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  1. .Elijah

    Search Translators for PServer

    I search translators for International Server : Spanish German Turkish Italian You can send me a private message. Thanks in advance.
  2. Add in your project "UserInterface" this : BankManager.cpp/h
  3. .Elijah

    Metin2 ✘ Official GrowthPet

    Not perfect video presentation but for moment it's okay. All details is like Official Servers with one exception, Transport Box, that crap doesn't exist in my system. You can see more details in video 4:40.
  4. .Elijah

    open [ Request ] Serverfiles

    You can use "search button ".
  5. .Elijah

    Post your desktop.

  6. Maybe i am perfect like that , how about that ?
  7. I actually have a 512MB ram VPS and everything is working good. The code can be improved. Now is working just fine. If you don't want to use it just don't use it.
  8. Easier from the server for me.
  9. https://gyazo.com/10d916918be0cc392dea493b019c1c37
  10. Anyway there is 75 slots , maybe i will make this auto adaptable. How about that ?
  11. Informations about system : When you will open a chest with drop , will appear this window. In this window you can preview drop of chest and you can make a setting how many chests you want open. Image:https://gyazo.com/866f9c8b3cf7f495642139b61e01bf4f.gif DL Link : https://mega.nz/#!iFpWRayK!ckfcAgqv-6NGPc9i6TNlCijhoYY1MzV1AQT66gnAYjU
  12. .Elijah

    open Metin2 | League of Legends Login Interface

    Him is geogeani
  13. .Elijah

    python [Py] Root 02.02.2018

    I think in this root from oficial is your code @Mali61 , please @Abel(Tiger)copyright , please !