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  1. Search help to fix Core crash, money for solution.

    i think your price u want to change in your offlineshop is out of range (to big) did you have the config from prices on "byte" or something like that? try long long or long
  2. solved Transmutation - exchange bug

    i forgot an import on the top of the fils uiexchange.
  3. [Visible/Unvisible]Costume

    Does someone have a fix for the Transmutations system? If you have transmute an armor and u make costum invisible, the armor transmute is invisible too untill your reequip the armor. And if u make it invisible while not wearing an costume and not an transmutet armor, you get naked (the system is not clearing only the costume, it clears armor too if you had no costume equipt) And yeah, if you make your wearing costume invisible and after this you unequip your armor, the armor graphic doesnt change to the naked character layout untill you unequip your invisible costume too.
  4. open Hidden / MobOnClick

    maybe this?
  5. any ideas? every item has this problem (only in exchange, in privat shop its all fine) €dit: fixxed