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  1. Dexam™

    [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures v2

    these sculptures were made by me, as already mentioned. upload the models from rotten root and take a closer look! as i´ve said i can proof they were made by me, even if i dont have to. i created them for a special login map for my server, like the character statues (sculptures v1). stop talking shit, until you have a evidence for it, as i´ve said take a closer look at both models, thanks. best regards
  2. Dexam™

    [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures v2

    i can proof it was made by me, stop talking shit my jealous little friend.
  3. Dexam™

    [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures v2

    hey guys, i dont need them anymore, so have fun. DL: https://mega.nz/#!hQgERLCY PW: !5cjTjic60Qmadw-g0VLnTQF1_Uce0dYGpH77ye5Ub1k best regards
  4. Dexam™

    First real wing system

    Hey guys, today you are going to see a short preview of a wing system i am working on. It's not finished yet, so if you have any ideas please let me know. I am also looking for a person who is able to code the system, please leave a message if you are interested, thanks! Best regards, dexam
  5. Dexam™

    [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures

    some people asked me to reupload it, so here it is. https://mega.nz/#!BdJCFYJI !kadB1ag08kJqD502gvSoqNIF2V14yHk_iEreuK7VCtE best regards, dexam
  6. Dexam™

    YMIR Animation (Sit Down)

    could someone pls upload the animation from the first post( the one on the gif) would be helpful, thanks best regards
  7. Dexam™

    [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures

    hey, today i will share some stone sculptures from my server which i dont really use, so i am going to release it here. screen: download: best regards, dexam
  8. Dexam™

    [Animation Pipeline]Metin2 Rig for animation

    awesome stuff, dude. respect !
  9. Nexus - Chapter One

  10. Dexam™

    nexus - jungle ruins

    hey guys, today i will show you a new map created by me for nexus. My inspiration was the angkor wat temple. if you have any ideas, feel free to comment. kind regards, dexam
  11. Dexam™

    Objects in the ground

    try affect object only
  12. Dexam™

    3d Grass ?

    dont works with gr2, because the current rev. isn´t supporting alpha channel on objects. only with .spt (SpeedTree). edit: only works if you use texture, without alpha channel ^^ best regards
  13. if you´re interested in buying the script, contact me.
  14. 5th character: check

  15. Dexam™

    [ENV]Little Environment pack

    hey guys, today i will share a little pack of trees. if you cant convert it by yourself its not my problem . https://mega.co.nz/#!AJwFTJIZ!w1shK-qtOW4p34hXsgiXvt7zSm-QjycjW_KdelEdM7k and one thing I wanted to say, please keep up the name nexus 3 in your mind. well, have fun! kind regards, dexam™