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  1. c++ [C++]Reload map regens ingame

    Thanks ! I remember this feature was a part of samouraï core, but I'm unsure, by the way, thanks !
  2. open BOX opening

    Hello, You can base yourself upon the device that detects metin stones, I forget the name in english, but the French name is "Compas du Metin" : http://wiki.metin2.fr/index.php/Compas_du_Metin You can see the number of use that remain on the item description, you can take this part and add it to a new item, like a box ! Have a nice day
  3. Nice, but I don't get the point when it comes to remove fog. As for me I think it's nice to have a cloudy atmosphere plus it's better because it hides some defaults like tree distances and stuff, while it gives a little bit of performance.
  4. You can find sources, db file and game file, you just have to replace the game and db (and tweak your game like adding the stuff you cant in CONFIG and editing Sql Tables) then it'll be done
  5. solved Check if item is in inventory (quest)

    If you have accents just before the end of a say line then it wont compile. Example : say("àéèôîêâäëïöù") <- Not working say("àéèôîêâäëïöù ") <- Working (notice the space) I prefer to notice it to you because if an accent is before the closure then the compilation will fail. But there's a lot of other things that can happen so it's probably not the main reason
  6. open [Clean Source]Invisible BUG

    Oh my bad ! Invalid IDX is an harmless error which occurs at the game's start, it's related to guild logos and you can comment or remove the syserr's line without having troubles Note that it isn't a fix, I don't have the time to check now but I think this is related to the fact that you didn't have a logo or missing mark files in client (unsure about that)
  7. open [Clean Source]Invisible BUG

    Hello, Well known bug from back then ! I think you'll found what you need right there :
  8. open Anti kick hack fix

    No matter where as long as the first one are public and the last one are protected
  9. open Quest text problem

    Some research Just kidding here you go : I also made a tutorial some months ago with the same workaround but I didn't posted it there because it's only a workaround and not a fix
  10. open Quest text problem

    Indeed the problem come probably from this one, some others was thinking about sash while some others was even thinking about packets. A little workaround is to either delete the object and rename the quest (worked with give_basic_weapon) but this is kind of unsure or add "return". Some guy also corrected a quest out there so check it out PS : Note that it is a workaround and not properly a "fix"
  11. open Drop dialog

    I don't think it is released, it is not "that hard" to code by the way, because you can base yourself off the dice function. Otherwise someone is maybe selling it, try searching "Dice system" in the forum
  12. open Drop dialog

    Hello, Absolutely not ! This is dice system, the server will roll a dice for each members of a party and for each item that the boss will drop. Like if you're in a party with another player, and you kill a MetinStone, the server will start a dice for each item, like Soul Stone, and the player with the biggest rolled number will gain the item. So : 100% sources and a bit of root if you want to add a special mode in chat archive which show only the rolled numbers.
  13. open npc shop pages

    Hello, This is shop_ex
  14. Hi, Basic check : Is both db and game are compiled ? Do you have the same packet / structure in serverside than in clientside ? No mismatch ?
  15. open NPC textures turn white

    You don't need to open it with Photoshop, only with granny viewer to check if everything is good. Open the lod file, the texture need to be D:\\Ymir work... Here's a file containing a texture with good path and and another texture with a wrong path : Then this texture is fully working : You need to edit the texture_path (use preprocessor / granny_helper to change it) to match with the standart. Have a nice day