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  1. [FIX]uiQuest SetEvent bug for some people

    That "bug" is because the quest window is not destroyed properly. In interfaceModule.py search: eachQuestWindow.CloseSelf() Replace with: eachQuestWindow.OnPressEscapeKey() How to test that "bug". Press logout button and in those 3 seconds open a quest, when you login again you can't click in quest area but quest is not there.
  2. open EterManager

    You change windows configuration from 32bits to 64bits and that dll not work on 64bits. Here you have a version which work on 64 bits: https://mega.nz/#!x0020IKB!MCK5bXv6K3ep8dSg8rgy0LD2wbyiWj__WPL4vCv8QiI
  3. open Official Group Search

    A few tips from me: (after i saw your code) 1. Before you start coding a "system" try to find out how this system work. 2. Try to use english in variable name. 3. Learn how to use a loop (for, while, do while) PS: No hate, just try to take these tips into account.
  4. open C++ problem

    #include inside if ? Wtf man ... #include need to be before function start.
  5. open Remove Fog

    Like that ? https://i.gyazo.com/99cc3d61178aebc1c003a47eb0a7f4e3.mp4
  6. import socket s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) s.connect((ip, port)) for i in xrange(1000): s.send("\x40ACCOUNT_REGISTER,test%d,password,email@gmail.com,1234567\n", i) print s.recv(1024) s.close() What happen if i make that ?
  7. open Access to the brazilian servers?

    @Ken You can connect to those servers only with ip from Brazil. They have an intern VPN blocker (in binary source). If you know reverse you can check this. @xP3NG3Rx Xigncode check your file history from last 48h and e.g you use an unpacker for another client he see that and kill your process. Xigncode and Xtrap = same shit. Scan for file history from last 48h is not even the haviest scan , he scan log all files and paths that you modified in the last 48 hours and all executables with prefetch files into their logs.
  8. open Access to the brazilian servers?

    After patcher is done replace /xigncode/x3.xem with this , and delete Xtrap folder. After replace you can press start button.
  9. open Drop dialog

    Source with this system : https://mega.nz/#!PQxXUArS!LgFCCwf_KEnstt25l4YMMX6D6POonsmZ0-1UYxpuCrs
  10. open Stop collision for all mobs

    if(rVictim.IsEnemy() || rVictim.IsPoly() return FALSE;
  11. Buy full english translate.lua

    Here is 10% from original translate.lua (just what is important). Original translate.lua in German has ~9000 lines , this have ~1000. https://mega.nz/#!AxM0XIrL!oAtDAFGeD_C2dZhI1CXGuvDXy5Q3t-Hs5q6rj8fOkD0