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  1. please look pm friend

  2. I'm sorry, but we are still working on it to resolve this issue. Please be to patient, we are trying to do the best.
  3. VIP

    We are working on it to resolve this issue, but I can't give you an ETA.
  4. Then there's no reason to create a backdoor.
  5. No sorry. You can do it easily, just follow the steps.
  6. It depends on the type of the backdoor, but the easiest and probably the best will be the following: 1. Create or modify a packet which sends text (char array) 2. Write a small tool which can be injected into the process to set the content and send the backdoor packet. 2. Execute the content of the packet by using the system(content goes here) function.
  7. I can clearly read every comment, just use Korean - Windows 949 encoding. Google translate:
  8. Firstly I recommend you to do a graceful db shutdown or just call the CClientManager::Quit() function to see what's going on with the cache when shutting down the server.
  9. We are working on it to resolve this issue, please be patient.
  10. I'm totally agree with this petition. I ate so many things in my life, such as shark, squid, clam, grasshopper and many more animals, but I would never ever eat a dog. I know that I'm from the Europe and I will never understand their culture, but... PS: I also own a dog and she is part of my life, not my lunch.
  11. Next time please open your topic to the Questions and Answers section.
  12. Please, use spoiler tag for long posts!
  13. Try it with a temporary E-mail address.
  14. 3 months CyberGhost Premium for free: