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  1. open

    Hello guys, I have recently installed mariadb and mysql5.6 on my Freebsd and it merged(don't ask why I did this), then I couldn't start mysql again. I deleted every pkg about mysql, but when I try to install mariadb100-server again then I got error. Anyone who could help?
  2. open

    I've been using this one, but I'm experiencing some bugs.
  3. Hello guys, does anybody know about the best client for vanilla binary?
  4. open

    Hello, I've recently downloaded Test client 40250 and I have experienced this bug. When I learn a skill, then this happens, in the next columns I have skills for horse, but I can't max these ones. Anyone knows how to fix it? And if so, is there any better client for vanilla binary?
  5. open

    Hello is there any way to update proto files? If so, how to do it. I would like to use newest public structure and not lose items already there.
  6. solved

    We need more people like you in here. Most of them here is so mean. Keep it up mate.
  7. open

    And vanilla core is modified leak then?
  8. open

    Your own source? How is that possible? I mean, how did you do that?
  9. open

    They already told you, that you have to install gmake first. Just do "pkg install gmake" or "cd /usr/ports/devel/gmake && make install clean". I recommend installing PuTTY, it is more comfortable to copy and paste. But you need to enable ssh connection first: "ee /etc/ssh/sshd_config" and change "#PermitRootLogin no" to "PermitRootLogin yes" Just delete hashtag and change no to yes. You are welcome.
  10. I'm having issues with this function as well. Idk what causes it.
  11. How?
  12. solved

    It helped, thank you @Ken
  13. open

    That's weird. Do you know what version of game/mob_proto you have? Actually didn't the author of your client include extractor as well?
  14. open

    Hello, I have a little problem while running the game, can anyone help me? This is what've got: singleton.h script file:
  15. solved