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  1. Denny2399

    open METIN2 GNS

    You can have any version of freebsd. Hit me up on skype: dany231999 I'll help you to set up a server.
  2. Denny2399

    open Help with bonuses

    I did edit it this way before, then I returned it back how it was:) I knew there has to be true, but even then it doesn't work how it should. I had it exactly the way you have it, but something is probably wrong. Anyway just to be sure I will try it again and report you back in a moment. EDIT: I used your function and the marking is red in every situation, even when I can add the bonus. Might something be wrong in my source? I'm using mainline released.
  3. Denny2399

    open Help with bonuses

    My python skills are limited more than yours I bet Anyway.. I want the python script to check correctly if I can add a bonus into an item. When you hover with bonus over an item it should show green or red color, depending on if you can add it or not. The script is not correct, however, because it doesn't do so. Example: If I have 4 bonuses, it should be red when hovering with normal bonuses over it and green if not, but it's always green. Also when I have 4 bonuses I would like 5th bonus to show green and when you have 5 bonuses to mark it as red If 6/7.. you understand me don't you?
  4. Denny2399

    open Help with bonuses

    The function was like this when I downloaded the client and so is in every client I tried to look into. It's part of the uiinventory.py where it checks if you can put item to destination item. I didn't edit this script in any way and should be then functional? But it's not. Even though I have a value of true it doesn't seem to work and numbers of attrCount don't change anything. I tried putting there elif with different value and return, still didn't succeed. It behaves like attrCount does nothing. I guess the function is incomplete as you say. Also, there should be true in my opinion as well if attrCount<4: return True else: return False Did not work.
  5. Denny2399

    open Help with bonuses

  6. Denny2399

    [Asking] Logo

    Well it's nice that you made it for free etc. but I think it's not good. The contrast between the text and background is bad, also the position could be better. The font doesn't fit the image. But this is not hate, just pure constructive criticism, have a nice day Regards.
  7. Denny2399

    open Help with bonuses

  8. Denny2399

    open Help with bonuses

    #up Still can't get it to work.
  9. Denny2399

    open Help with bonuses

    You made new const for it right? Can you point me to how to do that too please? I would like to make one for normal bonus checking and 6/7 bonus checking.
  10. Denny2399

    open Help with bonuses

    I don't understand python much, but it should be here: The variable is only present in the definition
  11. Denny2399

    open Help with bonuses

    Should I use ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM instead?
  12. Denny2399

    open Help with bonuses

    Well I've checked multiple roots with uiinventory script an there is the same code, can't find that constant anywhere too. Where can I find out what it returns?
  13. Denny2399

    open Help with bonuses

    Hello, Can anyone experienced help me out a little with this piece of code? It should consider number of bonuses when adding new, but it doesn't. Maybe the function attrcount is wrongly defined? The define checks if you can add bonus into an item and highlights with red or green.
  14. Denny2399

    solved Red highlight when adding bonuses

    Got it all, I updated a define a little bit and added one for special bonuses. Thanks for help anyway. #closed