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  1. Hello guys, I got stuck in setup of web server, I got everything working, but web server can't access game server(surely it's allowed by firewall) - Web server trying to telnet game server: telnet A 11000 Trying A... telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out Game server trying to telnet web server: telnet B 80 Trying B... telnet: connect to address B: Host is down telnet: Unable to connect to remote host Both servers can be accessed from the 3rd device - tried to ping from my windows or from 3rd server. Can somebody help me, please ? I'm not really network expert. Kindest regards.
  2. Hello guys, I have problem while compiling on the freeBSD11 i installed clang and all needed stuff, all recompiled(including succesfull db compilation) and saddly on the game compilation I got this error: In file included from BattleArena.cpp:7: In file included from ./sectree_manager.h:4: ./sectree.h:90:29: error: no viable conversion from 'std::__1::list<SECTREE *, std::__1::allocator<SECTREE *> >::const_iterator' (aka '__list_const_iterator<SECTREE *, void *>') to 'LPSECTREE_LIST::iterator' (aka '__list_iterator<SECTREE *, void *>') ...LPSECTREE_LIST::iterator it_tree = m_neighbor_list.begin(); ^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /usr/include/c++/v1/list:274:29: note: candidate constructor (the implicit copy constructor) not viable: no known conversion from 'std::__1::list<SECTREE *, std::__1::allocator<SECTREE *> >::const_iterator' (aka '__list_const_iterator<SECTREE *, void *>') to 'const std::__1::__list_iterator<SECTREE *, void *> &' for 1st argument class _LIBCPP_TYPE_VIS_ONLY __list_iterator ^ /usr/include/c++/v1/list:274:29: note: candidate constructor (the implicit move constructor) not viable: no known conversion from 'std::__1::list<SECTREE *, std::__1::allocator<SECTREE *> >::const_iterator' (aka '__list_const_iterator<SECTREE *, void *>') to 'std::__1::__list_iterator<SECTREE *, void *> &&' for 1st argument 1 error generated. gmake: *** [Makefile:98: OBJDIR_GAME/BattleArena.o] Error 1 Can you help me solve this please ? Kind regards, CZEboy
  3. CZEboy

    Need PSD to XAML WPF

  4. CZEboy

    Need PSD to XAML WPF

    Hello guys as title says I need somebody to do WPF xaml layout from PSD for me, nothing more. It's patcher and main problems are about styling progressbars and webview + opacity. Message me your price. Thanks in advance
  5. OK thanks I'll try and let you know Can you remind me the purge command also please
  6. Hello guys, I'm thinking about a quest, I'd need to spawn npc on some event for example player login or kill then allow only this player who spawned npc to interact with its and after some time or interaction purge the npc back. To be specific i would like to do something like: when kill begin -- spawn npc end when npc.click begin -- only usable by player who spawned the npc before -- do something and purge end -- after sometime purge it anyways Can you help me please ? Kind regards.
  7. Hey guys, as title says I'm looking for iShop script with functional paypal feature. Can you help me please. Kind regards
  8. CZEboy

    [Collection] File Requests

    Looking for the mob_proto <-> txt for the newest official one.
  9. CZEboy

    Looking for reg page design

    Hello guys, I need a nice registration page design. I'm thinking of some a kind of outstanding out of the rest of website(which I don't have at the time). I'll use it for registration at the beginning of the server and later as destination of ads. As time will go, we can cooperate in future design things such as the rest of the website(including second - standart reg page) and so on. To sum up, my website will contain only registration page for now. If you are interested just message me with some refs and your price. Thanks
  10. CZEboy

    Mob proto XML

  11. I'm looking for Enchanted Forest and Temple of the Ochao as are on the official servers. Here is vid from LeNnT: Basically I'm looking for the same service LeNnt provides, but not from him(cause he didn't want to sell it to me). So that means I want both maps with everything - models, monsters, regens, quest, C++ parts and so on. Thanks in advance. Kind regards