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  1. open

    Hello, i have problem recently with running the core. It is searching for common folder I guess? I do have it with whole source, but I can't understand where to put it or what to do, if it is compiled badly or am I just dumb? Here is another one, when I try to compile quest core: Please if u can help me a bit, let me know your suggestions.
  2. @mroczna New versions of FreeBSD have it already.
  3. open

    Still doesn't work.
  4. open

    I will try this thanks. I'm trying to run it trought script file and it looks like that this file needs permission, but I have chmod on all the files and nothing seems to work.
  5. open

    Yes. Thanks for this, but problem still remains.
  6. Heelo there, I just compiled source from vanilla, but I don't know how to make game environment. Can anyone help me please?
  7. open

    Got it, but another error occured
  8. Hello guys, I'm a bit struggling with compiling the game, can anyone help me? Error: game/src/makefile:
  9. You need to understand the whole code, what it actually "does", then u can add more functions, delete ones, etc.
  10. Can anyone help me out with this please? When I run the game: And I can't compile quest core. Where to find this lua.h?
  11. Gmake is still supported. Take a look here
  12. Well metin2 is mostly python and C++, so you need to know atleast some basics.
  13. open

    Heyy, is there anybode who could help me to compile source? I would like to solve it trought teamviewer.
  14. Hello, can anyone help me to compile and run this source trought teamviewer?