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  1. hello all i have problem in pet size i show now the normal system this is normal system in level 1: normal system in level 82 big size : but in my server in level 1: in my server in level 82 same size : how to solve this problem please !
  2. open HELP SECTREE_MANAGER & number_ex: number():

    in questlua_global.cpp line 52 edit number(1,0) to number(0,1)
  3. [C++&Py] Extended equipment viewer

    hello i have poblem the another window to view CostumeEquipment not here
  4. hello every one i have doen core and this is debug this debug command and this is where command this is my at MarkImage.cpp:51 plz help
  5. i searching for this armor

    Thanks xP3NG3Rx
  6. help error syserr in the quest

    add before define effect var if pet_info[v] then local effect = pet_info[v][3] end
  7. open Guild.py error

    ## Name if localeInfo.IsJAPAN(): nameSlotImage = ui.MakeImageBox(page, "d:/ymir work/ui/public/Parameter_Slot_100x18.sub", 15, yPos) else: nameSlotImage = ui.MakeImageBox(page, "d:/ymir work/ui/public/Parameter_Slot_03.sub", 10, yPos) nameSlot = ui.MakeTextLine(nameSlotImage) page.Children.append(nameSlotImage) page.Children.append(nameSlot)
  8. open Problem Portal Warp

    if you need edit x y to portal in mob_names.txt and mob_proto.txt or mob_proto in player table in navicat if your files used txt proto enter to mob_names.txt search about name portal and copy the vnum and enter to mob_proto.txt and fined the vnum and edit second column
  9. open Guild.py error

    0427 20:22:17253 :: File "uiGuild.py", line 939, in __LoadWindow 0427 20:22:17253 :: File "uiGuild.py", line 1096, in __MakeMemberPage plz paste lines from 938 to 1100 here
  10. i don't count killings i want can player kill player like him if him in same empire you understand me ?
  11. i make all files but i don't know how to make all character when login map can kill player like him in same Empire plz help me where i begin i edit pvp.cpp and pvp.h but should be edit InstanceBese.cpp file here because player can kill player like him in same empire this in client part in UserInterface i edit this function in server part i edit to but after all this player can't kill player like him in same Empire !!
  12. hello every one if I need make all player can kill all player like him in specific map I need make this because player should be sent pvp request first then kill i need some advice how to begin or c++ code i'm sorry for bad English