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  1. c++ [GF v17.5] Active pet seal effect

    Yeah I know about how it's made but I find it more powerfull than the original, also thanks for the tips I appreciate !
  2. c++ [GF v17.5] Active pet seal effect

    Thanks for the release dude ! Also I love your shinning effect
  3. Marty sells his whole sources so it couldn't be compared, also there's a function in vanilla core (free) to return on a city if you're warping in a non-existant map : + If you're warped into a non-existing map or non-existing coordinates your coordinates will be resetted to map1 of your village; You won't need unstuckers anymore But keep sharing some stuff, even if the code is not perfect it's always usefull
  4. std::string PgName=std::string("/server/game/pg_bugged/")+std::string(pTab->name)+std::string(".txt"); struct stat sbug; if (stat(PgName.c_str(), &sbug) == 0) Jokes apart, the idea is great but could be achieved with both less and better code, try to avoid hardcode as much as possible
  5. open how to add items to this window

    Do /reload cube or simply reboot, usually it's all it takes to me
  6. open how to add items to this window

    Hello, Everything is in cube.txt ! I don't need to explain you because the fields are simply in english (npc, item1, item2, gold and so on) Have a nice day
  7. 3D ART Tatsumaru

    Sick work, very professional, those kind of haircuts would be dope in game !
  8. open Locale_find error

    Hello, It's probably from your .cpp files, when you encode them with another format or something, I don't know how to explain but you need to keep the Korean strings in .cpp files for them to be replaced with locale_string text. Have a nice day
  9. open [I PAY] Arial font problem

    Hey, It's a common diacritic bug, I don't know why it's happening because Arial was the default font metin used back then. There's a workaround if you try to increase the size but it will be ugly as well. I also reduced these bugs (with another font I use) by using it in the client sources wherever I found "Arial" and "Tahoma" and their related strings as for Korean version. I also noticed that the bug was not effective each time I launched the client, sometimes the "9" is affected and sometimes everything is working fine. Note that the italic version is completely bugged. Maybe we need to include the ".ttf" directly inside the client and make the client read the font from it. This is the only stuff I know about it and I think the only servers with unbugged Arial fonts are former official servers as well as WoM2 and SG.
  10. open Texture Gr2

    Hello, You can use the granny preprocessor, you can find it in sources
  11. open Shop names Bug

    It's common for people having LenNT hiding shop system, why don't you give the solution for everyone ? Also a simple workaround is to change the coordinates in ui(offline/private)shopbuilder.py. Search : self.SetPosition(-70, 0) And change position to hide it behind the taskbar like : self.SetPosition(-70, -2000) Note that it's only a simple workaround made out of the original code.
  12. open ~[HELP]~socket_tcp_bind already in use

    Hi, Run this in your account database : DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `string`; CREATE TABLE `string` ( `name` varchar(64) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `text` text, PRIMARY KEY (`name`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1; Have a nice day !
  13. New Metin2 Armor - Official GameForge

    Hello, I'm sorry for being late but are they the new official weapon for metin2.br ? They had been released some time ago, you can check their stats
  14. [Visible/Unvisible]Costume

    It's a common issue. What's more, once the worn costume is expired, your character will be naked even if he has an armor, you need the reclick on the button to fix it, also, when hiding the armor if you don't have any costume, your character will be naked as well
  15. open Gcc vs clang

    Hello ? It's purely subjective, I advise you to look at benchmarks and some other reviews, there's pro and cons for both...