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  1. python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    Va dati toti smecheri dar va urla foamea in stomac.
  2. OMG these reactions are killing me :))
  3. Rbinum2 Full

    Mai prost de atat vei fii vreodata ? Asta e ultimu jeg de topic scris cu picioarele, si se si vede ca e dat copy paste aruncat la misto, nici macar nu scrii server corect da pai sa stii ce contine sursa aia. A zis M.Sorin tot despre topicul asta cu meme-ul ala.
  4. Rbinum2 Full

    Man lasa-te de metin2 nu e de tine, si invata sa scrii cat de cat corect, macar fara diacritice dar sa fie corect sa intelegem si noi, hai de data asta te iertam si nu radem de tine, cine stie poate ai fost beat cand ai scris topicul asta.
  5. Teleport System ~ Price is 0€

    You handle that, is not my priority. F1-12 is a shitty oldschool idea, from the time when metin2 servers where primitive and nobody knew how to make it as button.
  6. solved Quest ESC syserr

    void CQuestManager::Select(unsigned int pc, unsigned int selection) { PC* pPC; if ((pPC = GetPC(pc)) && pPC->IsRunning() && pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->suspend_state==SUSPEND_STATE_SELECT) { pPC->SetSendDoneFlag(); if (!pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->chat_scripts.empty()) { // äĆĂ ŔĚşĄĆ®ŔÎ °ćżě // ÇöŔç Äů˝şĆ®´Â ľî´Ŕ Äů˝şĆ®¸¦ ˝ÇÇŕÇŇ °ÍŔΰˇ¸¦ °í¸Ł´Â Äů˝şĆ® Ŕ̹ǷΠ// łˇł»°í Ľ±ĹĂµČ Äů˝şĆ®¸¦ ˝ÇÇŕÇŃ´Ů. QuestState& old_qs = *pPC->GetRunningQuestState(); CloseState(old_qs); if (selection >= pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->chat_scripts.size()) { pPC->SetSendDoneFlag(); GotoEndState(old_qs); pPC->EndRunning(); } else { AArgScript* pas = pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->chat_scripts[selection]; ExecuteQuestScript(*pPC, pas->quest_index, pas->state_index, pas->script.GetCode(), pas->script.GetSize()); } } else { // on default pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->args=1; if (!pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->co) // fix 2 februarie 2018 sys_err("GetRunningQuestState()->co is null"); else lua_pushnumber(pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->co,selection+1); if (!RunState(*pPC->GetRunningQuestState())) { CloseState(*pPC->GetRunningQuestState()); pPC->EndRunning(); } } } else { // Better handling 5 februarie 2018 by Exygo if ((pPC = GetPC(pc)) && pPC->IsRunning() && pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->suspend_state == SUSPEND_STATE_PAUSE) return; sys_err("wrong QUEST_SELECT request for pc %d (getPC %d isRunning %d GetRunningQuestState %d)", int(pc), (pPC = GetPC(pc)) ? true : false, (pPC = GetPC(pc)) ? true : false ? pPC->IsRunning() : false, (pPC = GetPC(pc)) ? true : false ? pPC->GetRunningQuestState()->suspend_state : -1 ); } } Yes, but sometimes the quest window remains frozen and it's unconfortable.
  7. open Python script trade, could pay

    More informations ?
  8. We tried to help you, we gave you advices if you don't know anything it's your problem but I tell you stop bumping you are wasting your time, nobody will help you anymore.
  9. [40K] Server Crashing Syserr Logs

    How to install gdb(putty commands): cd /usr/ports/devel/gdb && make deinstall cd /usr/ports/devel/gdb && make install clean How to use gdb(putty commands): gdb set gnutarget i386-marcel-freebsd file /usr/home/game/share/brain/game core /usr/home/game/channels/channel1/core1/game.core bt full
  10. ShoX-Network - Feel the Middle!

    very crap
  11. open FAST @@@

    Dude he is 16 years old(no joke) and I believe his IQ is below 90 50
  12. Oh yeah I forgot for you guys it's dwType not bType
  13. So I had this problem as title says ... Suddenly I couldn't raise my secondary skil level by reading a skillbook so after I checked all the possible ways and I figured out that the problem is resulted from one single line. Note: I asked a few friends to test this bug on their servers and it was confirmed they have the same bug. To fix the bug search inside char_skill.cpp at function And replace the line with :
  14. It was a very bad joke also not related to the subject R u crazy ? He has big prices ... You need try try a code like this(P.S: I don't know how he coded the system yet, never checked, never need that system) const DESC_MANAGER::DESC_SET & c_ref_set = DESC_MANAGER::instance().GetClientSet(); // you need to include desc_manager for this for (itertype(c_ref_set) it = c_ref_set.begin(); it != c_ref_set.end(); ++it) // look through all players(all connections, all cores) { LPCHARACTER ch = (*it)->GetCharacter(); // get the LPCHARACTER pointer from the itor if (!ch) continue; ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_COMMAND, "environment %d", value); // Do something for each player, preferably send a command from server to client and after that the client will handle the command inside game.py and then the python part comes helping. } I gave you a hint, not all the code, as I said above, I didn't checked the system yet because I didn't need it.