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  1. open Crash Core

    plz type this in debug bt where
  2. open Item Vnum Max Range problem in sash


    i have this problem with sash
  4. Hey Guys i have a Problem. I would add new sash Item's with vnum 86001. to 86053 I can add me this Item but i dont see the model ingame i see the icon and when i equipd the item i dont see the model. when this item the vnum 85001 has can see the model. and i edit code in src client in InstanceBase.cpp and edit code in src svn in item.cpp and this in item list and this in item_proto all to 86058 like this and this is item_scale.txt
  5. Item Vnum Max Range problem

    up i have same problem with the sash when add sash in vnum 86001 or the vnum >= 85026 can't see the model
  6. open How to change discirption of item

    in locale_en in select itemdesc.txt
  7. How to remove this HELP

    from local in this path local_en\locale\en\ui\ select inventorywindow.py and edit as your like and this is not correct section
  8. c++ Post Guild Comment Flood Mysql

    this is my GuildWindow class onupdate function in inside class TestGame(ui.Window): and i don't have another onupdate functions
  9. c++ Post Guild Comment Flood Mysql

    not effect when put code in uiGuild.py in OnUpdate function net.SendGuildPostCommentPacket("") and when add OnUpdate in game.py the account logout only
  10. [C++] Multi-Language System for Client

    please reupload files languge
  11. bug dragonsoul refine

    Up i have same problem plz help
  12. [TOOL]Check server vulnerability Messenger::SQL Injection

    you is good man
  13. open bug in NewPetSystem in pet size please help

    thanks i don't need this fix i need fix the new func SetScaleNew i don't need use the old func you understand me ?