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  1. solved Core bootloop

    Solved: There were items requested in databse which were not in proto anymore.
  2. solved Core bootloop

    Sorry for late response. Syslog: @ElBrujoo I have added you on skype, hope it is not too late.
  3. solved Core bootloop

    Thank you for suggestions, what is exactly TV please? @ElBrujoo
  4. solved Core bootloop

  5. solved Core bootloop

  6. open Metin2 encoding problem

    Hi, this is problem of the locale.cfg file I believe, unfortunately I don't know the right data you need to put in, try to search on the internet a little. EDIT: Try this: "10000 1252 de"
  7. solved Core bootloop

    Hey guys, I have recently changed item and mob proto database to be matching with the one in client, but when I boot the server, loop starts and nothing happens.
  8. solved Proto conversion xml to sql

    Actually it fits, thank you @.Rise #solved
  9. solved Proto conversion xml to sql

    I already know about this, but there are a bit different columns. Thanks anyway.
  10. Hello guys, can anyone help me out to convert these protos from xml to sql? I would really appreciate your help. I know I could make a simple script, but I'm not very skilled in programming yet. If you can, post the script here as well or atleast example and I will finish it by myself, thanks. Protos.rar
  11. 1. After compiling the source, you have your game core located in "vanilla/game" if not, the game didn't compile yet. The database core - "db" is located in db folder. Also the qc is located in game/src/quest 2. You can create game files by your own, which is quite complicated or you can download already finished ones, just replace game/db/qc files. 3. There are not any commands to start, you have to create script which starts the binaries, executed by command of your choice.
  12. open Mariadb install problem

    Hello guys, I have recently installed mariadb and mysql5.6 on my Freebsd and it merged(don't ask why I did this), then I couldn't start mysql again. I deleted every pkg about mysql, but when I try to install mariadb100-server again then I got error. Anyone who could help?
  13. open Best client for vanilla binary?

    I've been using this one, but I'm experiencing some bugs.
  14. Hello guys, does anybody know about the best client for vanilla binary?
  15. open Learninkg skills problem

    Hello, I've recently downloaded Test client 40250 and I have experienced this bug. When I learn a skill, then this happens, in the next columns I have skills for horse, but I can't max these ones. Anyone knows how to fix it? And if so, is there any better client for vanilla binary?