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  1. Exygo

    open Shoes of Wind - New substitute?

    Take my idea, I don't mind sharing it with others
  2. Exygo

    Teleport System ~ Price is 0€

    https://mega.nz/#!S1xkXKTL!5sfHjZQswrv0MoTkZWgIEHxUbcGS48vRa6TJpzS6T5U One friend found my quest in a spanish serverfiles, here it is the link is up again.
  3. Does such a tool exist? If that help with something, I did them by hand.
  4. Exygo

    open How to make sub files

    https://puu.sh/B3ABo/e80960eaf4.mp4 https://mega.nz/#!bkJU1ARR!G5qNEWzag4hIjEWLAANeZl30E9_xFjnuqfKMVBOzYOc
  5. Exygo

    open How to make sub files

  6. Exygo

    open (GDB) Crash Core

    It's the worst offlineshop trust me, I tested it long time ago.
  7. Exygo

    open (GDB) Crash Core

    My romanian friend, I bet you are using crappy offlineshop by great which doesn't have "smart pointers (auto_ptr/unique_ptr)" as martysama told you.
  8. Exygo

    Emoji in TextLine

  9. You don't have any solution to do that. And why would you want to put ";" at the end of the sentence 0_0 ?
  10. Exygo

    [RELEASE] Notice color fix (from Lua)

    def StripColor(self,text): Search = re.search('\|c([a-zA-Z0-9]{0,8})', text) if Search: text = text.replace(Search.group(0),'') text = text.replace('|r','') text = text.replace('|h','') return text
  11. Exygo

    open NPC.Get_Level doesn't exist!!!

    say(npc.get_level) say(npc.get_level())
  12. Exygo

    Metin2 - Unstuck character function

    Oh, it's because the building has block only on sides, not in the center. It just needs some decent block on the map via world editor. The function find the closest position.
  13. Exygo

    Metin2 - Unstuck character function

    @tierrilopes Go ahead and download the client, test your hypothesis.
  14. Exygo

    Metin2 - Unstuck character function

    @flexio InspectorDev, come on skype I recruit you in my team I like your code.
  15. Exygo

    Metin2 - Unstuck character function

    The idea is not mine. Severals server have this.