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  1. Nolwarg

    [RELEASE-LUA] Function for Time Calculation

    Are you Like from mpc?
  2. Nolwarg

    open core crush

    Are you serious?:<
  3. Nolwarg

    [Python] Random words

    I know lols xD this is better in my opinion:
  4. Nolwarg

    [Python] Random words

    for what you used comma in table??
  5. Nolwarg

    open LZO key

    Go away. :<
  6. Nolwarg

    c++ Items tradable

    Is that joke?xDDD
  7. Nolwarg

    open Mount like normal Horse

    First, not delete.. second, all players but only Yellow Lion.
  8. Nolwarg

    open Mount like normal Horse

    delete? are you stupid or troll?