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    [HowTo] Change the path to the pack

    I do not know if I should laugh or cry
  2. First of all, this is the account I use, it's not a fake account. Secondly, I am not looking for realeses in the vegas profile to come and talk here to look good Thirdly, I simply commented the topic because I found it useful to use for what I wanted, and like any other user I left my comment about the subject, incredible as it seems the metin2dev is getting worse and the reason for this is clearly this kind of attitude that are you having. best regards
  3. Hello, i know that topic was write to long time ago, anyway. i have fews things to say about it. if (ch->GetGMLevel() == GM_IMPLEMENTOR || GM_HIGH_WIZARD || GM_WIZARD) I think this is not right way to do that, becuse what that code says is someting like: If char GM level Implementor or high_wizard or wizard, return. As you read looks normal and good right? But, it is not alright according to the programming logic. According to the programming logic that code should be like that: if (ch->GetGMLevel() == GM_IMPLEMENTOR || ch->GetGMLevel() == GM_HIGH_WIZARD || ch->GetGMLevel() == GM_WIZARD) return; Now i think is okay, one more thing, way use if (ch->GetMapIndex() == OX_MAPINDEX) if that file we are editing is already include OXEvent.h, so that mean we just need to call define wich was defined by default: if (ch->GetMapIndex() == OXEVENT_MAP_INDEX) And you could also set id of monster you want to transforme directly like for exemple: ch->SetPolymorph(101); and you also could set it directly: OX_TIME_AFFECT = 60*60*24*7, by that I mean that you used some code with some redundancy, you could opt for a clean code and easier to understand both would get similar results. Anyway, thx for share (I'm sorry because my English is not the clearest to understand, but I think it's necessary to be understood)