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  1. Tatsumaru

    [Preview]Dao Lyun Weapon Set

    It looks nice, but I would improve the fan. Maybe something like that would look better?
  2. Tatsumaru

    Baseball cap

    I did not do it for all the characters because I did not need it. PS: At the request of one user
  3. Tatsumaru

    Graphic codec pack

    FastPictureViewer Codec Pack (version 32-64bit): this is a package of codecs streamlining the system photo viewer for each version of windows. Thanks to these codes, our windows will be able to display almost every type of image and its thumbnail. Mandatory installation DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!u0sQUSyI!E01wMjBMAdPQP0UQL9G9tpdGNZ0vCYoWCy9N2LU-FF4
  4. Tatsumaru

    c++ [RLS] item_full_set renewal

    Me too
  5. Tatsumaru

    Tower chunjo (increased quality)

    This texture will change the ugly tower into a bit prettier. If someone values quality, then this texture is for him DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!m1sljSRa!q8qrtJhnLNP-NJyz0vIt60dI_KCACG-Rl4-dXEDw0Z4
  6. Tatsumaru

    Speedtree 3 & 4

    Shogun can you put these programs on MEGA? I can not download these programs from this site.
  7. Tatsumaru

    Baseball cap

    Baseball cap for ninja. The cap have red color, but I added a save PSD to the package, so you can change everything as you wish. PS: the cap would look nice with the youtube logo Download: https://mega.nz/#!mxUUjIIA!2KmmRq-XEwbmg9w1d7Q5KUI0OY8ks3X-HpGHsXIJs7E
  8. Tatsumaru

    3D ART Tatsumaru

    I add The nun.
  9. Tatsumaru

    Opinion Armor

    No offense Megalon, but you do not know what I'm talking about. Read again my conversation with AutodesK.
  10. Tatsumaru

    Opinion Armor

    "Price is a secondary matter." nope, here in the private servers... Price is a secondary matter, because if you see an ugly model then you do not talk about money. Why would anyone spend such a sum of money on models... I do not know. I did not invent this price. ...would you rather pay 30-60e or 2000e+?... Sure, I prefer to spend less. Crazy question "Because execution is not worth paying" Execution is profitable, but not purchase... You did not understand me here. If someone makes an ugly model, is it worth buying? Probably not. At the end, what is your problem?... Where do you see my problem? You see any problems in every conversation? Chill out
  11. Tatsumaru

    Stone bridge fix

    Always this stone bridge in shinsoo annoyed me, this is his amendment Download: https://mega.nz/#!HgcFkAjY!z1lGgDoNvjU5M6MtbQak3D4EOHJ_1ogh-5dxuvlB6Is A few details:
  12. Tatsumaru

    Opinion Armor

    But why no one pays? Because execution is not worth paying. Price is a secondary matter. Community metina has no talents (3d artists). It is therefore easier to convert a model from a different game and match it to metin. And once again I will ask you, you can do armor good enough to sell it for 1000-2000 euros? Because honestly, i doubt it. I apologize for spam
  13. Tatsumaru

    Opinion Armor

    Nobody buys authorial armor, because it simply is not there. The metina community is not that talented. And even if something is found, it is not good enough to buy it. 1000-2000euro? Can you make such a good model? :P
  14. Tatsumaru

    Opinion Armor

    This is your Handmade model? Or is just a convert from another game? If it is a handmade work, it's quite nice However, if convert it is a poor choice In spite of everything, I leave my LIKE for motivation.
  15. Tatsumaru

    3D ART Tatsumaru

    I added the course of hair texture editing.