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  1. c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    U could add that feature on the system. The system itself would be much more appealing. If I block someone and that person keeps seeing me ... It does not make much sense, since I can not see her anymore and her can see me normally. It was much better if it were the other way round, I say. It's just an opinion.
  2. c++ [RLS]Official Block System[Messenger]

    Is little bit weird when u block someone, u can't see him but he can see u. If i block a guy is because i don't want to he know i'm there, i guess
  3. Mega Pack New Item Icons

    lols u can't read, i get it I just quote the little guy there and basically said what you just told me. I'm not saying this to the topic autor. *Facepalm u kinda it deserve a little snap
  4. Mega Pack New Item Icons

    lel U can't edit and save in tga? lel
  5. New button in expanded taskbar

    Eish, 2014 lel edit: my mistake. forgot a thing.
  6. Add New Bonus

    Is possible, ofc But the ones who know, don't want to tell. ( i guess is normal to think like that )
  7. Zone files error

    I ddn't get it. I'm to dumb, sorry mate My problem is the cape dragon map. The objects from that map, are the only one who don't show. This is so weird
  8. Zone files error

    Anyone know how to increase that value?
  9. [Request-RoxaLyssa]Bambu hat

    Anyone have the links of Bogdan? Every link of him is off. Include the website.
  10. https://mega.nz/#!dsUjwYxC!UYpjfJvzWPDejhOTysXTqa-o0bQ_JsC5Q6emudCCQc4 - > Pág 14
  11. [Release] Quest Categories

    Is saying that uiquestCategory is not defined.
  12. open Problem with Shoulder Sash System ( Flashing)

    Same. With lycan works nice, but with the rest of the char's no
  13. Teleport System [Gui, Quest, Code]

    Link Off Here is reuploaded by Shisui: https://mega.nz/#!XRBQVJ7Z!9DGdHGkTyjA-eEiQSMq7_zCRmNfVuMW-SxkUKu6Bydo