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  1. solved

    One point for being polite, otherwise you solved your bug but you didn't shared the solution with us. This is a bit lame but I'll give the solution for everyone to know : - Generate it using world editor, there's a special option for that, you even have an option to save the atlasmap. Cheers !
  2. 1:04 look at the chat xDD I love the video, a big ol' war on metin2
  3. solved

    You're welcome ! Don't forget to mark your question as solved c:
  4. solved

    Hi, Try to replace with : bool is_allowed;
  5. Sure, it could be avoided by making the canva here by default without the need of copypasting it, but it's not magical for sure
  6. Don't forget to vote for me on Sunday ! I really don't know, but we can past it each time someone if creating a new subject, like a canva (I mean, if you click on "Create a new subject", all the text will be written and you only have to fill the blanks). So unless they delete the whole canva in order to write their bug (which is lame) it'll do the job, even if they're rude we will see some kind of courtesy Thanks
  7. Hello everybody, I don't know if it's already been suggested or treated, but I think a canva will be better for Q&A. For the poster as well as the people going to help him. Currently, it tends to be boring to see people posting "I have a bug !" without giving any details (even if the bug is something which has been solved 40 times in the past) and then see them come back here saying "Hurr durr no one helped me #fixed" without giving any solutions. Also, the lack of courtesy is noticeable. (No hello, no thank you). Indeed, this is easy to tell that the community is selfish or not skilled enough. But the real problem is that we can't really help someone if we didn't have any clue about the problem because only the bug is showed, without any details or logs. I think, as for me, that the basic thing to do before publishing our subject is to do a lot of researches. There's a bunch of posts out here, even more on some specifics forums, sometimes, just searching the bug on google will help you to find how to resolve it. My idea consist in creating a canva which will help everyone. Indeed, we did the test on a French forum and it's easier for everyone as soon as they respect the canva. What's more, if they post a request it means that they agree with some kind of rules (like Q&A rules), even though this is optionnal, it could be a plus. Here's a canva example if anyone think it's a good idea : What do you think about it, folks ?
  8. solved

    Yes Indeed, I personally use the biolog' method and I was talking about this one
  9. solved

    Hello, pc.setf or setqf, I don't remember ! You have to set a new qf at the end of the first quests, then, make the next quest start only if the qf is set
  10. Haha, I used to be on the apex of the ranking back in the days, I though it was created by TEC interractive, no ?
  11. Do you want to know the signification of each of these files ?
  12. It's the k factor, which is related to the power of the skill and so on, you can find it in navicat (common/locale) If I remember well. I made a tutorial about this in french (I can provide you the link or translate it), but you can see some stuff out there : Have a nice day
  13. I had the same idea, there was another nickname on the sources, it was "myevan" but is the guy creating all those updates alone ? This is why I asked
  14. It's interesting to take a look in the client, like we know that the fact of seing people on the big map (M / ,) is used with a define "WJ_SHOW_PARTY_ON_MINIMAP" while another one is not used, maybe a future update "WJ_SHOW_NPC_QUEST_NAME". By the way, does anyone know the meaning of "WJ" before the name of a lot of new systems as for now ?