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  1. open Notify emotions message.

    Hello, In my topics Best Regards, [007]Dawis
  2. Emotion notice in Message

    Hello, Today i saw some people search this..... With [007]Dawis char clicked emotion to [TEST] char... Best Regards, [007]Dawis
  3. [PYHTON]Event Report System

    Hello, Nice work thank for share IT with us. But i have little problem.... I like u minimap design ,u will share with me?
  4. Problem With Dragon Lair

    Hello, In warp function (in quest) use this Best Regards, Dawis
  5. python Needing STATs instead of LVL

    Thank u so much! i edited little and the finish is... Need level limit + stat limit
  6. open Snow Texture ON/OFF Problem

    Hello, in PM send me this system and i fix for u (not joking)
  7. python Python Tiny Security Script

    Hello, U have missing module(s) subprocess and threading Somebody upload me this 2 file? thank
  8. Simple photo upload DB

    hello awesome can u share with me this background effect in pm?
  9. [Release]Gift system(Updated: 3.july.2014)

    Hello @Zetsu Take a look [007]DawisHU VIP effect & Taskbar + included Gift sys
  10. [RELEASE] VIP System from SRC

    Nice. I just give example for beginner's in python You python code awesome. This is illumina V3.0 interface It's better My work
  11. Need a quest with timing spawn of mobs

    Human some week ago i sended full run in quest it work to me and not work for u ... and now u wait for sylendar okey
  12. open Won System Problem (inventory windows)

    Not good In quest local coins = insert here select querry. And quest cmdchat(""..coins.."")
  13. open Won System Problem (inventory windows)

    with new acc?
  14. <Python> Simple [New] Loginwindow & intrologin

    Hello, what reupload? This screen in original client in uiloading.eix .epk
  15. open Won System Problem (inventory windows)

    check mysql player table empty u need to create new char and old char PID give to new easier : create new account