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  1. Hello, I saw some videos like that, I think GameForge will be mad about this
  2. open Bug EXP Serenity2/Maxmi 4.1

    Hello, It is not a problem, this is a basic metin2 function. Indeed you can't go further than 10% of the level exp. Level 1 needed exp : 300. A mob cannot give you more than 10% of this number so a mob can give you a laximum of 30 exp at level once. Level 2 : 800. 800 / 10 = 80. A mob can't give you more than 80 exp. If you wan't to fully unlock the exp potential, then remove this function on the sources, so that the player will be able to receive a much larger exp amount at level 1.
  3. python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    Hey, it is probably a mistake made by Ymir more than an error made by both GameForge & OnGame. I was also able to extract the french root a month ago as xP3NG3Rx said. I don't know why and how they did such a mistake.
  4. In-Game Interface

    In fact the link works but you can't download the file, I mean, it does not download anything even if the link is working so indeed, my bad, I only looked at the link and not tried to download the file
  5. In-Game Interface

    Look in the post, there is the elitepvpers link
  6. Shadow system

    I completely understood and I think that you have everything available here. I have exactly the same system since some years and everything is working fine, I just can't go back to SHADOW_NONE but everything is the same as in the video If you want to change the resolution : rkMap.SetShadowTextureSize(RESOLUTION);
  7. If you look at the code you'll see that it is already full
  8. Shadow system

    Hello, You've already commented on this post, it's already in the client, you just have to change the resolution, fairly easy :
  9. Gameguard Leak And Tut. & Extra Hs. Tut.

    Sure, I know, this is where I got to find the link. I was just talking about the file that you'll download if you open the link, if you open it, there is this message inside : http://prntscr.com/imp12c
  10. Gameguard Leak And Tut. & Extra Hs. Tut.

    I'm looking inside as it is really interesting and... Open the file downloaded as a text file : http://metin2.nprotect.gameforge.com/
  11. Actually it only works for the first safebox page
  12. Deadline2 - Begin your Journey [03.02.2018]

    Amazing design, one of the best out there !
  13. Simply giving the players the option to hide or show the line "You've received X yangs"
  14. open A question for developers x2

    Hello, If you want all characters to be smaller you can use granny's pre-processor and simply rescale the model. But I don't think you can change the scale of a specific entity (I.e only one wild dog in a group of X) on the fly without reloading client and without changing the scale of all the other similar dogs, even with mob_scale. Metin2 engine is quite archaic indeed
  15. Hello, I may probably sound offtopic but overall I don't think locking player's ip is a good idea... In fact, if someone is using a dynamic ip, a mobile phone connection or if he is living in two different places or just if he moves he won't be able to connect anymore and it will probably be a source of issue more than a protection. I think you should give the option to enable or disable the check on the fly so that every player will be able to add this security willingly.
  16. -

    Hello, More information ? Video ? Language used ? Paiement method ? Price ? Account bonus ? Author (if you're not the coder) ? I'm here to help you, I don't think people will buy it if you do not provide any informations
  17. Hello, I don't exactly know how these skills are working as I am not playing on the official server at the moment. Otherwise I think that the new Feather Walk is just a mere splash skill, but I might be wrong. If it's a splash skill, you can just copy any of the existing one (Sura fire skill, warrior skill...)
  18. solved Sort Inventory

    What is your compiler at the moment ? You can simply add -std=c++11 into your makefile, but I clearly suggest you to update your compiler (either clang or gcc)
  19. 3D ART Tatsumaru

    Like always, astonishing work ! Well done for the official metin2.pl logo !
  20. open FAST @@@

    You can ask martysama, he sells everything for only 150 Louis d'or ! But you can find it FOR FREE thanks to frankie
  21. New water texture.

    open your eyes ><
  22. Hello, just rename it