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  1. Exygo

    solved Red highlight when adding bonuses

    Post screenshot
  2. Exygo

    c++ See uncreated mobs

    You can't do that man...
  3. Exygo

    3D ART Tatsumaru

    Tatsumaru, an unique member here on forum. Amazing work! Thank you!
  4. Exygo

    open [HELP]Unpack .exe

    UPX ?
  5. Exygo

    Yitian - Metin2 continues - Clone in Development

    It looks very impressive but thinking like a realist person the hard part has not come yet, and when I say that I am referring at the network. It's a long journey that requires a full team to lower the time spent. Share with us more pics/gifs/videos.
  6. Exygo

    c++ FIX unhandled empty textureset

    There is not reason for that.
  7. Exygo

    c++ FIX unhandled empty textureset

    It should not count at the speed of the code or other performance criteria but depends how obssessed you are. And yes as I know and experienced the first one should trigger the condition and then the other ones should be ignored. But if you look down at the line with TraceError as long as the pointer is NULL he can't call ->GetFileName() from a NULL pointer You should know that. In conclusion stop trying to impress
  8. How the bug manifests? Client closes without any syserr How to reproduce the bug? Let' say you got textureset/metin2_map_c1.txt and inside you got an empty string like this: TextureSet TextureCount 17 Start Texture001 "" 5.000000 5.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0 0 0 End Texture001 Start Texture002 "d:\ymir work\terrainmaps\b\field\field 02.dds" 6.000000 6.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0 0 0 End Texture002 binary/src/source/PRTerrainLib/TextureSet.cpp Search this lin inside bool CTextureSet::SetTexture if (!pResource->IsType(CGraphicImage::Type())) And add before if (!pResource) return false; Search this line inside bool CTextureSet::AddTexture if (!pResource->IsType(CGraphicImage::Type())) And add before if (!pResource) return false;
  9. binary/source/SpeedTreeLib/SpeedTreeForest.cpp Search and replace this function CSpeedTreeForest::SpeedTreeWrapperPtr CSpeedTreeForest::CreateInstance(float x, float y, float z, DWORD dwTreeCRC, const char * c_szTreeName) { SpeedTreeWrapperPtr pMainTree; if (!GetMainTree(dwTreeCRC, pMainTree, c_szTreeName)) { TraceError("CSpeedTreeForest::CreateInstance - Cannot find: %s", c_szTreeName); // 1 iunie 2018 return NULL; } SpeedTreeWrapperPtr pTreeInst = pMainTree->MakeInstance(); pTreeInst->SetPosition(x, y, z); pTreeInst->RegisterBoundingSphere(); return pTreeInst; }
  10. Hello friends and enemies, ladies and gentlemans, I was playing with my introEmpire.py and as always I got an obstacle in my way, the "select empire phase" was not working properly. BEFORE(ymir): - Client was receiving a random number(1,3) if you didn't had an empire selected. - Packet that sends "simple information" to the client was called after changing the phase to "select phase". AFTER: - Client is receiving correctly the empire ID. - Client is initializing the "select empire" phase if you have no characters on your account (if pid columns in table player.player_index are set on 0) NOTE: - Other bugs not tested yet but everything seems to be OK for now ... - Need to do something about the remaining row in player.player_index table after deleting all the characters on the account.(too lazy, too sleepy now 6:33 AM ...) Here is the FIX(minimalist tutorial): root/introSelect.py (disabling the reselectempire phase) game/src/input_db.cpp
  11. Exygo

    [GF] Race height of actors

    I've modified def __LoadRaceHeight for my own purpose, here it is in case someone needs it: I wanted to use comment tags inside the .txt file EDIT: iI think I was too sleepy at 4 AM when I wrote this reply, I didn't think I could modifty it into a dictionary def __LoadRaceHeight(): Dict = npcheight.NPC_HEIGHT for k,v in Dict.items(): chrmgr.SetRaceHeight(k, v) NPC_HEIGHT = { # horse 20030 : 220.00, 20101 : 220.00, 20102 : 220.00, 20103 : 220.00, 20104 : 220.00, 20105 : 220.00, 20106 : 220.00, 20107 : 220.00, 20108 : 220.00, 20109 : 220.00, # shop 30000 : 150.00, # mount 20212 : 0.01, # uff.. the mounts need to have 0.01 29212 : 0.01, # dragon 2493 : 300.00, }
  12. Exygo

    About Vegas ban

  13. Exygo

    [Release] Npc-Lord Kaia {Nopehyte}

    https://mega.nz/#!v9BWWJia!04gsnRyZXKRT9HYIv8QkUidFlHnhMU7sz8TSkfVND70 Fully working folder for those who got problems implementing it. @Nopehyte We need animations for walk,run,attack etc ...