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  1. stahlpruegel

    Buy someone who fix this

    hello guys, i pay 20 Euros to the guy who helps me to fix the following error: All my shop in metin dont show the amount of yang they cost. i think thats something in python. Pn me for more or comment here
  2. stahlpruegel

    [SRC] Vanilla Core [latest: r71480]

    Which Client and Binary Source should i take? Doese someone has links?
  3. stahlpruegel

    [GUIDE]A reference to Metin2 development

    Thank you sooo much dude!
  4. stahlpruegel

    Metin2 Ultra Tool by JachuPL

    Please reupload
  5. stahlpruegel

    ShoX-Network - Feel the Middle!

    Hey guys ! yesterday we launched our Server ShoX-Network Short informations about the server: Max Level 105 Offlineshop Unlimited Yang Max Weapons 90 Max Armour 90 Max Accecoires 63 Come and check it out ! Cya! https://middleschool1.lima-city.de/ https://middleschool1.lima-city.de/ https://middleschool1.lima-city.de/ https://middleschool1.lima-city.de/
  6. stahlpruegel

    Vanillamt2 - Feel the oldschool!

    https://stahlprengel.lima-city.de/news its an oldschoolserver. The community make the changes what good and what bad. Check it out!
  7. stahlpruegel

    Looking for Server Introduction

    Hey im looking for someone who makes me a server introduction for epvp. add jannik460 for more
  8. stahlpruegel

    Looking for developer

    add me on skype jannik460 :))
  9. stahlpruegel

    Current mob drop item.txt

    add me skype jannik460 i have
  10. stahlpruegel

    [C++]Change max member of a party

    Where can i change the group difference? i wanna make more than 30 levels
  11. Hey Guys i was inactive a very long time. Now i want to make an new Pserver from the beginning. The project is oldschool orientated. I have a Server ,files an tons of quests but i need a team. I need someone who has knowledge with homepage and regipages and im looking for someone who has knowledge about c++ and lua. If ure interested add me on skype jannik460 for more informations
  12. stahlpruegel


    You can
  13. stahlpruegel


    Nice to see you there !:)
  14. stahlpruegel


    Hey Guys welcome to our Oldschoolserver Vanillamt2 The Rates are 300 %. This are our Shops( Sorry i cant upload more) From the beginning your start with a Militaryhorse, Equip+0 and a Sword +3 You can Dropp Switcher,Adder and other Itemshopthings from Metin and Bosses. There is no Pay2Win on our Server You drop Moonlightboxes by common. You dont need Uppstuff for the early game items. Later on you need thing like Clams and Pearls. Try us out! Forum: http://vanillamt2.forumprofi.de/index.php?page=Index Client: https://mega.nz/#!1aQzFCpb!ZgTdwgJtMoQSzqpVJqSia1G2FVOdn0M7Hiy1MuNWiJU Homepage: http://vanillamt2.de/?s=home Cya!
  15. stahlpruegel

    open Power Mount rideitme

    this are my mount tables : I use Fliege files