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  1. It's for example purposes. You can change it for a lot of things and pretty much whatever you want. This system is really usefull as it changes alignment name based on the sex of the player, which is not especially useful in english but it is in a lot of languages. For example in French "Agressif / Agressive" "Cruel / Cruelle" "Chevalier / Chevaleresse".
  2. Galet

    Update Your FreeBSD For C++2a

    It will enhance the stability and the rapidity a little bit but nothing really insane if you're only updating. Though I recommend doing these ASAP. I'm always updating the libs used by the game and the client since 2014. Also, if you know how to code you can easily take the advantage of these updates. Serverside-wise, you can update some depreciated code and upgrade the c++ standarts from std98 to something like std14, std17 (recommended) or std20 (experimental).
  3. Galet

    New water texture.

    That's kinda weird because I remember the link under the video but not the site where you can get the link. At least I knew it was in the description, weird anyways
  4. Galet

    New water texture.

    Dude are you serious ?
  5. No, unless you made the changes by yourself through other libraries, nothing has changed there.
  6. Galet

    Several toughts

    Yup I know that about the trees, they just added the support for the trees, nothing more
  7. Galet

    Several toughts

    About performances it's more about fixing old bugs related to old engine issues (such as trees not using any LOD's, Sound issues related to the age of the sound engine and so on). But the backlash of actually upgrading an old engine is that the new one requieres more performance. I should ask him for benchmarks. About footages, I only have some screenshots and one audio video, but that's still in beta and he want's to keep these things secret, that's why I don't go too much into details. I can ask him though
  8. Galet

    Several toughts

    DirectX update is kinda easy but useless if you don't use what these updates can provide. Linux / MacOSx porting is possible but it's basically removing DirectX for OpenGL. A friend of mine is doing a lot of work on the engine and that's a nice refreshing. Otherwise, If you can do one or both of the things you said, I would advise you to upgrade to DX9 and use everything the current engine can provide. Without heavy modifications you can have something really great running really well and I saw some of these things.
  9. Galet

    c++ Hide Objects

    Hello, That's fine and great, but I don't get the point. I think using a decoration system like official servers did is better, I don't think a lot of people will disable terrain, water, trees or even clouds Good job anyway !
  10. Galet

    Lost Items On Reboot (SOS)

    I know, you can skip this part for sure but I just prefer to ask them. Old habit I got in 2009 where (at least in France) we used to warn players about the reboot then proceed to shutdown the server. Habits die hard haha
  11. Galet

    Lost Items On Reboot (SOS)

    It is, I think, because of a cache problem. Every 7 minutes the cache is applied to the database. So, technically, the best way to close a server is first to ask them to disconnect, then, use a /shutdown. Finally, close channels and auth and after roughly 7 minutes you can close the db as well and proceed to the reboot. If you suddenly reboot the whole machine (by the way rebooting the whole machine only for your server is like rebooting your computer when you want to restart your web browser) without any precautions, the cache is deleted and the items can't make their way to the database. Causing a 7 minutes rollback or / and a possible item loss. If you want to minimize / reduce it to almost 0 risks at all just do these steps and it should get the job done : 1 - Ask players to disconnect because of the reboot. 2 - Use the command /shutdown 3 - Close all the cores and auth, leaving only the db 4 - Wait 7-10 minutes at least to be sure and close the db 5 - Restart
  12. Galet

    open Error add item ishop

    Hello, Do you have a valid item_proto.sql ? If you take a closer look at the code it refers to item_proto to see wether a vnum is correct or not.
  13. Galet

    open Resistance HH

    The new one is resistance the old one is bonus I guess. Still it's really easy to do. Tierrilopes answered
  14. Galet

    open upgrading to visual studio 2017

    Download the sources, then compile the lib. This is what I told you
  15. Galet

    open upgrading to visual studio 2017

    I don't remember, just compile what vs2017 asks you to