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  1. c++ Sort Inventory(Mini Release)

    Your code is not bad, nice, thanks for share
  2. First Judgement against german Metin2 servers.

    It's seems to be more than a law action against the fraud than a takedown against metin2 servers and/or owners. GF is based in Germany but they can exploit the license throughout Europe so I think they can probably strike in Europe. Also private metin2 servers outside of Europe are rare. Even official servers stopped 5 years ago in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, USA (and much more). Outside of Europe, there is only sg that comes to my mind, sg which is no longer / borderline official
  3. First Judgement against german Metin2 servers.

    Me too ! They are not as strict as Ankama but it is the first time they strike back. I don't know if they will attack more servers
  4. [Buy] Client Encryption & Protection.

    Hello, I won't, as well as I won't give you a full method; why do you want to use something which is already released and where you can see and exploit all of its flaws ? (I know you don't, but I justify) This is why I suggest you to code your own protection. It is not "that" hard to be honest as long as you know how it works. If you don't want to create something from scratch, you can even use another method from another video game, you just have to rip it off and adapt it.
  5. [Buy] Client Encryption & Protection.

    Lz4 is easily achievable, though the best way remains doing something on your own, your own protection
  6. open Map teleport "npc" without underscore

    Hey, I'm unsure because I don't get it, but what about using mob_name ??

    Holy cow this is awesome
  8. [Mekan35m] Metin2 Runner Mobile (Android, IOS)

    Hello, I saw some videos like that, I think GameForge will be mad about this
  9. open Bug EXP Serenity2/Maxmi 4.1

    Hello, It is not a problem, this is a basic metin2 function. Indeed you can't go further than 10% of the level exp. Level 1 needed exp : 300. A mob cannot give you more than 10% of this number so a mob can give you a laximum of 30 exp at level once. Level 2 : 800. 800 / 10 = 80. A mob can't give you more than 80 exp. If you wan't to fully unlock the exp potential, then remove this function on the sources, so that the player will be able to receive a much larger exp amount at level 1.
  10. python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    Hey, it is probably a mistake made by Ymir more than an error made by both GameForge & OnGame. I was also able to extract the french root a month ago as xP3NG3Rx said. I don't know why and how they did such a mistake.
  11. In-Game Interface

    In fact the link works but you can't download the file, I mean, it does not download anything even if the link is working so indeed, my bad, I only looked at the link and not tried to download the file
  12. In-Game Interface

    Look in the post, there is the elitepvpers link
  13. Shadow system

    I completely understood and I think that you have everything available here. I have exactly the same system since some years and everything is working fine, I just can't go back to SHADOW_NONE but everything is the same as in the video If you want to change the resolution : rkMap.SetShadowTextureSize(RESOLUTION);
  14. If you look at the code you'll see that it is already full
  15. Shadow system

    Hello, You've already commented on this post, it's already in the client, you just have to change the resolution, fairly easy :