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  1. Technically you can find it into the granny sdk ! On the kraizy.tgz
  2. I love it, carry on .plechito, your work is really good
  3. Indeed, this is the mainline from there, use with "novaline" client. You can compile db and game in both Windows and FreeBSD, but you'll need to run windows serverfiles then. The client should be compiled under Windows, it's made for Visual Studio by the way, but you can try with codeblocks but I'm not sure about that (otherwise you'll need to adjust some things in the solution)
  4. I never talked about "vanilla untouched" I just talked about Vanilla's sources. You need to have a client, client sources, and then serverfiles with server sources. You need to compile : Launcher, Game & Db from sources. You can find mainline in this forum.
  5. 1) I suggest you to use either the untouched one, either the one provided by vanilla, they're both free and the first one suggest you to work on your own code whereas the second is already modified but still stable, however, this is currently a beta so as vanilla said, be carefull with it. 2) I think your brain is the best tool, you can of course use some IDE like NetBeans (Nice one but it tends to fuck up the accents because of the Korean strings so you need to do some edits) or you can use Visual Studio, IntelliSense is pretty good and if you already know some C you'll be fine in not so many times. Also, as I said, just look at the code, try to learn how it's work, this is how you'll be better, regardless of the tool you're using. You're welcome !
  6. This is only for you so you're the only one to wether add it or not. It's a nice addition but as I said, you'll be the only one to see it and your player should do the same thing in order too see it too.
  7. By the way, did the absorption and combinations windows works ?
  8. This is absolutely not what this trick do... What you are showing is an enb, pretty poor thing in Metin2 as no enb was ever tweaked for metin2, so indeed you'll have some postprocess, but that's it, and it'll be all over the screen (including text and inventory). The tweak showed in this topic is used to remove the bluriness of the game in specific places and conditions. You can check on first coty's ground, where all shops are, in the big circle. Without the tweak, you'll notice some kind of blurriness on the ground when the camera position is down. With the tweak active, the texture will be smooth and more detaillied, without bluriness. I'm tired so I hope you can understand me, have a nice day
  9. 'Sup *"Straight outta end statements" intensifies* I didn't read the quest that much because I should sleep, but what I can notice is the large amount of "end" statements. To be sure, you must put an "end" to close the statement each time you put something like "when, if, for or while", but not for something like "else". I suggest you to use tabs (for your eyes, it's better looking, plus it's easiest to modify, otherwise, lua doesn't give a flying damn about tabs, contrary to python, so you should be fine) and close the statements once you open it. You must also add a close statement for "quest x begin" "state x begin" "when x begin". By the way - excuse me I'm tired it's 01:01 AM so it's maybe me, but I don't think so - your quest won't work because the if and elseif seem to be misused. I think it'd be better to ask here or at least explain what you wanted to do, then someone will help you or even create the quest for you, then you'd be able to know where you failed in order not to reproduce the same error again ! Good night (because you're polish so it's night too) !
  10. TC

    Is the system with player's HP bar released somewhere ?
  11. Code it, I mean, just look inside devil's includes, then add it, a friend of mine did so, I can take a look if you want Edit : I may be wrong, you can use Direct3D instead, my bad
  12. Hello ! 1. All elements in one file, the .sub fetch them, I don't know why they're using it, but back in 2004 (and a bit later), the icons used to have the same system. 2. I don't really know, I have the same question, probably for specificities... ? 3. Can't see any differences so far, I should do some tests but now, I don't know either... 4. Only used for screenshots (yup) as far as I know you can remove the whole lib and it's dependancies, then replace it using devil screenshot method instead. You're welcome
  13. It was released here, plus there's no official version of this system (WoM² one is the first one though), the scroll is not needed, I never added it because it tend to makes some bugs and because this isn't usefull for every servers
  14. Give us your syserr and we'll see what's the problem. Just kidding Have you ever messed up something related to the syserr ? It seems to always be there, also it depends of your error (try to purposedly corrupt one of your .py files - TypeError... - and see if the syserr is displaying something) Also try to compile in debug mode, to have additional backtraces and so on... Also check the last thing you modified in sources Have a nice day
  15. Hi, Unpack old clients, I think this is the only way to get it, I don't think this is in our client, but you can check