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  1. Well done ! Waiting to see more Especially for the map part, with Unreal Engine 4 features, would be astonishing
  2. Thanks, but, man, what is going on here ? Why ?
  3. Yeah no offense, my message was only for the case where you planned to sell it, that's it
  4. Dude, sell your own work, I mean, no offense, really, and good job, but it was already released, you only need to fill some gaps while correcting minor issues, I don't think this is "correct" to sell it, furthermore it was coded by Wom2 team from scratch, or from "semi-aborted system" already present in sources, even the ui come from them However nice system as we said together and goob job already
  5. A french pserver have this system for something like 1 year, I love it
  6. Extract it from the WoM2 released sources and merge it with your files, or code it, using quest category
  7. 'InventoryWindow' object has no attribute 'wndSashCombine' Sounds like an incomplete Sash system, if you have the system, check uiinventory, otherwise, delete sash-related parts
  8. Open up your syserr and paste the content here
  9. Some server have this system, as it's released "unofficialy", would be nice to see in a video, in order to see if the checked box are not disappearing each time you close the window and so on Good job
  10. Thanks for the release ! Unfortunately, in game, it's a bit choppy as the resolution is very low, however I love the ambiance, well done
  11. I used to have the same bug, with the same quest, like many other peoples, I fixed it by renaming the quest plus the first line like > quest givebasicweapon... > quest giveitems for example, then I recompiled and everything was fine... However it's not the same for everybody, for example, for some, my solution was not THE solution, a friend of mine added "return" att the end of the quest and it was fixed for him, but not for everybody etc. I only have a workaround and not a "pure" fix, so If anyone has one, I'd take it, because I don't have that much time to check packets for example
  12. I was thinking about that but you said that you haven't any D drive so I thought "nevermind" You're welcome, good job
  13. Try with a software, check on the martysama's post about his world editor, there's maybe some hints, because you're not the only man without D: partition / disk
  14. Create a partition called D:
  15. If you think you can do such a work you probably know how to understand what's into the sources, no ? About server/game part, just read the title of the files, like char_item, char, char_skill, item, fishing, mining and so on... most of them contain everything in the title. It's a matter of a few time, but if you want to have a complete view, like if you want to modify directly something and see what you need to modify next and in what file if you're not sure and if you dont want to see where by looking at the errors when you'll start compiling, use something like NetBean, it's usefull ! Have a nice day !