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  1. open Official Group Search

    What was wrong was the way you spoke. The correct answer would be "Although there are better ways to do this, thank you for sharing your work!", not what you said. This is a system like the official one and even if it was done with "bad code" as you say, the result is the same. ON: Thank you Mali61 for releasing this, keep it up.
  2. open Auto Notice every 2 hours

    -- They are 3 notices, if you only want 1, just remove the others two, change the timer("timer1") to just timer("timer") and create a when timer.timer quest auto_notice begin state start begin when login begin timer("timer1", 7200) -- 2h in seconds, they set the timer for the timer1.timer notice("Mário 123") -- Your notice when you login // this will happen always you relog, alt, etc. If you don't what that, just remove. end when timer1.timer begin timer("timer2", 7200) -- Set the time for the next timer (timer2.timer) notice("Mário 123") -- The notice when the timer1 finish end when timer2.timer begin timer("timer", 7200) -- "" notice("Mário 123") -- "" end end end
  3. open Ride the horse after death

    Don't do this in no circumstance, you don't have to be a genius to realize what he did by commenting the else if (GetMountVnum()): RemoveAffect(AFFECT_MOUNT_BONUS); If you die, the bonus from the mount will not be remove as they are supposed to. So, if you want to do something, do it properly: void CHARACTER::Dead(LPCHARACTER pkKiller, bool bImmediateDead) { if (IsDead()) return; { if (GetMountVnum()) { RemoveAffect(AFFECT_MOUNT_BONUS); m_dwMountVnum = 0; UnEquipSpecialRideUniqueItem(); UpdatePacket(); } }
  4. [Collection] File Requests

  5. open 5th value in alternative drop

    The 5th value is the amount of yang that is dropped.