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  1. Aliano

    solved Disable exp loss

    Thank you ridetpro but i cant see your pic NOW
  2. Aliano

    solved Disable exp loss

    Hello, when i die as always i loss exp. how can i disable this. Thank you very much.
  3. Aliano

    Metin2 graphics problem

    anyway thats doesnt work
  4. Aliano

    Metin2 graphics problem

    Nothing changed. that is also a little bit funny. because why should pyc files in the lib folder? this files are not libaries
  5. Aliano

    Metin2 graphics problem

    Extern/lib ?
  6. Aliano

    Metin2 graphics problem

    lib folder? inside the rar are only pyc files that isnt libs
  7. Aliano

    Metin2 graphics problem

    same here i am ready to pay http://prntscr.com/jqt83j
  8. Aliano

    c++ Set speed for riding mounts

    do you have a example? when moutnVnum.use begin pc.mount(MountVnum, 86400, 30) is this correct ?
  9. Aliano

    open shop_buy_price

    the client get the shop_by_price from the clientside item_proto not from the db
  10. Aliano

    open shop_buy_price

    Hello, my problem ist that the shop_buy_price are always divided by 5. For example: shop_buy_price: 1000 then you sell this item for 2000 and the client show you 2000 can someone help ?
  11. Aliano

    open Spiderdungeon3 texture problem

    WeedHex Thank you very very very much! your solution solved my problem. Can you tell me, why that happen ? where was the problem ?
  12. Hello, Is there anyone who can help me? All floors of the spider dungeon works perfectly. Only floor 3 have this bug
  13. Aliano

    [HowTo*]Anti-Elixir in duel

    error: char_item.cpp:3934: error: 'CPVPManager' has not been declared
  14. Aliano

    open If in Duell

    Hello, i am looking for a function wich i can use in our questst. Maybe if the char in duell or not. Can someone help me ?
  15. syserr: SYSERR: Nov 12 13:57:24 :: locale_find: LOCALE_ERROR: "로그인 화면으로 돌아 갑니다. 잠시만 기다리세요."; SYSERR: Nov 12 13:57:24 :: locale_find: LOCALE_ERROR: "%d초 남았습니다."; SYSERR: Nov 12 13:57:25 :: locale_find: LOCALE_ERROR: "%d초 남았습니다."; SYSERR: Nov 12 13:57:26 :: locale_find: LOCALE_ERROR: "%d초 남았습니다."; ps. everything is translated in the locale_string