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  1. Socialized

    First Judgement against german Metin2 servers.

    They got a low penalty because the defendant cooperated with the authorities and gave them insight into the structure and the backers of the section. Based on his statements the authorities were able to bust another administrator of a big server in 2018.
  2. I agree with that. Did people move to a different forum or is there a skype group open?
  3. I wouldn't suggest anyone using the ops solution, as it isn't working as intended. The issue that you don't take into account is, that e.g. a warrior can use "Sword Aura" or use a dew, ... and the shaman can then use heal onto him (which will trigger RefreshAffect() and thus Compute and apply the points for the already existing affect again!) You should recompute all the players points or refactor the whole affect system (because it is actual garbage) to actually solve this bug. tl;dr: Replace RefreshAffect() through ComputePoints()
  4. Hompage: http://imperia.bz Forum: http://forum.imperia.bz Ihr wollt uns Unterstützen?Dann fügt unseren Banner eurer Signatur hinzu! Code: [CENTER][URL="https://imperia.bz"][IMG]http://i.epvpimg.com/ztfieab.gif[/IMG][/URL][/CENTER]
  5. Yes you should be able just push it to a live server, as it just cleans&fixes code. Here another example, that we had running on Zentoria, as we were struggling with similar problems: void CQuestManager::CancelServerTimers(uint32_t arg) { auto it = m_mapServerTimer.begin(); while (it != m_mapServerTimer.end()) { if (it->first.second == arg) { auto event = it->second; event_cancel(&event); it = m_mapServerTimer.erase(it); } else ++it; } } map::erase invalidates the current iterator, but returns the one of the next element in the container.
  6. Socialized


    This isn't a proper fix for the issue. Just debug the issue with gdb and you'll see, that it isn't that big of a deal.
  7. Socialized

    Searching increase exp

    Just send me a private message, I'll help you to solve your problem. Best Regards, Socialized
  8. Hey, I am looking for a new damage effect that i saw in another forum. It's about the font and the numbers, not about the CRITICAL. Picture: I hope someone can help me out! Regards, Socialized
  9. Socialized

    Lamp effect problem

    i've edited the link into my previous post ( https://mega.nz/#!85lFFSrY!IYNqu9RCzYsf-Zj5ll2DuaRuGnjJLfTE8fMVY-MoCU0 )
  10. Socialized

    Lamp effect problem

    I've uploaded the fix as an attachment. Just replace the old files and everything will be gucci. https://mega.nz/#!85lFFSrY!IYNqu9RCzYsf-Zj5ll2DuaRuGnjJLfTE8fMVY-MoCU0 regards, socialized
  11. Socialized

    Length for name of items

    You also have to change the max itemname length in your dump_proto. Just take a look at the reply of @VegaS
  12. Socialized

    [Private Servers] What happens?

    Dont understand the trashtalking. One server goes down for unknown reasons: "OMFG GF GONNA SUE US - FK IM OUTTA HERE!" If you are in this business things like a takedown can happen. A real takedown wouldve worked a little different. They wouldve just been fucked like this if they ignored all the DMCA takedown notices. Now stop pissing your pants and just continue as usual, not that big of a deal.
  13. Socialized

    [CLIENT] Teleportation memory leak

    Sarcasm doesn't suit you. Kinda makes you look childish plus it makes it kinda hard to take you seriously. i just wanted to clear up that you could just switch to smart pointers and thus kick off new/delete. You really don't have to behave like a 12-year old to tell us that you already accomplished to fix the memory leak. Instead of showing off you could also try to help the people having a problem. I really don't wanna flame you or something, seroiusly this ain't flame, I think you are a capable developer that knows what he is doing, but sometimes you behave like a real fucktard.
  14. Socialized

    [CLIENT] Teleportation memory leak

    For god sake just use smart pointers
  15. Socialized

    Discussion thread about vanilla core

    @martysama0134 Well aren't we lucky then that all JSON is also valid YAML (Is also pretty easy to replace, just have to change some things in the config class.) Dunno had the discussion JSON vs YAML multiple times but in the end I always stick to YAML due to personal preference @Vanilla Although a remote repo is normally the way to go you could also just upload your local repository. Not having VCS will be a big problem if there are more people contributing to your project. But that's entirely up to you!