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  1. 'Sup *"Straight outta end statements" intensifies* I didn't read the quest that much because I should sleep, but what I can notice is the large amount of "end" statements. To be sure, you must put an "end" to close the statement each time you put something like "when, if, for or while", but not for something like "else". I suggest you to use tabs (for your eyes, it's better looking, plus it's easiest to modify, otherwise, lua doesn't give a flying damn about tabs, contrary to python, so you should be fine) and close the statements once you open it. You must also add a close statement for "quest x begin" "state x begin" "when x begin". By the way - excuse me I'm tired it's 01:01 AM so it's maybe me, but I don't think so - your quest won't work because the if and elseif seem to be misused. I think it'd be better to ask here or at least explain what you wanted to do, then someone will help you or even create the quest for you, then you'd be able to know where you failed in order not to reproduce the same error again ! Good night (because you're polish so it's night too) !
  2. Is the system with player's HP bar released somewhere ?
  3. Code it, I mean, just look inside devil's includes, then add it, a friend of mine did so, I can take a look if you want Edit : I may be wrong, you can use Direct3D instead, my bad
  4. Hello ! 1. All elements in one file, the .sub fetch them, I don't know why they're using it, but back in 2004 (and a bit later), the icons used to have the same system. 2. I don't really know, I have the same question, probably for specificities... ? 3. Can't see any differences so far, I should do some tests but now, I don't know either... 4. Only used for screenshots (yup) as far as I know you can remove the whole lib and it's dependancies, then replace it using devil screenshot method instead. You're welcome
  5. It was released here, plus there's no official version of this system (WoM² one is the first one though), the scroll is not needed, I never added it because it tend to makes some bugs and because this isn't usefull for every servers
  6. Give us your syserr and we'll see what's the problem. Just kidding Have you ever messed up something related to the syserr ? It seems to always be there, also it depends of your error (try to purposedly corrupt one of your .py files - TypeError... - and see if the syserr is displaying something) Also try to compile in debug mode, to have additional backtraces and so on... Also check the last thing you modified in sources Have a nice day
  7. Hi, Unpack old clients, I think this is the only way to get it, I don't think this is in our client, but you can check
  8. I just want to ask if the ticked box remains after you closed the window, like wom2, because this is the only bug I have now and I never fixed it, just to see if you have the same problem that I have since I implemented the system ^^
  9. It was already on my server, decided not to publish it since it was mostly extracted from WoM2, but now it's been 3 years so you've made the good choice, you nailed it sir
  10. You're welcome mate, It was funny, It was obvious that you would have say "guy", it's fine xD You're welcome have a nice day !
  11. I think you must execute the makefile located at the root (same folder than db, common and game). Then, check in the makefile if the liblua directory is correct (check in your own environment), then, check is the lib is compiled and located where it is supposed to be. It would work like a charm
  12. You know this is not the same word as "guys" ? Hi Apache Helicopter, Unindent does not match any outer indentation level : Check tabs at line 616
  13. Hello, There's a link above for both sources and compiled game. You can use it without any problem on a clean 40K client (Recommended to test the build because this is a beta). I recommend you to take the last official one (there's a lot of unpacked patches out there, the last one was published by xP3NG3R - thanks !) and compile a clean launcher. You can also merge the game with your own sources and take what you want. As for me I'll come back here with feedbacks in a couple of days or more about the triggers & the brand new questfunctions. Thanks again Vanilla ! PS : 1,200 Posts
  14. Good idea, I already have used both Lz4 and Snappy for compression and exchange between game and client (such as server_attr & mark), I never changed Xtea though. The idea of switching between both of them is really nice but I think most people will only settle on one. Pong via CONFIG is great, but what will you change in the clientside ? Otherwise we will need to compile the client too. Sending the pong to the client at each startup would be great, but also easier to sniff, unless you obfuscate it, but it'll also be possible. (Anyway we could also take it with reverse engineering currently so It'll maybe be better) The elevation is what every server need, it's a nice way to see if you have a traitor in your team too. I'm really excited for the python 3.6 thing otherwise, some SQL securities also took my attention. By the way, you did an excellent job, well done, this project is dope !
  15. Oh, thanks Vanilla, this is a big release indeed, well done !