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  1. [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures v2

    these sculptures were made by me, as already mentioned. upload the models from rotten root and take a closer look! as i´ve said i can proof they were made by me, even if i dont have to. i created them for a special login map for my server, like the character statues (sculptures v1). stop talking shit, until you have a evidence for it, as i´ve said take a closer look at both models, thanks. best regards
  2. [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures v2

    i can proof it was made by me, stop talking shit my jealous little friend.
  3. [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures v2

    hey guys, i dont need them anymore, so have fun. DL: https://mega.nz/#!hQgERLCY PW: !5cjTjic60Qmadw-g0VLnTQF1_Uce0dYGpH77ye5Ub1k best regards
  4. First real wing system

    Hey guys, today you are going to see a short preview of a wing system i am working on. It's not finished yet, so if you have any ideas please let me know. I am also looking for a person who is able to code the system, please leave a message if you are interested, thanks! Best regards, dexam
  5. [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures

    some people asked me to reupload it, so here it is. https://mega.nz/#!BdJCFYJI !kadB1ag08kJqD502gvSoqNIF2V14yHk_iEreuK7VCtE best regards, dexam
  6. YMIR Animation (Sit Down)

    could someone pls upload the animation from the first post( the one on the gif) would be helpful, thanks best regards
  7. [RELEASE]Stone Sculptures

    hey, today i will share some stone sculptures from my server which i dont really use, so i am going to release it here. screen: download: best regards, dexam
  8. [Animation Pipeline]Metin2 Rig for animation

    awesome stuff, dude. respect !
  9. Nexus - Chapter One

  10. nexus - jungle ruins

    hey guys, today i will show you a new map created by me for nexus. My inspiration was the angkor wat temple. if you have any ideas, feel free to comment. kind regards, dexam
  11. Objects in the ground

    try affect object only
  12. 3d Grass ?

    dont works with gr2, because the current rev. isn´t supporting alpha channel on objects. only with .spt (SpeedTree). edit: only works if you use texture, without alpha channel ^^ best regards
  13. if you´re interested in buying the script, contact me.
  14. 5th character: check

  15. [ENV]Little Environment pack

    hey guys, today i will share a little pack of trees. if you cant convert it by yourself its not my problem . https://mega.co.nz/#!AJwFTJIZ!w1shK-qtOW4p34hXsgiXvt7zSm-QjycjW_KdelEdM7k and one thing I wanted to say, please keep up the name nexus 3 in your mind. well, have fun! kind regards, dexam™