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  1. MDevelopers

    open Shop range showing distance

    I hope i have helped you, pw of files: Cyber-Gamers Shop names with range Enjoy.zip
  2. MDevelopers

    [C++]Extend maximum number of items in a stack

    Same with me but ins't becuse of this tutorial, with me was becuse im trying to change max yang but i have to change into database on item_proto>gold and shop_buy_price but im using txt and i change into my dump_proto source this 2 variables to long long and use %lld but nothing happens, look if ins't the same problem with you
  3. MDevelopers

    open Penetration effect On Equip

  4. MDevelopers

    open Costume weapon adding effect

    You can try this one:
  5. MDevelopers

    open 3D Weapon Effects

    Thank you for that anwser For who hat same problem: Close request.
  6. MDevelopers

    open Penetration effect On Equip

    I post into pastebin to be easier to see https://pastebin.com/cRhdnxUj *Actually, the error doesnt affect all items that you can equip ... it just affect specific armours. When you click in a specific armour to use it, you can use it but it will generate a ramdom effect (like potion effect, etc).
  7. MDevelopers

    open 3D Weapon Effects

    Nop, its need source side?
  8. MDevelopers

    open Penetration effect On Equip

    Hello metin2dev, today i found new bug on client side, when i unequip some armor, mount ou costume or close trade window my client show some Penetration effect and doesn't leave any erro on syserr, i was looking into playersettingmodule.py and nothing is wrong.. http://icyber.me/images/o1J.gif
  9. MDevelopers

    open Hiding Sash Model

    You can try to adapt this public exemple made to hide costume body, if you have some dout ask and i will help you if i know :) costumewindow.rar
  10. MDevelopers

    open 3D Weapon Effects

    Hello Metin2 Dev, today i was trying to set new weapon set with 3d Effect, like a image examples on image... http://i68.tinypic.com/24doioh.png http://icyber.me/images/olr.png But i have small problem, when i try to implement full set with 7 weapons only appear 3 of them the rest of set dosn't appear, only appear 4 random effects (examples: critical effect, damage effect, etc.. I already change playersettingmodule.py such as item_proto and item_list, can someone help me to understand how to fix that problem?
  11. OR mabe you can just go to your cmd and use subst... Like for exemple: create a folder on your C particion with name as WorldEditor, then go to your cmd and make like this SUBST D: "C:/WorldEditor/"