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  1. IceShiva

    open Function in Cache.cpp

    it's cache flushing trigger. Called every ITEM_CACHE_FLUSH_SECONDS from config.txt or if you dont have it in config then default 1800 second is setted
  2. IceShiva

    Good performance Mysql, my.cnf

    it depends... What hardware youre using
  3. hallo add me plz tziak98 i have send you messages


  4. IceShiva

    Radio in client

    I can do it with all known streams (mms, rtps, http, rttp)
  5. IceShiva

    Load dll

    What dll?
  6. IceShiva

    Client Protection

    Can be done with remove filenames from index. Files can be still unpacked but without filenames, extension so extracted files will be useless. Just one minus, you too can't extract files but it isn't problem if you have files. When I find some time i will create tutorial how to make it
  7. IceShiva

    I need to Kvm template FreeBsd for Solusvm

    If you want use FreeBSD on kvm you need specific host configuration.
  8. IceShiva

    Metin2 New crypt for pack files

    Why you just not write to lucifer about solution?
  9. Just update you gdb to latest version (pkg install gdb710) and try with new version "gdb710"
  10. IceShiva

    Exptable from mysql

    Hello. Yesterday I have to measure exp table on server, so I decidet to move exp table from array to mysql to avoid recompile every time. Go to constant.cpp and delete: 2. Go to constants.h and delete 3. Go to constants.cpp and add on last line or whatever you want in file 4. Go to static void __LocaleService_Init_Korea() in locale_service.cpp and delete exp_table = exp_table_euckr; static void __LocaleService_Init_YMIR() delete exp_table = exp_table_euckr; static void __LocaleService_Init_Singapore() delete exp_table = exp_table_newcibn; static void __LocaleService_Init_Vietnam() delete exp_table = exp_table_newcibn; void LocaleService_TransferDefaultSetting() change if (!exp_table) exp_table = exp_table_common; to if(!LoadExpTableFromMYSQL()) { sys_err("Failed to load exp table from mysql!"); exit(1); } char.cpp CHARACTER::GetNextExp() const change exp_table to exp_vector questlua_pc.cpp int pc_give_exp_perc(lua_State* L) change exp_table to exp_vector and int pc_get_exp_perc(lua_State* L) change exp_table to exp_vector Thats all. Code can be refactored. Written in 10min
  11. IceShiva

    [FREEBSD]Desktop install[KDE]

    Better alternative to this tutorial is use GhostBSD distro with "mate" desktop enviroment PRoject home http://www.ghostbsd.org/
  12. IceShiva

    Phase Dump

    This tool is for decrypting modules in Win32/PhaseBot-A malware so is useless in metin2 xD