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  1. IceShiva

    open Internal IP redirect to public IP (Linux)

    You dont need to bind port on external ip, youmust still use you internal ip.
  2. IceShiva

    solved Compiling source on newest FreeBSD

    If you want compile source to 64bit binary you need to change things at post above but if you want compile 32bit binary under x64 FreeBSD let use 32bit jail of FreeBSD inside x64 FreeBSD.
  3. IceShiva

    [Preview] Edit map1

    It's most cases that are crt's problems. Now Microsoft have new crt implemantation that may be not compatibile with older than vista system (like Windows XP, Windows Server 2003). Ofc if client bin is compiled under vc14+. According to this
  4. IceShiva

    open Internal IP redirect to public IP (Linux)

    desc_client.cpp in void CLIENT_DESC::SetPhase(int iPhase) edit if (!bSentBoot) { bSentBoot = true; TPacketGDBoot p; p.dwItemIDRange[0] = 0; p.dwItemIDRange[1] = 0; memcpy(p.szIP, g_szPublicIP, 16); // set you external ip instead g_szPublicIP DBPacket(HEADER_GD_BOOT, 0, &p, sizeof(p)); } or you can do it in client side at NetAddress.cpp void CNetworkAddress::GetIP(char* szIP, int len) { BYTE IPs[4]; *((DWORD*)IPs)=m_sockAddrIn.sin_addr.s_addr; _snprintf(szIP, len, "%d.%d.%d.%d", IPs[0], IPs[1], IPs[2], IPs[3]); // replace with you external server ip }
  5. IceShiva

    open Function in Cache.cpp

    it's cache flushing trigger. Called every ITEM_CACHE_FLUSH_SECONDS from config.txt or if you dont have it in config then default 1800 second is setted
  6. Goto desc_client.cpp and change twice g_szPublicIP with you external ip
  7. IceShiva

    Good performance Mysql, my.cnf

    it depends... What hardware youre using
  8. hallo add me plz tziak98 i have send you messages


  9. IceShiva

    Radio in client

    I can do it with all known streams (mms, rtps, http, rttp)
  10. IceShiva

    Load dll

    What dll?
  11. IceShiva

    Client Protection

    Can be done with remove filenames from index. Files can be still unpacked but without filenames, extension so extracted files will be useless. Just one minus, you too can't extract files but it isn't problem if you have files. When I find some time i will create tutorial how to make it
  12. IceShiva

    I need to Kvm template FreeBsd for Solusvm

    If you want use FreeBSD on kvm you need specific host configuration.
  13. IceShiva

    Metin2 New crypt for pack files

    Why you just not write to lucifer about solution?
  14. Just update you gdb to latest version (pkg install gdb710) and try with new version "gdb710"