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  1. Exygo

    ZODIAC TEMPLE - WIP - meleme18 & R0berTT

    @metin2team hater, the real one who took it personal. Get a life!
  2. Exygo

    Opinion Armor

    Sincerly for metin it's ugly:
  3. Exygo

    open Build Rubinum Source with cmake

    Yes he is right don't do it.
  4. There is no function like that
  5. Exygo

    c++ Fix Moblock/bravery cape hack

    When I read the topic's title I thought it's about this https://i.imgur.com/xHXeNPm.png But Hey! Thanks for the tip, I didn't know about this issue
  6. Exygo

    MU Origin 2 by WEBZEN

  7. Exygo

    Metin2 cancer cartoons - 2007

    https://web.archive.org/web/20121005020524/http://metin2.co.kr/01_news/news_06_view.htm?table=cartoon&page=1&id=52&page=1&SearchType=&SearchKey= https://web.archive.org/web/20121005020833/http://metin2.co.kr/01_news/news_06_view.htm?table=cartoon&page=1&id=49&page=1&SearchType=&SearchKey=
  8. Exygo


    I had a case when a player couldn't start the client because on his laptop he didn't have 800x600 resolution as minimum, he had something like 1360x1024. So as I said above, the best solution is to remove it completely.
  9. Exygo

    open quest lua problem

    LOL what ?
  10. Exygo

    open quest lua problem

    replace: lua_pushboolean(L, ch->GetShopOwner()) with lua_pushboolean(L, ch->GetShopOwner() ? true : false)
  11. Exygo


    Best fix is to remove it
  12. Exygo

    open quest lua problem

    post the entire function
  13. Exygo

    open Searching for a solution

    Because you need serverside too VegaS is bored and shares cancer EDIT: this is the code that I wrote long time ago(6 Octombrie 2017) for a client (rumble event fight etc) bool CInstanceBase::IsAttackableInstance(CInstanceBase& rkInstVictim) { if (__IsMainInstance()) { CPythonPlayer& rkPlayer=CPythonPlayer::Instance(); if(rkPlayer.IsObserverMode()) return false; } if (GetVirtualID() == rkInstVictim.GetVirtualID()) return false; if (IsStone()) { if (rkInstVictim.IsPC()) return true; } else if (IsPC()) { if (rkInstVictim.IsStone()) return true; if (rkInstVictim.IsPC()) { #ifdef ENABLE_RUMBLE_EVENT std::string strMapName = CPythonBackground::Instance().GetWarpMapName(); if (strMapName == "metin2_map_name") return true; #endif bool battle_is_attackable(LPCHARACTER ch, LPCHARACTER victim) { // 상대방이 죽었으면 중단한다. if (victim->IsDead()) return false; // 안전지대면 중단 { SECTREE *sectree = NULL; sectree = ch->GetSectree(); if (sectree && sectree->IsAttr(ch->GetX(), ch->GetY(), ATTR_BANPK)) return false; sectree = victim->GetSectree(); if (sectree && sectree->IsAttr(victim->GetX(), victim->GetY(), ATTR_BANPK)) return false; } // 내가 죽었으면 중단한다. if (ch->IsStun() || ch->IsDead()) return false; if (ch->IsPC() && victim->IsPC()) { CGuild* g1 = ch->GetGuild(); CGuild* g2 = victim->GetGuild(); if (g1 && g2) { if (g1->UnderWar(g2->GetID())) return true; } } #ifdef ENABLE_RUMBLE_EVENT // rumble event can attack in a map by Exygo // 6 Octombrie 2017 if (ch->IsPC() && victim->IsPC() && ch->GetMapIndex() == 41) // map index return true; // #endif
  14. Exygo

    map [Release] Winders Forest Map

  15. The only purpose for this release is to post someone else's system(anger attempt). He would never do releases for you guys, only to anger someone else and earn respect from kids.