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  1. [MOUNT]Heaven hound

  2. solved Simple help

    From the client you change them not from the server ..
  3. solved Simple help

    Rewrite ymir functions from client side
  4. Is is useful if i give u wom2 client(old version) ?
  5. open Property errors

    For beginning change the TraceError But this is not full, it helps you only to determine the respective map
  6. Some webhosting providers have problems with php sockets so you can't use php api(Example: gazduirejocuri.ro)
  7. open problem install python

    install: cd /usr/ports/lang/python27/ make symlink python: ln -s /usr/local/bin/python2.7 /usr/local/bin/python
  8. Looking for WOM2 2013 client

  9. Contact me if you need a wall for your server
  10. Yes it is, ymir ideas etc ....
  11. Lycanee - New official character

    Gameforge be like, let's share our weird ideas on 1st April so If they don't like them they will believe it's a prank
  12. python image items

    And what are we? you slaves? do custom modifications for Pserver when owner asks ? EDIT(Added translation due the weak english speaking skills): Si ce suntem noi? sclavii tai? sa-ti facem modificari personalizate la cerere? EDIT2: Actualy I found that this Kirige is a douchebag who says he did things what he didn't, see more (he was banned on another forum) so don't help him link
  13. Betashield anticheat project

    Aaand .. that's a reason why you should not release stuff ...