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  1. open Db crashes

    Hello, I'm using vanilla 70220 core and DB randomly crashes And in syslog, the last line is SIGNAL: SIGSEGV
  2. You need to compile the source with FreeBSD.
  3. Thanks man, it's working. I tried first with -ggdb, but you overcame me. And I really want to thank you too, you helped me a lot: really appreciate it Keep up the good work !
  4. Can confirm that -O1 is not working either.
  5. Client Binary Error (lib\traceback.pyc)

    Too late to write this probably ( 100% sure ) Cartof v2 binnary wont work with 40250 client, just tested b
  6. Thank you ! I'll try and come back with an edit. Edit: Working perfectly with debug game and db files, but when I try to start the server with release files this error pops up: Also I removed the highlighted text in makefile (from game) because when I tried to compile game i had this problem I guess it's ok since I have all the needed libs. I'm looking forward for your replay ! Best Regards, Undyne
  7. Dear Vanilla, I must start with saying that I'm sorry that I have to ask you something long (and probably boring to read) like this. How can I compile your source ? Let me tell you what I did and what's not working. I installed FreeBSD 11.0 (i386) from the official FreeBSD website Installed pkg: /usr/sbin/pkg pkg2ng echo 'WITH_PKGNG=yes' >> /etc/make.conf Installed clang: cd /usr/ports/lang/clang-devel/ && make install clean Installed makedepend: cd /usr/ports/devel/makedepend/ && make install clean Added in make.conf CC = clang-devel CPP = clang-cpp-devel CXX = clang++-devel CFLAGS += -stdlib=libc++ Installed googletest: cd /usr/ports/devel/googletest/ && make install clean Installed cryptopp: cd /usr/ports/security/cryptopp/ && make install clean Installed devil: cd /usr/ports/graphics/devil/ && make install clean But I've got this problem t Then I used 'make DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES=yes' and in the end it successfully installed ( I guess ) Installed mariadb101-client cd /usr/ports/databases/mariadb101-client/ && make install clean I must say that while the ports were being installed i spotted this warning (multiple times and on different ports ) I know that you told me that there's no need to install libcxxrt and libc++, but I found them in usr/src/lib and tried to install them. I haven't found libc++.ld on my system Anyway, that's all I did with the installation thing. Now when I try to use gmake depend this error shows: Sorry again for the long message. I hope you can and want to help me. Best Regards, Undyne
  8. How can we install devel/libcxxrt and /devel/libc++ now ? https://www.freshports.org/devel/libc++ No installation instructions: this port has been deleted. The package name of this deleted port was: PKGNAME: libc++ https://www.freshports.org/devel/libcxxrt No installation instructions: this port has been deleted. The package name of this deleted port was: PKGNAME: libcxxrt Best Regards, Undyne