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  1. Hello, Is anywhere in client (or server) limit for sending packets per ms? Thank you.
  2. .Rise

    Change lzo/xtea eternexus

    And could you help me please? As I can see, you know it very well
  3. .Rise

    Change lzo/xtea eternexus

    Hello, thank you, but I have problem.. It happens, when I input: "b99eb0026f69810563989b2879181a00" Traceback of python script: Code: #!/usr/local/bin/python2.7 import struct print "Example of a key (Standard): b99eb0026f69810563989b2879181a00\n" string=raw_input("Insert the hexadecimal key: ") lista=struct.unpack("LLLL", string.decode('hex')) n=0 print "\nGenerator: \n" for i in lista: n+=1 i=str(i) i=i.replace("L", "") print "A" + str(n) + " = " + i Could you help me, please? Thank you!
  4. Hello, when I add 6/7th bonus and try to add it into chat using Glass of insight, I can not click on this hyperlink.. Syserr is clear. Could you help me, please? Thnaks.
  5. .Rise

    open Error show item

  6. Hello, I am trying to add new button for visible/unvisible costume for weapon.. It is working properly using quest function: pc.weaponcostume() in another quest.. But when I click on button, It says in syserr of channel: Input: no quest running for pc, cannot process input : 1 There is my quest: quest weaponcostume begin state start begin when login begin cmdchat("weaponcostume "..q.getcurrentquestindex()) end when button or info begin if pc.getqf("weaponcostume") == 1 then chat("You chose visibility weaponcostume.") pc.weaponcostume(0) pc.setqf("weaponcostume", 2) elseif pc.getqf("weaponcostume") == 2 then chat("You chose visibility weapon.") pc.weaponcostume(1) pc.setqf("weaponcostume", 1) end end end end constInfo.py: QUEST_INDEX_07 = 0 weaponcostume = 0 weaponcostume1 = 0 game.py: "weaponcostume" : self.weaponcostume, "weaponcostume1" : self.weaponcostume1, "weaponcostume" : self.__weaponcostume_load, [...] def __weaponcostume_load(self, value): constInfo.QUEST_INDEX_07 = int(value) def weaponcostume(self, qid): constInfo.weaponcostume = int(qid) def weaponcostume1(self, qid): constInfo.weaponcostume1 = int(qid) uiinventory.py: self.weaponcostume = self.GetChild("weaponcostume") [...] self.weaponcostume.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.__weaponcostume)) [...] def __weaponcostume(self): import event constInfo.weaponcostume = 1 event.QuestButtonClick(int(constInfo.QUEST_INDEX_07)) net.SendQuestInputStringPacket(str(constInfo.weaponcostume)) Client syserr is clean. Could you help me, please? Thanks.
  7. .Rise

    c++ [C++] Channel Changer gf-like

    Ok.. it is solved now but there is another bug: when I am shopping and try to change channel (click on "OK"), after teleport it will refresh on chosen channel instead of staying, because I cant change channel while shopping..
  8. .Rise

    c++ [C++] Channel Changer gf-like

    I tried your python part but when I change channel, channel info (under minimap) is still same.. How Can I fix it? Thanks.
  9. I have already tried something like that.. But thanks.
  10. Hello, How Can I disable showing target bar on mob with specific vnum? I have already tried this in "def Open": if self.GetTargetVID() == 6 or self.GetTargetVID() == 34001: self.Hide() But it is not working.. Target bar is still showing.. Could somebody help me, please? Thanks
  11. .Rise

    open Chest View Drop Problem

    You miss 'ENABLE_SHOW_CHEST_DROP' in your locale.