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  1. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    t/c solved
  2. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    Can someone help me please?
  3. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    Now I tryed with a new map with index 181 and not work.This teleport me in map2 Yellow
  4. adrianadyy

    open Problem

    Hello, I have a bug on map1 red and on multiple maps. When a player reaches certain parts of the map he gets kicked and can not enter the character. I tried to change the maps to my client and serverfiles,but it did not work. The problem is not from map allow, who can help me? syserr: Syserr.zip
  5. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    This quest teleport me when I'm in orc map,and I pres in npc 20093 this teleport me in map farm(index 103) and after 15 minutes this quest most teleport me in map1,but this don't work.
  6. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    I entered 2 accounts and waited an hour and did not go, one with GM and one normal
  7. adrianadyy

    Quest map

  8. adrianadyy

    Snake Dungeon

    How I can download this map?
  9. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    In two hours I'll check if it works, thanks
  10. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    Index for map farm is 103,but I want to enter in map farm from all map1 (red,yellow and blue) you can help me?
  11. adrianadyy

    Quest map

    Hello, I have this quest and it does not work, can someone help me? In this quest, once you entered the map, I want to go to the Orc Valley after 20 minutes quest taram_metin begin state start begin when 20093.chat."Valea Eroilor" begin if pc.get_map_index() == 103 then say_title("Koe-Pung:") say("Ridicã-þi sabia laºule,doar de atât eºti în stare?") say("Devino puternic ºi aratã-mi cã eºti un adevãrat") say("rãzboinic. În curând vom merge la rãzboi ºi avem") say("nevoie de rãzboinici puternici,aºa cã devino ") say("mai puternic. Eu te pot lãsa sã intri în Valea") say("Eroilor, pentru a lupta cu") say("Pietrele Metin de acolo ºi pentru a deveni un") say("Erou adevãrat.") wait() say_title("Koe-Pung:") say("Pentru a te putea trece ai nevoie de Permis Valea") say("Eroilor, pe care doar Cãpitanul þi-l poate poate") say("da.") say_reward("Nivelul necesare pentru a intra este 30.") say_item_vnum(30002) wait() say_reward("Nivel minim de intrare 30, poþi intra pânã la") say_reward("nivelul 99.") say_item_vnum(30002) wait() if pc.count_item(30002) > 0 and pc.level >= 30 and pc.level <= 99 then say_title("Koe-Pung:") say("Se pare cã totul este în regulã,pregãteºte-te") say("pentru o cãlãtorie periculoasã,te voi duce doar") say("unde cei mai curajoºi ºi mai bravi eroi au ajuns.") pc.setqf("duration",get_time()+900) server_loop_timer('devil_stone4_update', 10, pc.get_map_index()) server_timer( 5*60, pc.get_map_index()) notice("Ai 15 minute la dispozitie sa farmezi"); pc.remove_item(30002) pc.warp(9728,102400 ) else say_title("Koe-Pung:") say("Se pare cã ceva nu este în regulã,nu ai permisul") say("de intrare sau nivelul minim sau ai depãºit nivelul") say("maxim pânã la care poþi intra ca sã te pot duce") say("în Valea Eroilor.") end end end end end
  12. adrianadyy

    open I need Event Quest

    It does not have any bugs, it lasts as long as you want (not just 16 minutes), most likely you have failed at installation.
  13. adrianadyy

    open uInventory.py

    Hello, I had a system in the inventory Which shows you MDs, I tried to get him out, but in the end I find this error, Can someone help me? networkModule.py(line:200) SetSelectCharacterPhase system.py(line:130) __pack_import system.py(line:110) _process_result introSelect.py(line:28) <module> system.py(line:130) __pack_import system.py(line:110) _process_result interfaceModule.py(line:14) <module> system.py(line:130) __pack_import networkModule.SetSelectCharacterPhase - <type 'exceptions.IndentationError'>:expected an indented block (uiInventory.py, line 295) 0825 17:59:10523 :: ============================================================================================================ 0825 17:59:10523 :: Abort!!!!
  14. adrianadyy

    open I need Event Quest