Buy(LPCHARACTER ch, BYTE pos) if (IsPCShop()) { ///Add below if (m_pkPC == ch) return false; Not tested!
  12. Mali61

    [C++] Check position for shops syntax CheckValidPos(ch, type, distance)
  13. Mali61

    c++ Title After Name

    Nice for 2014