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  1. python [Fix] Ghost GUI

    Thanks :). But i dont have this bug oO I didnt fix anything. oO
  2. solved [BUG]Target Information System

    Dude, come on, why nobody share his fixes? Can you post the fix? Maybe anyone have the same problem.
  3. It was a pleasure to test all these things. These kind of bugs are the worst metin2-bugs.
  4. Sura dissipate hab bug cause lag

    @Syreldar thanks here is an another gif:
  5. Sura dissipate hab bug cause lag

    @Syreldar with you fix the effect doesnt removed - look Affects(effects / Skill on/off) doesnt updated.
  6. Sura dissipate hab bug cause lag

    @Syreldar thanks, the lag is gone, but here is the "new bug": https://gyazo.com/5fb9b78ab9bb5ffeb3298a1cace7cd15 https://gyazo.com/f8a8ac012a4bfb5102e2e502a0dfb731
  7. c++ [C++]17.5 Official new elemental bonuses

    Hi @metin2-factory I have a problem, I use sql and I dont make more DMG with ATTBONUS_FIRE/ICE/EARTH/DARK/ELEC/WIND. I tested it with this monsters - look setRaceFlag. Item:
  8. open FASTTTTT

    @martysama0134 has clean source. End.
  9. Hello, I have a strange problem, I have 10 bonus (5 normal, 5 rare), EVERYTHING works, really EVERYTHING, but the item_attr_rare-table used only lv5, when I switched, item get only max bonus only 4.000 HP, 1.000 SP, 12 STR/INT/DEX/CON works Syserr is empty. item_attr (normal) is fully worked, no problems. maybe this helps: I copied item_attr and named it item_attr_rare. Maybe the structure is broken. When I change MAX_HP body to 4, ingame switched 2.000 HP, when I changed body 3, ingame switched 1.000 HP (only this) Can someone help, please?
  10. [C++]Expanded reload commands

    Thank you, @masodikbela. edit: everything works perfectly.
  11. Works. Thank you, @Shang
  12. HI, thank you. Everything work. But what is with THIS "classic" bug? @Shang
  13. c++ [C++]17.5 Official new elemental bonuses

    Thank you very much, but the question ist, how can i give a monster the element "fire" to damaged him with "strong against fire-bonus"?