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  1. Same problem! I think it need a refreshment function... Edit: i didnt see the solution... Thank you @SergiuAndreiM
  2. xGetHigh

    solved Magic dispel bug

    Thank you very much. The problem was from char_affect.cpp. i rewritten the function and i haven't tested it anymore. My old char_affect.cpp Solved! TC Please.
  3. xGetHigh

    solved Magic dispel bug

    Hello. There is a big problem with the sura weapons skills. When I use magic dispel, the attacking character receives 20 critical hit, 20 magic, 20 penetrations and 200 defense each time they reach that skill. I discovered this bug after balancing the races. I don't know the exact cause. Video:
  4. xGetHigh

    c++ Poly marble shop

    Fix please?