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  1. [Multi Language] New Metin2 Itemshop

    Hello, More information ? Video ? Language used ? Paiement method ? Price ? Account bonus ? Author (if you're not the coder) ? I'm here to help you, I don't think people will buy it if you do not provide any informations
  2. Hello, I don't exactly know how these skills are working as I am not playing on the official server at the moment. Otherwise I think that the new Feather Walk is just a mere splash skill, but I might be wrong. If it's a splash skill, you can just copy any of the existing one (Sura fire skill, warrior skill...)
  3. solved Sort Inventory

    What is your compiler at the moment ? You can simply add -std=c++11 into your makefile, but I clearly suggest you to update your compiler (either clang or gcc)
  4. 3D ART Tatsumaru

    Like always, astonishing work ! Well done for the official metin2.pl logo !
  5. open FAST @@@

    You can ask martysama, he sells everything for only 150 Louis d'or ! But you can find it FOR FREE thanks to frankie
  6. New water texture.

    open your eyes ><
  7. Hello, just rename it
  8. open Searching for Ground Texture

    Hey, sure, take this
  9. hosting 2017/12/20 SOURCE ENGLISH 6 CLASS

    Why it's a facebook link Why it's "2008" on the screen We are the 12-19 and not the 12-20 bruh
  10. open Serius Metin2 Server files

    Dobro pozhalovat ! You can find very good sources (lot of stuff, every big bugs fixed etc.) for 200€ just contact @martysama0134. Then you'll find a lot of various bugfixes on here. Then you can buy systems to developpers or even hire some competent devs.
  11. open Theory behind MT2 serverfiles

    To be honest, a lot of new revisions were published (r404, r2089, r34083, r40250...). The last one (or at least the last major leak) was the release with the sources
  12. open LZO key

    Probably because the server don't want its content to be ripped off ? By the way, it's forbidden to ask for things like this (2.4) Content Don't post stuff other made and/or sell stuff others made. No Links to other boards with the same sense as metin2dev allowed. (This include file names and image content also!) No posting (whether to sell or give away for free) anything that involves cheating or stealing from people's clients or servers.
  13. How to change discirption of item

    ho to post a subjikt onli one time
  14. c++ Teleport Skill for Party

    What is your problem with this guy dude, I think it's a running gag haha To be honnest, this system is in every game core since 2007, it's just some code to uncomment in uiparty.py to activate it. At least it worked out before
  15. Update Granny (2.4 to 2.9)

    We need the sdk if we want to do so
  16. What is your obsession with marty ? He's only selling sources and other services but I don't think he's selling these kind of fix - appart from his sources - for X€ Anyways, thanks for the fix but you can do it simply with item_proto
  17. c++ [GF v17.5] Active pet seal effect

    Dude at least read the code, you just had to remove one tab (same for the if condition) instead of posting a screen here. Just look at the original code
  18. Skillbock Name by dropp

    At least you could give the solution to everyone because I'm kinda sure you're not the only one to look for it (just check the post)
  19. open How to start a private server?

    Hello, It's always good to see new people around ! You can find a lot of guide and tutorials in a bunch of laguages on the internet (and here in English). I suggest you to start with basic serverfiles (clean 40k with sources). Once it's working, you will be able to fix a lot of problems thanks to the number of guides on this forum (If you start with basic mainline you will have to fix some old bugs, for example the 0 yang bug as well as invisibility, stun or wrong HP computing). Also if you're willing to pay, I suggest you to buy martysama's sources, they are the best you can find on the market imo. That's some tips but don't hesitate to ask anything ! Also for basic questions i.e how to add stuff, weapons, how to configure the server and so on... I suggest you to find old guides from 2009-2012, because I'm kinda sure it's not on this forum, here you will find some more advanced guides and tutorials. Have a nice day
  20. open Upgrade

    Hey, Download their SDK / Sources and just upgrade your project, also do your work, deal with C++ standarts when needed. That's not really hard, but there's a lot of already solved questions here if you manage to upgrade.
  21. Hello community, I'm looking for the newest drops released and also an english locale_string. Also if it's a full locale (containing quest and maps) I won't say no. Thanks ! Also, here is the latest one I have, from 2014 (containing everything up to Nemere or Razador I think but also there's some drop bug in common_drop_item) : http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/51310717/file.html Source : .plechito'
  22. Skillbock Name by dropp

    CTRL+F -> const char * CItemData::GetName() const
  23. That's freaking awesome ! Let me know when you finish it ! Also my request is still up