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  1. Avisek

    open Shoulder-Sash system in Martysama

    Thank you for info that it is possible to do...
  2. Avisek

    open Shoulder-Sash system in Martysama

    I have Martysama source You can not know it, probably because you dont have that source. Yes, but in sources there are pieces of sash system.. If you have that source, look into ItemData.h on +-205th line.
  3. Hello, does somebody implemented shoulder-sash system into Martysama source? I have the newest version and there are some sash "hints" when i find "ENABLE_ACCE_COSTUME_SYSTEM" and when I put it on me, It does not appear. Has somebody implemented this system? Thanks.
  4. Avisek

    I am looking for a dedicated server with FreeBSD

    Best choice is OVH
  5. Avisek

    open Mob drop name lock

    I tested it again using different values (1).Time is same as was.
  6. Avisek

    open Mob drop name lock

    I tried that but not successfully, i will try it again.
  7. Avisek

    open Mob drop name lock

    Sorry, I dont have that in source.
  8. Avisek

    open Mob drop name lock

    Hello, When Can I change time of removing name lock? When I drop items from mobs, name lock dissapears in 20 seconds. Where Can I increase it?
  9. Hello, I could ask you for question. How can I setup music in specific map - I want to play music in specific map. How can I do it? Anyone know solution? Thank you.
  10. Hello, how can I change output in binary source from .exe to .bin? It should be not able to rename or open? Can you help me, please?
  11. Avisek

    open Charset in db

    Hello, I have made quest, that inputs values into database "report". I input those characters: And in db saves: I have set charsets (db in fields and options), also in charset of server. I really dont know, where is problem.. Could you help me, please? :/
  12. Avisek

    open How to start off? Would this DS be enough?

    Why do you think so, that is bad? Or what does mean?