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  1. Freitag

    [TOOL] Metin2 Proto Archiver

  2. Freitag

    open Metin2 | League of Legends Login Interface

    Are you sure you made the interface? Because i saw it already on a other site and it was from geogeani
  3. I built-in the illumina interface and now on my inventory when i klick with the right mouse nothing happens and the syserr is empty. When i buy something in the shop with right click, it works
  4. Freitag

    System save account

    didnt work, if i press save he not save it and also when i press load he not load anything
  5. Freitag

    open Problem with NPC gemi and trade

    How i can do that?
  6. I have a problem with my npc, if I click on the Gemi npc then nothing happens but when I remove the dialogue then it's work's. I guess the problem is the dialogue. Either it is in client or server. If I trade with someone and write an amount and press ok, then the amount still remains 0. Even as the amount remained to 0, I still assumed to see if it is only a visual error, but it was Not. The syserr is completely empty.