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  1. [007]DawisHU

    [RELEASE] New Dropdialog 'Destroy Item' (Python, C++)

    Hello, Best Regards,
  2. [007]DawisHU

    [C++/Python]Use 12 Inventory Pages

    Hi @Dennis, Thank you +1 sent Fixed with Max stack + inv expansion sys
  3. [007]DawisHU

    c++ [RLS]Official Inventory Expansion

    Tell Me more please.....
  4. [007]DawisHU

    c++ [RLS]Official Inventory Expansion

    Hello, Thank for this release.... One problem: This system for : 45 slot with 2 page = 90 slot / with 4 page = 180 slot. And, NOT FOR: 90 slot with 2 page = 180 slot BTW i edited.... In Quote my edition Image: Video: Thank you! * EDIT * self.wndPopupDialog.SetText(localeInfo.ENVANTER_ANAH_LAZIM % lazim) Change to self.wndPopupDialog.SetText(localeInfo.ENVANTER_ANAH_LAZIM % int(lazim)) This generated syserr are fixed.
  5. [007]DawisHU

    [C++&Py] Extended equipment viewer

    Tab hiba.... @TheSLZ exceptions.SyntaxError:invalid syntax (line 240)
  6. [007]DawisHU

    Sash Queries

    Item_Names.txt Item_Proto.txt Mob_Names.txt Mob_Proto.txt
  7. [007]DawisHU

    Emotion notice in Message

    Fixed.ii forget to translate this. from hungary to ENG. Not missing just my default language is Hungarian.... And i forget to translate into eng... Now is ENG. Thank @Fleon
  8. [007]DawisHU

    open Notify emotions message.

    Hello, In my topics Best Regards, [007]Dawis
  9. [007]DawisHU

    Emotion notice in Message

    Hello, Today i saw some people search this..... With [007]Dawis char clicked emotion to [TEST] char... Best Regards, [007]Dawis
  10. [007]DawisHU

    [PYHTON]Event Report System

    Hello, Nice work thank for share IT with us. But i have little problem.... I like u minimap design ,u will share with me?
  11. [007]DawisHU

    Problem With Dragon Lair

    Hello, In warp function (in quest) use this Best Regards, Dawis
  12. [007]DawisHU

    python Needing STATs instead of LVL

    Thank u so much! i edited little and the finish is... Need level limit + stat limit
  13. [007]DawisHU

    open Snow Texture ON/OFF Problem

    Hello, in PM send me this system and i fix for u (not joking)
  14. [007]DawisHU

    python Python Tiny Security Script

    Hello, U have missing module(s) subprocess and threading Somebody upload me this 2 file? thank